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BLACK STAR: Salvation Cometh

Mr. Blonde

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No physical descriptions needed for the sign-up, Blonde?

[B]Name:[/B] Scott Finch

[B]Age:[/B] At the beginning of the mission, 28

[B]Position:[/B] Mission Specialist 3
DAY 287

The same old feeling of uselessness is creeping over me. When I was chosen for this mission, I was filled with pride. Hell, I've always been filled with pride. I was selected to be the medical officer on the Elpis II because I was the brightest doctor on the Hubris, I know this. And at first the entire crew knew it. But now it's been almost a year aboard this vessel, and the only real work I have done has been the setting of a broken bone [index finger] and two different sets of stitches.

To some of the crew, I'm beginning to be a nuisance. They don't say it, but I can tell. I am a doctor, after all. This ship could not function without every last one of them working diligently at their posts. Me, I seem to have no purpose at all, besides reminding everyone of their mandatory vitamin regimen and exercise time. Anywhere else in the universe, the fact that a doctor had no patients to tend to would be a blessing, it would be something to celebrate. On board the Elpis II, however, it fills me with a sort of shame. I know I should be glad that the crew is in such good health and doesn't need my attention, but I find myself yearning to be needed. I want to be as important as I was on the Hubris.

Psychoanalysis continues to yield stable results. Some crew members seem frustrated to be taken off of their tasks to answer my questions. I don't blame them. I simply wish they would empathize with my dilemma.

I would also like to log, for the record, that psychoanalysis once every two weeks seems to be a bit much. In old Earth psychiatry books, there are articles explaining how humans deteriorate mentally when confined to close quarters with no sunlight. Can you imagine? What luxury the Earthlings had! Seeing as how there is more room here on the Elpis II than on the Hubris, the crew could not be happier in their current predicament.

There is one thought in my mind that still worries me: during analysis, nobody seems to realize- or at least be afraid of- the overwhelming probability that we will all die on this mission, suffering the same fate as the Elpis I.[/FONT]
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[B]I'll rework my log to have Julie leave her child back on the colony though. I didn't think about it at first, but having her child with her on the Elpis II will probably be a problem.[/B]

[FONT="Fixedsys"]NAME: Julianna Lothar

AGE: 27

POSITION: Communications Officer




This is Julianna Lothar, Communications officer on the Elpis II. After saying all of my goodbyes, and leaving my daughter with my mom, I'm finally ready to go out and help find a new home. The captain seems very determined and makes me feel like there might be some hope to this mission after all. Sometimes though, I'm envious of the creatures that my mother used to tell me about. The ones that lived in water so deep, no sunlight could get down there. If only we could be more like them.

However, we can't, so that's why we're off in the first place. I'm no Mission Specialist, but I'm going to do my best aboard the Elpis II to help out. This mission has to work, there's no other choice. I should go meet the rest of the crew members soon. I was introduced to them before we boarded, but there wasn't much time to chat. So far the only one I've really spoken to is the captain. Speaking of which, there he is.

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I've edited the Boardwalk I entry a bit. I just added a bit more detail I felt it needed.

Get those logs in.

I appreciate the interest.

[quote name='Nessaja']


[quote name='Mykul']No physical descriptions needed for the sign-up, Blonde?[/QUOTE]

I'm not too concerned about it. If you'd like to slip some sort of physical description into one of your posts that's fine, but otherwise we can let imagination handle that.

I also just wanted to throw in (as I'm sure some of you have deduced) there will be an onboard computer which any of the crew can access. I've decided however not to go the HAL 9000 route and just have the computer give text responses on a number of screens in the ELPIS II. The crew can also communicate with the computer and receive live feedback from the ship's processes via a personal hand held electronic device that each crew member will possess.

If there are any questions regarding anything please direct it to the backstage.
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[COLOR="DimGray"]Awesome story, Blond[i]e[/i].




