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Sign Up The Great Divide

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]For years our world has been co-existing with another, each feeding off the life force of the other. If there is famine and droute in one world the is abundance and floods in the other. Every time one tips so does the other. When one dies one lives and vice versa. But things have been going badly in the last few years, the great trees in both worlds have been feeding off one another giving both worlds everything the need and more, but killing each other at the same time. When the great tree in either world dies that world dies as well, and with both great trees feeding off the other both worlds are suffering. As such, the great trees of both worlds have sent out an SoS to a few gifted young men and women who are sensitive to the world around them. People who can sense things, people who can feel emotions, or feel weather change. They have called upon these young men and women to save both worlds, but it will be a perilous journey, and they are going to find one of the smallest gems in known history, the Red Seed. The one small piece of both worlds that got put together, it's energy alone will save both worlds from dieing. Both worlds in the same peril and ironically the people are worlds apart. Gaia, a modern world, weapons and science, and Reyvon, farm land and community. They must now unite and bring stability to both worlds for the sake of all life as they know it.

Sighn up:
Okay, I just want a small paragraph of how you were called to help save your world, be creative. People from Gaia, it's modern like the world we live in today, Reyvon is more of a knights tale knid of world, so make it creative from the point of view of our world and than an appearance, written or pic at the bottom. Also, whether you put it at the bottom or add it in your snippet, come up with some sort of ability. ESP or something like that, try not to go hog wild with this one. Keep it simple.
This will be a mature RP [/FONT][/COLOR]
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The dream, or rather the nightmare, had been the same for the past couple of nights. Yevil awoke in his bed to find his family missing. Mevil, his baby girl of 2, was gone...his mother was gone, his only other family, his father gone.

Where had they gone? As he walked outside he was horrified to see the landscape. Dry, desolate desert where forest had just been the day before. Then, suddenly, a voice erupts on the wind. "Yevil Masters! Take up your blades, bow, and ice. You must locate the others and save Reyvon and Gaia."

"Wait! Ice? Gaia? What are you talking about?" The sky grew dark, a bolt of white lightning burst from the sky striking Yevil. He didn't scream, didn't cry out for there was no pain. Looking down he was dressed in the atire he wore before he swore never to wear it again. It was the attire he and Mevil's mother both wore...it was the uniform his troop wore, the same type his beloved died while wearing.

When he awoke he was relieve to find Mevil safe in her bed, but that deam pulled at him. He geared up, kissed his child, and told his parents he would return. He left the house and went in search of the voice...

Okay a little longer then a small paragraph but I'm a blow hard so I couldn't help myself. I don't have a pic of Yevil so I'll have to write a description...

Yevil Masters is a 6'0 190 lb ex assasin. He has spikey white hair (not grey), ice blue eyes and a scar down his neck he tries to hide whenever possible. His late fiance was also part of his group. The attire they wore was black leather armor with black leather boots. Yevil carries a scimitar, two dagges, and a bow and arrow.

His ice power isn't the ability to freeze a whole room or anything. Just the ability to freeze liquid and other substances on touch, if that's too much let me know.

Besides the power if there is any other problem let me know KG, hopefully we can get this one off the ground I like the premise.
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