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Calling All Manga Artists!!!


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Wazzup everybody!

just looking for a artist to draw me up a manga.. don't care if your not great as long as they are of a good quality.. i'm looking for the manga to be post modern.. as far as time is concerned i don't care if it takes us several months to finish as long as we have at least finished one chapter... i already have parts of the story in my head i know how the story will begin and end... and i will be very very inventive... lol.. if u want to give cristism on what u think might help.. be my guest

the story's main protagonist is a former samurai who left his fighting ways... to have a wife and kid.. so he becomes a rice farmer... one day when he travels to a neighbouring town.. the shogunate come to the village and slaugher everyone (inlcuding wife and kid) over tax issues... the rice farmer now lost decides to take revenge... along the way he meets a younger man who is wild and out of control and needs discipline and is a gifted fighter but needs someone to harness his energy.. the other is a wanted man.. an archor and a very skilled one... this manga has a samurai champloo feel but i think it can be better.... and i have a lot of twists to keep readers entertain... i don't want it to be a long manga possibly 50-100 chapters
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[size=1]Hey there and welcome to OtakuBoards. :]

Seeing as you mentioned that you are looking for artists to work with you, I will move this thread to the Art by Request section of the forums! That's the place for art requesting. For any manga related business however, you are best off in the Manga Workshop.

Good luck with your manga![/size]
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