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Cosplay Contest Questions and Idea's


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It's Keome-chan here and I need some help! I am entering a cosplay contest for the first time and well....I'm not really sure what you do:animeswea:confused: I heared about the skits and all but I'm still not sure what you do:animedepr If anyone can tell me what you do at a cosplay contest please do:animesmil

And the other part. I'm cosplay as Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket and was wondering if you had any idea's for me to do!! Nothing X rated please:animeangr I appreciate your help!!!!

Happy New Year as well;)

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[SIZE="1"]I'm afraid Keome you've actually posted this thread in the wrong forum, because it deals with cosplaying it goes in the Anime Central so I'll move it there now. The Convention Center despite it's name only deals with events and games for Otakuboards.


[b][Thread Moved][/b][/SIZE]
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