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War of Strife

Muuh Puar

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[SIZE="1"]Here's the background thread...

Okay, seriously, this is where you should come to talk about anything you need help on. I do plan on posting some things that might make somethings clearer, but I still have to finish it. I'll have it up as soon as I can. But, if you have anyother questions, feel free to ask 'em.

Here it is.

General stuff: -The races keep to their own. If you wish to have others of another race on your team, keep in mind, you will be hunted by your own kind, as well as theirs.
-Necromancers will have to specify what race they were before they were outcasted.
-Undead must as well, but can only choose between these races: Human, Elves, Beast-men, and Centaurs.
-There are fewer Elvish Necromancers, seeing as they are natural enemies,
-Beast-men are humanoid creatures that are able to rally and organize.
-Centaurs mainly stay in their forest, but you may travel if you want.

Humans: -Can choose to have what power they will.
-At war with the Vampires and Werewolves

Vampires: -Allied with the Werewolves
-At war with the Humans
-May only fight during the night
-Normal Vampires wither in the sun
-Noble blood or Alpha blood are extremely weakened by sunlight, but not killed

Werewolves: -Allied with the Vampires
-At war with the Humans
-Fight during the day and night
-Normal Werewolves are only a fraction better than humans
-Alpha Werewolves are twice as strong and as fast as humans

Elementals: -Alignment varies
-Only one element, unless you can explain why more

Undead: -Dead beings that have been brought back to life and have colonized.
-No need to feast on people, but they do hunt

Necromancers: -Cast aside from the world
-Can create zombies, mindless versions of the undead, at a whim
-Can create Undead using a process much like Frankenstein’s monster, or aged rituals

Elves: -Protectors of all that is living
-In natural conflict with the Necromancers
-Allies with the Centaurs and Beast-men, but do not call on their aid for their conflict with the Necromancers

Beast-men: -Communicate with Elves, Centaurs, and creates they resemble
-Their allegiance is to whatever they see fit

Centaurs: -Secluded and peaceful
-Feared warriors, druids, priests, and hunters
-Keep to the forest for the most part
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Hey just wondering, you don't have any big problems withmy Shadar-kai characters do you? If so I'll change them up or something I guess, just hoping it's ok to be something not on the list.

Shadar-kai/ Shadow folk: Generally evil and underhanded assassins.
-Can manipulate shadows.
- No specific enemies, but no specific allies.
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[SIZE="1"]Very good question. I was a little more vauge than I should have been on that one. The Vampires are as we all know them. Nothing special. The Undead are actually zombies, in essence. Just, unlike zombies, they're actually capable of thought and human(well, as much a dead person can display) traits. So... pretty much a dead dude.
They were going to be listed as "Intelligent Zombies," but that's both sounds stupid and doesn't really help.

Well, I hope this helped you.

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Muuh Puar, in the sign-up's Writing Snippet I posted I hinged a few things on the underlying behaviors of elementals based on their element. Hopefully this doesn't contradict anything you had in mind (if so let me know and I can work something else out), they are just the way I have alway seen elemental represented. Their underlying behavior is tied to the "meanings" of their element. Usually this is how I have seen it broken down:

Air/Wind: Free-spirits, emotionally lofty and playful
Earth: Spirits of stability, emotionally calm and thoughtful
Fire: Anarchic spirits, emotionally high-strung and wild
Water: Adaptive spirits, emotionally changing (mixes of various emotions)

Those are just basics descriptions. Generally if you can think of what each of the elements tends to represent and put an emotion/behavior behind it that is how I've seen elementals represented.
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[SIZE="1"]Hello everyone. I'm very sorry for not posting more frequently, but I've been a little side-tracked as of late.

Well, just a couple of things to cover right now, so please bare with me:

1) I've posted my bio. It took me a while to for the story into words from my mind.

2) I've decided to start this thing on the 22nd of January. If anyone has any problems with that, please tell me. This is a quite felxible deadline, so it can change if enough people need it to. But, it wont be too long of a delay or start. I'm thinking at least 3 days before or after this deadline is as far as I'll go. Please tell me of any problems.

3) Just to inform you about characters and character types in this RP. If you feel compelled to create a race that's not on the list or it's been 'Okay'ed, please tell me first. I'll probably okay it, but I would like to know about it before hand.

Well, that's it for now. Please feel free to give that imput.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Ah ha ha... Derp...

Well, thank you Endless.

To all of you that put in an audition, here's the news:
The RP is up and at 'em!
I know there's some pretty awesome ones coming out about right now, so just tell me if you aren't going to be posting. I wont feel bad.........:animecry:
Nah, don't worry. I'm a big boy, I'll get over it.

But, it's up and ready to get some sweet, sweet word loving.

To arms, my friends. The War of Strife is on![/SIZE]
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