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super deus piccie

Dan L

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by The Elite DBZ [/i]
[B][B]He had to invert then add solar flares to both his eyes, funny effect though[/B] [/B][/QUOTE]

Exactly right. This guy knows what he talkin' bout.
U know I hate the unedited pic. The damn camera had the flash on in the day (nothing i can do about it) and so it made my forehead look shiny. Hey, that was the last ever pic taken before i had contact lenses.... I'll have to update that.

EDIT EDIT EDIT- I've made a avatar too.. here it is.... only 300 and something posts to go be4 i can use it. DAMN i'm gonna have to post it in a reply the edit thing wont let me add an attachment cos i didnt do it first time i wrote the post

EDIT PS- AAAAAAAAAAARGH I just went to the otakuboards home page and the number of posts at the top said 111,111... SCARY!
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