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The Labor Day Thread


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Okay, I know it's a little less than a week away, but what do you usually do on your yearly government mandated break? I will be worrying myself into a coma over my first day of high school being the next day. And picking out my outfit for said day!:animedepr

Daaang, it feels nice to have a friggin' holiday to start a thread about again! I have decided that I dislike August for its lack of holidays!
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[SIZE="1"]Monday my brother and I went to the airshow, its Labor Day weekend every year, and for the past few years we've been going. I love the airshow, because I love planes, especially fighter planes.

We left a few hours later than we wanted too, and the weather wasn't looking promising. Every year at the end they have the Blue Angels do some routine, this year they had the Thunderhawks, but it started raining....then pouring. So they were cancelled! I was so disappointed, but it was funny how everyone was trying to seek cover under the large plane wings, the belly of one of the large Army cargo planes, and people were piling onto a Continental 737, lol. My brother and I were huddled under one of the wings of the Contenintal plane with a bunch of other people for atleast 20 minutes. We couldn't just run to the car, we parked in a parking garage a few blocks away, ha.

Anyway, my Labor Day was fun and eventful.


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