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This has been on my mind for some time now and it's high-time I get it out...its killing me with all its awesomeness. The overall rating for this Rp will have to be Mature for its gore, war-related violence, sexual content, and some drug use so there you go. Tore that right out of movie... ^_^;

Long ago, there existed an massive asteroid floating threw space and time. So massive was this asteroid, it was periodically struck by other cosmic giants. On one such occasion a mere meteor crashed into the magnificent asteroid producing an explosion that would reduce the asteroid to nearly 1/3 of its original size. From this most unusual event a miraculous seed was embedded deep into the heart of the asteroid along with a single particle of moisture. As centuries went by the little particle of water began to grow. Slowly it became a pond within the asteroid. The little seed now a sprout with a few beautiful leaves has spread its roots throughout the entire asteroid thanks to the help from the tiny body of water. Thousands of years would pass before the little sprout grew into a gigantic tree within the asteroid. The little pond, now a steady stream of water has made this possible by hollowing out the asteroid around the tree. Several more centuries would pass before the first beings would begin to exist on the now lush, green planet. These beings would be the first of many to live on the arcane planet of Acilio.

[B][U] Chapter 1 "The Spark of Life"[/U][/B]

Deep inside the planet of Acilio stands the Great Tree Yggdracil and the Sacred Waters Ziy' unha. Two vastly powerful beings that even now watch over the Acilian world...or so many thought. In actuality there are four others. Three who's very duty keeps all living things on Acilio alive. These three are called "The Gentle Ones" and are the caretakers of the Great Tree and without them the Acilian world would wither and slowly die. The last one is know simply as "The White Spark" because of its appearance. This little tiny orb of white light has been sited by many Acilians on the surface of the planet and is noted to keep the creatures of the "Eclipse Plain" at bay, but of late these grotesque creatures' numbers have grown dramatically and it endangers the entire world. Not only that but now mysterious spores have begun to spread about the world mutating all forms of life that come into contact with it. These spores seem to come from not only the eclipse creatures, but from a new form of life that has emerged on Acilio that calls itself "Zirko". What this thing is and wants is beyond the comprehension of all Acilians and what it means as well. The Great Tree with the aid of the Sacred Waters has created a new being of their own in order to stop this thing from destroying all of Acilio as we know it. This new existence is one of the caretakers of the Great Tree named A' thral "The Spark of Life".


Alright, so there's just a small nibble of the great pie and I'm hoping this turns out how I want it to.
Basically, the world of Acilio is slowly being destroyed by the creatures of the "Eclipse Plain". These creatures physical appearance resembles that of a humanoid, but with giant bloches of darkened skin over their entire body. There eyes are pure black with a hint of red in the middle making them quite horrifying to stare at directly. Their teeth are keen and can easliy rip apart flesh if given a chance as well as their talon-like fingers. They retain there hair as well as their original voices which is the cause of many a deaths in countries all over. The spores that are excreted from them are released from their body constanly. Ironiocally, it's their bodies way of trying to save itself but in the process it is infecting and killing others. You have been infected with these spores as well, but instead of killing you they are empowering your strength giving you a fighting chance against this threat. The greatest source of these deadly spores comes from the being from the "Eclipse Plain" that has named itself "Zirko". It may look human, but in fact it is far from it. It need others to actually feed in order to fill its own dark appitite. It's completly unclear on how this creature has come into existence and what it wants. Last, is your duty and that being to ultimatly destroy any and all creature of the "Eclipse Plain" including their believed source of power "Zirko". It is a daunting task to take upon, but the Great Tree has blessed you with this honor.

[B]Sign Ups[/B]...well, here's mine so take it from there.
[B]Name (Whatever have you):[/B] A' thral
[B]Age (Young or old):[/B] Although he was created millions of years ago, he was reincarnated only a few years prior to the threat of the "Eclipse Plain" making him but 7 years old.
[B]Place of Origin (Anywhere you want):[/B] "The Island of the Past" or Bizel as it is know as today
[B]Species (Human, Elf, Wolfmen, or whatever you want):[/B] Technically he is an advance form of plant-life with human attributes
[B]Appearance (Pic or detailed description):[/B] Although he looks like your typical 7 year old standing at about 3' 2 he differs vastly when it comes to the average physical appearance of a normal kid. His hair is a very light shade of green resembeling that of leaves. His eyes would be normal except for the light pink color of his iris, but the most distigusing part of A' thral that seperates him from everyone is the two 1 foot long dark green vines sprouting from his hair with a single huge leave at the end of the both of them. His dressing attire would seem royal if anything because of his white long sleeved, open ended shirt that reveals only the tip of his fingers, tucked cleanly into his losse fitting white pants that cover his bare feet. An emerald green sash goes across his waist that turns a different hue depending on his emotions. Last, upon both ears are pink tiny balls that seem to levitate a centimeter below his ear.
[B]Occupation (What did you do before all of hell broke loose):[/B] A' thral's job is to rid the power of the being "Zirko"
[B]Personality (Are you hot-headed or a gentle flower):[/B] Being a plant-men if you will he tends to be on the shy side and cannot really talk physically with his mouth. He prefers to talk telepathically for communication. He is a very cheerful and naive boy, but can also have a stern and deadly serious air about him from time to time.
[B]Weapons/Magic/Abilities/Etc. (You can have up to three weapons and nothing god-like for abilities or magical strength. Also anyone can use magic even humans) : [/B]A' thral being one the gentle ones has the ability to take the very essence of life from any being he so wishes. It may be a deadly ability of his, but because of him being reincarnated he cannot do this at a whim of a second.
[B]Breif Bio (A little story on how the spores have influenced your life or whatever else you want to say)[/B]: A' thral's is semi-explained, but more will be told throughout the story, but just a little info on your guy or gal will suffice like what happened when the spores reached his/her side of the world or the battles he/she went threw or whatever else.

These are all the continents of the Acilian world so you can choose to be from one of these countries or you can make up something if you want. Perhaps a spore free place or something...

[B]Empire of Idon [/B]the largest all the continents , it is ruled by the intellectual wonder-mind Emperor Cirus Idon. It's typically a warm place year around and is kind of like a huge oasis city full of technological wonders. The [B]Empire of Umakilles[/B] a continent that stays in a perpetual snow fall because of the cold currents of the ocean. Ruled by the strong Wolf-men Emperor Do' Chuntha, its people are said to all all be descendents of a great white wolf god named Umakilles hence why they can morph into wolves. It's a harsh place to live for those without thick coats of fur. There are 6 more which are the [B]Kingdoms of M' Adrass[/B] and [B]A' Madrass [/B]whom are inhabited by elves. A' Madrassians are light elves as the M' Adrassians are dark elves and their only diffrence is the red irises of the dark elves. [B]The Republic of Crotota[/B] the most peacful place on all of Acilio inhabited mainly my peace loving humans. Then there are the ancient tribal countries of[B] North[/B] and[B] South Zilus[/B] inhabited by many different tribes and last is the[B] The Theocracy of Ein [/B]a pious nation that gives thanks to the Great Tree and The Sacred Waters.

Hope ya' like it and I got kinda lazy because it's soo late right now...well, early but if you need any further info or whatever have ya' just Pm me. ^_^
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