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RPG Project Restoration

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Suri sprinted down the hall as the sirens blared through the hall, sliding on the tile she hit the wall and pushed off sprinting towards the hanger where her mech was waiting. The roaring from the hanger let her know that he was more then ready to get out and get to work. She slid to a stop in front of the cheetah, looking around she saw the few others moving towards their respective mechs as well. She yanked on the chord hanging down from the cockpit, climbing in she buckled her self in and put her hands on the controls moving the mech forward and out of the hanger. The sun flashed over head and blinded her for a moment before her eyes adjusted.
"Dash, lets go."
The cheetah roared in response and sprinted out onto the desert sun where the other enemy was waiting. Leaping up she pulled the controls back so that her mech hit the enemy broad side knocking it to the ground where she promptly began to shred the underside of the mech making it scream in pain. Pulling on the controls more she smiled as Dash pulled out the central nerve system of the other mech and threw it across the sand roaring. The screen turned to static and the room brightened up as the simulator opened.
"Good work Cross, get to the meeting room. You guys are getting fitted with your sim suits."
She stood out of the simulator and stretched.
"What are these things for any way?"
"It makes you more compatible with your mech, makes the reflexes quicker."
She nodded and headed into the hall way seeing three of her other 4 team mates.
"Koji, Hayate, Alpha, lets go, Quinn will meet us there, he probably never left."
She led the way as the others got up from their positions, whether it be sitting or leaning on the wall. Entering the hanger she looked up at the Humming Bird and was not surprised to see Quinn working on it, crossing her arms she leaned on the lift panel and cleared her throat.
"You ever take a break?"
He looked down and than ducked back in not answering her.
"We gotta go, sim suit fitting."
She didn't stand there and wait she turned and left the hanger heading for the lab knowing that her team mates weren't far behind.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Quinn frowned at the idea of being parted from his precious humming bird, but at least it was for a tolerable reason. He had heard about the new sim suits being in production for about a week now, even having given some of his research into their creation.

He decided to take one final look over his modifications before laving his mech alone. Checking off things on his clip board with an almost rhythmic pattern. He grinned at success, as he tucked the clip board under his arm and closed the open hatch on the side of the massive bird. [I]"It looks good, I think those damned thieves will be in for a surprise if they try to take you."[/I] Quinn whispered.

He reluctantly climbed down the ladder set up next to his mech and straightened his suit and tie. [I]"I'll be back soon my friend"[/I] he whispered to the fantastic machine. Making his way to the lab, with a mixed feeling of dread and excitement for the new sim suits, Quinn readied his clip board with a fresh piece of paper for notes. Pencil in hand ready to begin, Quinn entered the room.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Suri bounced on the balls of her feet as the women tried to fit the suit to her.
"Miss Cross will you please be still for a few moments. I'm sure you can bounce when we're done."
She felt a blush steal across her cheeks and smiled hugely around the room as they fitted the tight black suit to her form.
"These things are just about as good as regular skin...there's nothing to them!"
Everyone rolled their eyes and remained silent as she continued talking.
"Did you know that statistics show that the leading cause of death in most soldiers in heart attack?"
No one answered.
"Yup, your all a statistic waiting to happen."
She hopped down as they finished with her suit and smiled as Quinn stood now getting his done. She noticed the note pad in his hand and sighed explosively
"Do you ever go any where without that thing?"
He gave her a stern look but said nothing.
"Geez, why not just marry the thing, maybe it'll look less conspicuous."
Again, a stern look and nothing; shrugging she saluted mockingly and began to march from the room when her face planted into the commander's chest.
"Going somewhere Cross?"
She mumbled and sat back down.
"Good, training begins tomorrow morning at exactly 0600. Don't be late, and Prof. Quinn, you'll need to leave your note book in your room, there'll be no room for note taking during the session. All battle movements and tactics must be memorized."
She looked back and saw the look of pure rage creeping up into Quinn's face and cleared her throat.
"Something to say Cross?"
"It's just a small book, what harm can it do?"
"Alot, if he's to busy writing notes he can't keep his mind on the battle."
"I'll take responsibility for him than, if he does you can take it out on me."
"Your the last person I was thinking of appointing to team leader, it was going to be Quinn but if your serious about it..."
"I am! I'll be leader and he can keep his little book thingy!"
He nodded.
"Alright, once your done with your fitting head to the hanger and run a diagnostic on your mechs, make sure its functioning right. See you gentlemen, and lady, in the morning."
As he left she turned giving Quinn and thumbs up and a wink.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Alpha was used to memorizing battle plans in near darkness but he knew that those plans will never work in real battles.

