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Drizzt Do'urden

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I really don't have a backstory to this yet. I'm thinking about a long RP in the syle of Naruto. I'm thinking along the same time period of Naruto, but possibly in another area. Or maybe years before, maybe a sort've alternate to the battle with the nine tailed fox.

I know there are a lot of tries at Naruto themed RPs and many of them seem to fail, I've never participated so I can't say I know that its because its so easy to god mod and make yourself an onipitant super shinobi when you are just a gennin. Its also possible the story doesn't click or posters have to drop out.

I'm wanting something that lasts a long time, I thought it could follow our characters from the end of the gennin exams up through the academy and such, there could possibly be a time skip, or just seperate chapters if people think that would be a better alternative to expecting people to post frequently ( a couple times a week per person minimum).

I'm interested in finding out what everyone thinks on this issue. If you'd be more interested in something short in order with less character development and more action, or something longer in which you really get to know the characters.

Myself I think I'd rather have something long in which you'd start off the day of the gennin exams, something simple would be the task. Then move on to the academy, of course there would be a small time skip that would be unavoidable in which it would come back a week or so before the jonin exams. Or there could be a timeskip too a mission that we're given as a team for a routine class assignment that goes horribly wrong.
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