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Digimon: Genesis (Warning: Mature Content)


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[I][COLOR=darkslategray]They call it 'Genesis'.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]My name is Aesera Laoresk. I was selected for the Genesis project on September 5th, 2023. I've been involved for a year, and it still seems unreal. But then, why wouldn't it? I've been alive for 27 years. I've had one year to unlearn 26 years' worth of 'truths' that are no longer true.[/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=#2f4f4f][I]Genesis is a top-secret U.S. millitary research project. Its objective was the creation of artificial life. Not just artificial intelligence; artificial [/I]life[I]. And they succeeded. Or maybe not; not even the Genesis research team knows if the new world was there all along or if it was created as a result of the project, although the prevailing theory is that Genesis inadvertently accessed and existing but unformed world which then formed according to the Genesis criteria.[/I][/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]They called this new world the 'digital world', and the creatures there, the artificial life that was Genesis' objective, were called 'Digimon'.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]I'm not a Genesis researcher. I'm a soldier. Originally, only scientists were involved, but the digital world is a dangerous place. The Genesis team can go there, but no scientist has much hope of surviving long enough to accomplish anything. So they brought in a number of soldiers, myself included [I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]We weren't brought in all at once; Genesis brought in soldiers as it needed them. I wasn't the only woman, but nobody was chosen because of gender; only ability matered. [/COLOR][/I]We didn't know what we were chosen for; they didn't even tell us the name until we were inside the Genesis facility. And once you're in, there's no going back out.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]Genesis soldiers are the ones who actually enter the digital world. Sometimes we're on our own, and sometimes we're escorting scientists. They do need to enter the digital world, as it's currently impossible to bring anything from the digital world back to the so-called 'real world', so any direct contact with Digimon requires entering the digital world. Anything sent there from the real world can be brought back, but nothing from there can be brought to the real world. It's a problem that the Genesis team is busy working on, because the real objective of the project requires it.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]You don't have to spend much time in the digital world before you know what Genesis is really about. Digimon aren't just artificial life; they're weapons. Living weapons. And thanks to a process called 'digivolution', they're adaptable. They can be used for stealth operations as well as direct attacks. They can sneak in in smaller forms before changing into larger, more powerful forms. to attack the enemy from within. And they're very dangerous weapons. They can do a hell of a lot of damage, and even with our weapons, which are specialized for use against Digimon, they're very tough to kill. In fact, the only way to efectively fight some Digimon is with other Digimon. Which is why all genesis soldiers have Digimon partners.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]Digivolution of a partner Digimon can be controlled with a device called a 'digivice'; these digivices also serve to allow communication with one's Digimon partner even at a distance, and in addition, they function as communicators. However, a partner can't reach its most powerful levels right off the bat; it has to be capable of reaching a form before Digivolution to that form can be induced. So we don't have partner Digimon just for their aid; we have them so we can test them as weapons, and test new equipment using them.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]Digimon are, in many ways, the perfect weapons, there are currently two problems Genesis is faced with. One is that Digimon cannot currently be brought to the real world. the other is that Digimon have varied personalities, and not all of them like fighting. Not all of them are willing to kill. And what good is a weapon that won't kill? So Genesis is attempting to change this, trying to find a way to... adjust Digimon who don't want to fight. For many of us soldiers, this was the last straw. Digimon may be weapons, but they are also lintelligent, sentient, self-aware life, and some of us weren't willing to participate in what amounted to the enslavement of such life. So we sabotoged the project.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]There weren't many of us, and we couldn't do much, but we did what we could. We couldn't bypass the security on the Genesis systems, so we took the direct aproach and did as much damage as we could. All data has multiple backups, so we could do little about it, but we destroyed as much equipment as we could before making our escape in the only way we could: we fled into the digital world. We reunited with our Digimon partners (in my case, a Dorumon) and put as much distance between us and the arrival zone as we could.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]Genesis would know exactly where we'd arrived; there's only one access zone, once area where anyone can arrive in the digital world. The arrival point can vary within that area, but only within that area, and it's not exactly a huge area. They knew where we were, so we had to get away as fast as we could. We made for the nearest of the safe houses set up by Genesis; food is easy to find in the digital world, but we needed other supplies. We took as much as we could, which was quite a bit; we used the 'Champion' forms of our Digimon to carry the supplies. We cleaned it out of weapons and ammunition, then got the hell away from there.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=#2f4f4f]We are now in hiding. We could simply flee and never be found. The digital world is as large as the real world; finding us would essentially be impossible. But we can't run to the other side of the digital world; Genesis is still there, and its objective remains unchanged. We didn't intend for our actions to be a one-time thing. We will continue to fight against Genesis. It won't be easy; the enemy will be people we knew, soldiers we fought togeather with. We will be put against those we considered friends. And we will have no choice but to fight, because they also have no choice. We may not like it, but we all know that we'll have no choice but to fight.[/COLOR][/I]

Yeah, so as you may have figured out, this isn't your typical Digimon RPG. We're soldiers, not kids. Also, I intend for this to be a somewhat more realistic take on Digimon. By this, I mean that they get injured. A Digimon can lose an arm, a leg, an eye. And although they car eventually recover from pretty much anything that doesn't kill them outright, injuries will hinder them in the meantime. And Digimon in the RPG can die. I don't just mean they're defeated and become data; when Digimon die in this RPG, they actually die. Also, I indend to stay away from attack names. If you want your character to have a name for an attack, that's fine, but they won't have their own names. They're just what the Digimon are able to do.

