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Iron Men: Backstage

Drizzt Do'urden

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Okay, I wanted to get the backstage up to address katakidoushi's questions. He pm'd me with some suggestions and I thought I'd put them up here and give my thoughts on them.

[I]EMP, Electro Magnetic Pulse (obviously). What if each suit had a sort of self destruct device? Whenever death was certain the wearer could give the suit a emergency access code: [/I]
I like this idea, if a character wants to die during the RP thats completly your decision, and this is a good idea as a "last ditch effort". Since an EMP would shut the rest of our suits down, you'd want to make sure you communicated your action to the rest of the group so we could get a set number of yards away. (You had said something about 100yards.)

You also asked about the "standard" abilities/equipment each suit possessed. The only thing that I had planed as standard was the double speed/double strength of a normal person, and of course the withstanding small arms fire. If you guys think I'm missing anything let me know.
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