"Cross, Im the one with real battle field experience here in this room. Just a word of caution. Dont follow them exactly. Mod them to work and you'll survive." Alpha said for the first time since he arrived at the base.

"Wow, he talks!" Cross said jumping off the walls in her black sim suit.

"I've been in too many battles and seen too many die. Keep calm and think. Like Quin their but with less note taking. That clip board wont stop a bullet." Alpha said calmly walking into the fitting room.

"Sheesh, whats his problem?" Cross said crossing her arms in a pouting way.

"He was adopted at an early age into a very military tradition family. He doesnt talk much about his biological parents. his skills in real battle are off the charts. Thats what his profile tells. From my notes on him. He cares deeply for his fellow soldier." Qin said looking at past notes.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Suri looked at him with a comical look.
"Do you keep notes on every one in that thing?"
The only answer she got was him giving her a hard look.
"Really?! What's it say about me?"
He said nothing but just turned and walked away towards the hanger, she shrugged and followed him.
"Why is that you talk when it comes to your notes but when I try to start a conversation your like the tin man and just shut up?"
He still gave her no reply.
"You know, I dunno if you heard me earlier but there this thing I read about statistics and man your one if I saw one."
"Cross, I am a professor here, I have access to many things, including sedatives."
Laughing out loud she just shook her head.
"You not the first one to make that threat, though I'd be willing to bet you'd be the first one to go through with it."
She laughed some more and picked up her pace passing him and soon bounced into the hanger and over to her Cheetah. He brought his head down and rubbed his nose on her chest slowly, purring.
"Hey Dash, how are you buddy, I gotta run some tests to make sure your in top form for tomorrows training."
He settled onto his stomach giving her better access to the cockpit, climbing in she ran the diagnostic tests the way she was supposed to and than hopped out and grabbed a few tools, opening a hatch on his leg she began to make regular tune ups to the wiring and making sure nothing was out of place. She looked over and watched as Quinn worked on the humming bird and took notes the whole time.
"You think he ever puts that thing down? I bet you he sleeps with it."
Dash let out a growling laugh and lay down again, she leaned on him and closed her eyes letting his synthetic fur cover her and keep her warm.
"Well, I should hit the gym and showers, I'll be back to say good night Dash."
He purred as she rubbed his nose and than watched her go. As she reached the door she spun around and put her hands behind her head smiling.
"Hey Quinn, get some sleep tonight will you? There's only so much you can do with these guys before they feel like some science experiment."
She looked around the hanger at the other mechs that were left, sighing she thought of the ones that were stolen and hopped that they weren't being treated badly. She looked up at Quinn again and waved to him before bouncing out of the hanger and down the hall towards her room to change and than hit the gym.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=darkred]Trent smiled as he took another drag off his cigeratte and closed his eyes. "Check again buddy" The screen in front of him displayed a chess board with pieces moving around. Another piece moved. "Not this time" One more piece moved then the words checkmate appeared on the screen. Suddenly a low growl emminated from below him. "Oh dont be a sore loser" He let out a small chuckle as he looked out across the open plains. There was a beep on the center console and another program popped up. It was his and the mech's stratagy and tatics program something that they spent hours doing together going through each and every possible scenario for almost every possible thing that could be thrown at them. He tossed out his cigeratte and began to light a new one as a breeze rolled throught he open cockpit blowing out his lighter. "Fuck man...." After a couple tries he finally got it lit. He kicked his feet up and pulled up his keyboard and began typing a few commands. "You ready Jackson?" The giant white wolf let out a growl in the reply. "Alright lets go"

For several hours his fingers flew over the keyboard as thousands of different scenarios were processed through down to their very core and then put into combat stratagies for later use. Suddenly another screen popped up up displaying a giant cobra followed by a second screen with a tiger. The two mechs were converging on his location. "Time to go Jackson" Music started to blare as the cockpit closed and the white wolf turned and disappeared over the horizen[/color]
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