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Carren Heart

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You awake in hot pain,
What? Your hurt ? what's happen ? where am I.

< You awake to see a horrid sight, thousands of warriors impaled by large wooden spikes >

< You don't know why but you feel as thou you've failed, something you needed to do >

< You slowly see other warriors rising up about 6 or maybe a little more ? all with a mythical symbol you oddly remember.. But who are they and why do they have the same mark as you>

I need the following (only 7 o/r 8 people allowed)

Name - Zylik
Race- Half-Elf
Age- 65 (17 in human)
Element- Void (No copies)
Magic- Yes o/r no
Notable weapons - you all can have one or two real good magical one or whatever)
Twin Blades - Dragon Fang (Light Blue high lights Deep blue in the middle)
Angel's Wing ( Silver high lights and golden in the middle) looks alike give color
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Name: Ralvenar
Race: Elf
Age: 500 (looks 18)
Element: Electric
Magic: Yes
Weapons: Dragon Katana (a golden bladed katana with a black dragon rune engraved in it. It has a green and red hangle, and a black hand guard. Only two werew ever made, and his brother (super goku) has the other.

I don't understand the bottom bit..........
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Name: Ash
Race: Human
Age: 17
Element: Fire
Magic: yes
Weapons: Sword of Pyro. It was created in the volcanic mount Pyro. It has a gold handle with three flames engraved in it. The blade is said to be unbreakable. Can be charged with a fire hot enough to burn anything it touches except Ash.

I don't understand the bottom bit either
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[color=indigo]Sounds Prophecy like, I'm in...

Name: Xander
Race: Angel? if thats alright if not i'll be an elf
Age: He doesn't keep count, thousands of years old, looks 30ish
Element: Wind
Magic: yes
Weapon: battle sword (think Green Destiny form Crouchin Tiger...) that is a dull crimson color [/color]
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*Name- Samantha

*Race- human

*age- 13

*Element- water/ice

*Magic- Yes

*Notable weapons- sword, bow/arrows

*Notable attacks-
Water Crystals-crystals shoot out of her hand like arrows but also like spears

Ice sword-her sword transforms to a stronger level that looks like an ice crystal, but is stronger than stone, metal, and diamonds.
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Sounds good.....

Weapons-Blade of Destiny(think Cloud's buster sword and Green Destiny from Crouching tigger mixed together except they have the color of Cloud's Ultima Weapon)
Notable Attacks-Fire Whirl-He shoots flames out of his hand and spins his sword around to make a cyclone of fire.

Warrior's Destiny-His sword Strengthens and he is able to cut through anything and cannot be damaged and when he is attacked the attacker is burned from the inside and is killed instantly.
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[Name: Valeigh

Race: Elf/human Hybrid

Age: 17 [actually around150]

Element: Darkness/Metal

Magic: Yes


1: The Darkblades: Two identical swords, with no hilts, only wrapped with black leather around the handle....

2: Rue Arience: blast of dark magic from the blades of the swords...takes a good deal of power, and usually destroys the enemy...[/COLOR]
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[color=green] I have a question... Are there allowed to be the same type of element for 2 different people, cuz i normally use Dark and nor Metal Element... Damn you Raiha, you got there first... If i can then ill join.. Cuz all the other elements are taken. [/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :haha: Sucker. :p. Oh well, there's one more element left...Light. *sparkle sparkle* And....erum.....maybe....Earth?[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

Hmm, ILL TAKE EARTH! Light is for sissys. OoOoOo look at me, im so big and strong with my Light, ill Light up the darkest room!
Name: Lupus

Race: Elf/human Hybrid

Age: 16

Element: EARTH

Magic: Yes


1: Lavo Sword - He has a sword made from pure lava, he made it himself. It has the seal of rune power so the sword can never break

2: Beserker - He launches a barrage of earth element stuff
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