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Writing "How Could You Forget Bread?"


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[center][B]Title:[/B] "How Could You Forget Bread?"

[B]Series Based On: [/B]Go Go Gadgetinis

[B]Characters Featured:[/B] Inspector Prince, Akio Ichiro Gadget, Yumi Gadget.

[B]Theme:[/B] Family, Shopping, Love

[B]Extra Info:[/B] Written rather quickly last week. I intended to write it for the Drabble Dabble challenge on the site, but alas... I can't seem to get it down to 200 words. xD I'll dedicate it to the challenge owner ( ninjagirlsango ) anyway. ^^

[B][U]"How Could You Forget Bread?"[/U][/B]

?So, you didn?t get the bread then?? Prince?s eyes fell on the bag in Akio?s hand to see if she could make out the shape of a loaf of bread.

?Oh, um. I forgot.?

?How could you forget bread? It?s the [I]one thing [/I]we use the most!?

?I?m sorry Mom, Yumi was bothering me all the way down there.?

?I was [I]not[/I]!? Yumi dropped the bag in her hand and put her hands on her hips.

?Yes you were!? Akio glowered at his twin sister with a look of irritation. ?You kept teasing me about liking Gail at school! Then you wouldn?t stop poking me in my ribs, then?? Akio?s sentence was cut off by Prince who sighed loudly.

?Yumi, must you tease your brother so much??

?I was just getting him back for putting your bra on my head last night, Mom!?

?You did [I]WHAT[/I]!?? Prince?s eyes widened.

?We were playing pilot upstairs while you were out with Dad. Yumi was moaning that I had Dad?s only pair of goggles, so I gave her your bra.?

Prince gave Akio the evil eye. Her mouth curved downwards into a thin, pink line as frustration hit her.

?Wait until Gadget hears about this. I swear he?ll ground you for a month.?

?Please don?t tell Dad! We promise we?ll be good!? Akio and Yumi put on their best puppy dog look and peered up at their mother, hands clasped together.

?Yeah, like I haven?t heard [I]THAT[/I] before.?

Rolling her eyes, Prince attempted to change the subject. She knew that if she looked at their innocent expressions any longer, she?d crack. She always did. She just couldn?t resist those adorable kids, no matter how much she tried. It was usually Gadget who did the strict parenting? She eyed their shopping bags.

?What [I]DID[/I] you get then??

Akio pulled out a box of chocolates, followed by Yumi who pulled out one of Prince?s favorite movies of DVD.

?Oh, great,? thought Prince, ?Now I feel [I]REALLY[/I] bad.?[/center]
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