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Lost Love


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[COLOR=purple]Sometimes when I write I don't actually write a story or a poem, but I just write to write, ya know? Here are a couple things that came out of that. And I hope none of these seem too depressing, I was a bit sad when I wrote them. :catgirl: I'm really just posting this for fun, I'll post some of my serious stuff later.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]I love you not because you love me, for you do not.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]I love you not because I choose to, because I do not. [COLOR=purple]I love you not because it makes me happy, because it doesn'tI love you because despite all these things, you make me smile, you make my heart jump out of it's socket, and you make me find some pleasure in the never-ending break of my heart. [COLOR=purple]And even though I may never be able to tell you these things, I still feel better as the words leave my pen and reach the paper. [COLOR=purple]Because I can tell myself I am writing this to you.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple][center]------------------------------------------- [LEFT][COLOR=purple]The depths of my love could fill an ocean, could light up a sky, and could take me anywhere. My love breaks me and leaves me in pieces. My love fills me and makes me whole. Yet in your world I am nothing, only a lost star among many, many others. Is that any way to live? Prehaps not, but I am happy enough for now for every moment, until the day I can shine for someone else.[/COLOR][/LEFT]

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[COLOR="Purple"]:animesmilWOW!!! this is so beautiful......and touching.......and deep. You really have extreme talent. I like the part about you being a star among many! that is so cool! keep writing please![/COLOR]
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Not sure how I missed this when I was going through stories a few days ago.

I'm really impressed to tell you the truth, though I'm not sure what realm they would fall under. They're really well written, and really project the feelings of despair, happiness, and love.

I'm with Lunar in that my favorite excerpt has to be the metaphor of the star. That part really grabbed at me.

If you ever get the urge to write more of these make sure to post them.
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