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Humans are fickle creatures, are they not? They have a habit of destroying what they fear, I'm willing to think it's a part of human nature.

Homosexuality is seen with so much adversity, it's hard to keep the facts straight. No one knows why it exists, but it's a common occurence, even outside the human race. It occurs in animals too. Are animals ever prosecuted for it?

No. Humans focus only on their fellow man. Why do you think humans are solely responsible for the extinction of so many species of animal? Granted, I can't think of any off the top of my head, but still. If I do some research, I'll find plenty.

Humans discriminate so readily, due to their own insecurities. I truely believe that whatever 'God' or whatever is up there would never punish his child for finding what made it happy. Isn't that what a father would want? For his child to be happy?

But, there are so many people in this world who are not like that. People who would disown their child for being gay. To me, these people are not even worthy of being parents. Life is the greatest gift anyone could ever know. Why... why would a parent do that to their own child? If a parent would do that, then they don't deserve that child, they never deserved to be a parent, if they can't love their child unconditionally, then... Well, they are the lowest form of garbage on this world.

And it's not a choice. It's something that just is. It doesn't matter if they do the opposite gender, they know what he truth is. They're afraid of losing people who are important to them.

Yeah it's hard, I'm one of the lucky few who had it easy. Maybe that's why I can so readily say these things, But I feel them to be the truth. I honestly feel that this is the greatest truth there is.

Know why? Because there is no hate or anger in what I feel. At least about the subject. I'm furious with the people who would have nothing to do with someone who comes out of the closet, but that's because that person is an ass. I can't stand those people. They make me sick, and because of them, there are people who will live their entire lives and wonder what could have been, hating themselves.

It is these people that are the victims of that way of thinking. The emotional issues that are caused...I know what they face. I want to cry when I think of them. I wish the victims would get ballsy enough to tell their families, and get it over with. The people that will support them, they are the real family.

Am I so judgmental? People live what they are taught. This is a fact. But, there comes a time to choose what makes you happy over what you've always been taught. Honestly, these are the people who are real heroes. Those who face themselves, and admit what the truth about themselves is. But, unfortunately, most lie to themselves even then.

Truely, it is for them i mourn. They are the lost ones.

But, I suppose, It is my duty to save people. I see goodness where others do not, and light the way for them to follow. I'm no saint. I freely admit it. But, I think I lead the path of acceptance that humanity as a whole needs to accept.

But, humans are humans, I fear my voice shall be drowned out, and never heard. These also are merely opinions, though i have proof to back me up.
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