Anyways, sign-ups. You can be one of the soldiers against Genesis, or you can be one who's still with Genesis. Or you can have two characters if you want to. As for actually signing up, I want a writing sample. It doesn't really matter what you write about; it could be your character's first trip to the digital world, some incident that happened there at some point, your character's role in the 'betrayal' of genesis; whatever. However, it does need to include the following information:

Age: 18 or older. There aren't any kids in the millitary.
Affiliation: Are you with genesis, or the 'traitors'?
Partner Digimon: You only need to give the rookie form, although it's okay to digivolve to champion if it's part of what you're writing. Nothing above champion, though; our Digimon can't get any higher yet, although this will happen eventually.

Well, there you have it.
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If anyone can't figure out what digimon they want, I found [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Digimon"]a list[/URL].

Name: Tetra
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Partner Digimon: [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WereGarurumon#WereGarurumon"]Gabumon[/URL]

I'll finish later. I gotta go.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][I][COLOR="DarkRed"]Name's Locke. Locke Dalton. It turns out that Genesis wasn't as noble a cause as I thought it was. I'm not really sure why I was selected, but I'd always wanted to be an astronaut, so I figured the opportunity to explore this new frontier was exactly what the doctor ordered. It was fantastic at first. The standard equipment was all really high-tech, which I'm a total sucker for, but the best part was definitely Guilmon.

When my group arrived at the facility, one of the lab assistants took us all through this weird gate thing. The other side was more or less just like the outside world, but there was some indescribable feeling that made it different. He led us to a building near the entrance, where a giant lineup of weird-looking eggs were waiting for us. They had us all walk down the line and pick one. Needless to say, I was surprised at what hatched from mine. I was expecting a big chicken or something. At first I thought it was another egg, but then the little creature uncurled to reveal four legs, a tail and some strange, draconic ears.

The egg selection was to ensure parental imprinting. The scientists at Genesis figured that the Digimon (as they were called) were more likely to obey someone they bonded with from birth. They ran a quick database search and informed me that my Digimon's species was known as "Gigimon." I spent most of my time for the next month in the Digital World teaching this thing to talk, which worked, I was surprised to find. After a while, it understood enough to follow basic commands. I was then assigned a "Digivice," which I was told would be used to achieve greater levels of "Digivolution." I assumed they meant that Gigimon was able to spontaneously evolve somehow. It was a far-fetched claim, but so was everything else I was told there, and all of that was true.

Everything after that was pretty routine, until the battle simulations. Gigimon and I were thrust into a room with this freaky, psychotic little baby vampire thing with eyes in its hands. It called itself Dracmon, but that was about all it said before it started lunging at Gigimon. It was horrible, part of his tail came off along with a whole ear and a bunch of teeth. The whole time, the poor little guy was shrieking like a banshee. I couldn't take it anymore, I ran up and punched that little Dracmon freak right in the jaw. Unfortunately, it turns out Dracmon can revive pretty fast and his teeth pose a bit more of a threat than my fists. I thought I was done for, until my Digivice suddenly lit up like a Christmas Tree. I fell backwards, and next thing I knew, this man-sized red and black dinosaur was ripping the little creep's limbs off.


"It's Guilmon now."

Over the next couple months, I spent most of my time in the Digital World with Guilmon. Our superiors had warned us not to grow too attached to the creatures, said that they were weapons and that we were to treat them as such. Still, whenever I looked at Guilmon, I saw so much more. I saw a sharp mind and clever wit, I saw a complex personality and a great sense of humor, I saw a sentient being with a level of intelligence on par with my own, but most of all, I saw my best friend. He became a lot like the brother I never had.

There was one personality quirk Guilmon had that Genesis execs didn't approve of, however; he wasn't particularly fond of combat. The Dracmon from the previous incident was directly threatening me, Guilmon's partner, so he had no choice but to act. Every simulation since found him unresponsive unless I either ordered him to attack (in which case the response was less than enthusiastic) or was placed in danger. Genesis heads didn't like that, so they decided to "borrow him for some further testing," as they put it. The conditions I found him in could only be described as the most evil of tortures. Before, I had looked at Guilmon as something very similar to a human. When I found him, the look in his eyes was carnal, fierce and monstrous.

That was the last straw. The intolerable cruelty my best friend suffered at their hands forced me to act. I had caught wind of an underground resistance trying to prevent Genesis' twisted experimentation. I found and joined the group, and soon afterward our assault began. In the dead of night, we entered the Digital World, broke into the safehouse Guilmon and many other Digimon were being held in, freed them, screwed with as much machinery as possible, and headed for the far end of the Digital World. That won't be the last of our assaults, either. These sick bastards need to be stopped, and we're the only group I know of in any position to do it.[/color][/I]

Name: Locke Dalton
Age: 19
Affiliation: Traitors
Partner: Guilmon[/FONT]
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