SEARCH B: ROSTER: [SIZE="2"]Stormare, Henrik[/SIZE]


AGE 34



Day 365
Elpis II
Second Mission Specialist's Log

So I've been thinking. This morning - what is morning? Hah, I shouldn't ask myself those sort of questions. I'm rambling. - was the 365th day of our mission. It has officially been one Earth year since we left Hubris. I don't think anyone else noticed. But it means something to me, for some reason. Whenever I think of time like this, y'know, as measured out by a star, or a celestial body or whatever, and I close my eyes... I can see it. I can see the blue sky and feel the sun on my face. Maybe I'm just crazy - shit, what do I know about the sun? But something inside me just feels warm whenever I think of it.

Well, [i]shit[/i]. Look at me go on like that. On to the Report:

Day 360, the Glovebox jammed with yours truly inside after returning from routine inspection of the outer hull. Unidentified foreign material found in the gearbox, preventing the inner door from operating properly. After sealing the Glovebox for safety, the material was removed and sent to my compatriot in the physics lab for examination. STATUS: RESOLVED

Day 361, restrooms in living quarters 'malfunctioned.' Long story short, I did not sign up for this shit. STATUS: RESOLVED

Day 361, later on, communications officer and one of the flight engineers reported a strange taste in the water. I investigated, but everything in the filtration system was business-as-usual. STATUS: UNKNOWN

Day 364, foreign object collided with the hull of the ship and knocked the aft comm. array out of alignment. I took a space walk and found things to be more or less a total wash; I preformed some rudimentary repairs with what I had at hand, but I'll have to go out later and make some more permanent repairs. STATUS: ONGOING

Over and out,


(And here's a too another year of technical problems, dark corridors, and insomnia!)




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Name: Alex Cubine

Age: 29

Position: Navigator


Navigator's Log

Elpis II- day 1825

I still cannot believe we are nearing the fifth year of this "fools errand" as it has become known in several parts of the ship. It seems only yesterday I was being promoted as the youngest Second in Command these mission's have ever known. Pity nobody informed me of the meaningless of it, no I do not speak of the mission as meaningless. I would have given up hope long ago had it not been for the Captain's optimism, lord knows none of us would have.

We have entered the NG 7856 cluster today, and again it seems as though it was a wash, though it is still early to say that without a doubt. I still have hopes the electomagnetic energy we traced here wasn't just a dead end, but we won't know for certain for at least a few more days, probably closer to a month.

One of the MS's reported a problem with the reactor core, nothing major just some minor repairs. I may offer to assist if I can get the Captain's permission, I haven't been in it for sometime now. It usually offers a nice change of pace from the daily mappy procedures, I know that I should go strictly to comptuer mapping as most Navigator's have gone, but I can't help but wonder how we would ever return home during a computer malfunction. I won't stop my hard copies until somebody can give me agood reason....not as if I don't have the time.

[B]End Log[/B]

Computer, Initialize the personal Log of Alex Cubine.

[FONT="Fixedsys"]Accessing.....Accessing....Enter Access Code[/FONT]

Access Code: Juliet, Echo, Mike, Mike, Alpha

[FONT="Fixedsys"]Access Code Accepted. Welcome Alex. Log Ready[/FONT]

Hello my love. The comm officer says my sending these is most likely a waste of time at this point. She says that the odds of you getting these transmissions is incerdibly unlikely due to the great distance. I must admit I haven't been sending them as much as I would like to, but today is no ordinary day. Today is Addy's birthday, please let her listen to this part.

Hey baby girl, it's dad. I know this is going to be well afterwards, but today is your 6th birthday. I hope you get everything you like, and I really hope you enjoyed the present I left for you. I know your mother said it was silly of me to leave you presents up until your tenth birthday since the toys would probably be obsolete and you wouldn't care for them. It's okay, you don't have to like them just know they're from me and I miss you everyday. Now go enjoy your birthday honey....

I hope she still remembers my voice if nothing else....I hope you are holding up fine my love. I'm sorry about taking this position, and I know you warned me, but I know it will be worth it once we find it. I'm also sorry about using up so much of the data file talking to Addison, but it is her birthday. I promise tomorrow's will be dedicated only to you my live. Please be safe, and think of me often. I love you my precious Jemma......

Computer end Log. Save in next available Log slot and begin transmission to coordinates Echo 7 Sierra Lima 2.

Cubine Out
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