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Sign Up Combat Zone: Shatared Lines


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Warning: This is an extremely violent and mature RP. God modding is not going to be tolerated. Anyone caught modding will have their character either killed off or subsidized into a non important roll.

The year is 2024 and we are trapped behind enemy lines.First Armored Recon Second Platoon, Acting Captain. We have no food and little water. Ammo is whats left in the guns and I have lost most of my squad due to a sneak ambush by the United Middle Eastern Coalition or U-MEC. We have the radio guy but he said we should wait till we are better situated to male a mayday call.

I feel sorry for the tank crews. Poor sons of a bitches got hit by anti-tank missiles first. I saw the crew member manning the turret of tank #3 crawling out burning alive and we couldn't do a dam thing to save him except put a bullet in his head. If we make it back alive and they court marshal me. So be it but my first priority is to get the rest of my men out alive.

I write this letter in any case we don't survive and friendlies find our bodies. My name is Privet First Class Combat Medic Mike Anolic. Captain Andrews was shot several times and was mortally wounded. I pulled him behind a destroyed tank and patched him up. A bullet clipped his aorta and he is bleeding internally and I can't do a fucking thing to save him. Blood was oozing out of his wounds and he was trying to get me to look at him. When I looked at him, he gave me an order. Its an order I can't refuse. That order was to get the rest of the platoon out alive. That last order made me Acting Captain but I was just a simple medic. Hopefully someone that survived can help me lead us to a safe zone 54 miles to the south west.

I'm a medic and only had training in pistols and and just a simple instructions on assault riffles. How am I going to lead the rag tag team of battle toughen soldiers?
May God have mercy upon our souls.

Privet First Class Combat Medic,
Acting Captain;
Mike Anolic.

United States Army.


Sign Ups are simple yet hard. Someone must take Radio responsibility please. Also First person view when the main thread is suggested but not a rule. Last but not least, any branch of the military is welcomed just explain how you met up with us.

Name: (First/Last)


Age: (21-35)

Rank: (Up to Captain)

Profession: (Heavy Gunner, Radio, Sniper, etc)

Bio: (What was your last employment before joining? What made you join the military?)

Snippet: (How you survived the ambush.)


Name: Mike Anolic

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Rank: Privet First Class

Profession: Combat Medic

Bio: Mike graduated high school at 18 and got into medical school to be a paramedic. He graduated medical school at age 22 and got a job at a local hospital. On his 23rd birthday, Congress reinstated the draft to call on people with skills they need. The next day he got a letter saying he is drafted into the Combat Medic units. Two weeks later he was in boot camp. Eight weeks later Mike completes Basic Training and was station first state side for 6 months. Then stationed over to the middle east.

Snippet: Mike was riding shotgun in the Humvee, from the briefing it was just to be a simple recon with little resistance. Some intel on that. When the tanks got hit, the driver of the Humvee told him to get out and stay behind the jeep. That was the Captain Andrews. When he went to grab a guy pinned downed at the tank, he was hit several times. The guys manning the 2 mounted .50 cals provided covering fire long enough to pull the Captain behind the jeep.
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Being in the Air Force, the character sign-up I used appealed a bit more to me. If you want me to switch it up to a soldier who was part of the initial ambush instead of what I choose I'll be more then happy to Wolfie. I'm really hyped up about this by the way...

Sorry my snipet is long, I figured since I was crossing forces I should explain a little more. I didn't put anything about how many of my men don't make it incase this takes off and WOlfie is okay with somebody else taking this route.

Name: Trevor "Trey" Tusing

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Rank: Staff Sergeant (United States Air Force)

Profession: Pararescue team lead/rifleman

Bio: Trey enlisted straight out of high school on the coaxing of his father, who was a Ranger and spent many years in Iraq. He choose Pararescue as soon as he discovered the career field. Trey excelled and, combined with the short life expectancy of Pararescuemen, quickly rose to be in charge of his own team.

Snippet: Trey took a deap breath as the doors to the C-130 transport plane flew open. He smiled a bit, he never pretended to hate the job. Of course he hated to see any fellow servicemen die, but at the sametime deaths, MIAs and POWs are what keep the job necessary.

"Sergeant Tusin g, we have confirmation of a launch. Several short range Anti-tank missiles are inbound mustang. HQ has advised we sit tight until we have confirmed hit."

Trey stood and faced his troops, newbies everyone of them. Only one man had survived more then two jumps with Trey. It wasn't ineptatude that kept Trey short in men, imporperly packed shutes, inability to follow orders, those were all the things that killed his men...at least that's what Trey told himself at night he hid the real reason from all. The simple fact that the "package" was the most important thing to Trey, he and his men choose the career field they were in for the very same reason though none were allowed to speak the taboo.

"Up and at umm boys we're gonna go now. That way we have the cover of the explosions to shield our landing." As Trey spoke the doors slammed shut and the pilots voice sounded over the intercomm.

"Trey, I had them install this the last time you jumped by yourself because you had a feeling. We're going to wait until HQ gives us the okay before letting you go."

Always being one to follow orders, the Captains words silenced Trey. He was right, hopefully he'd be able to sleep with the deaths he was about to allow.

Minutes passed before the doors flew open and the green light was given. The wind had been taken out of Trey's sails. Without a word he led his men out the door, pulled his shoot and silently said a prayer.

After the missiles hit the ambush only lasted a few moments. So by the time Trey and his troops neared the ground the enemy took aim and began taking pop shots at the helpless airmen. Quicker then Trey could count he started hearing the screams, the cries for help, the cries for mothers and to gods that weren't answering. Bullets wizzed by Trey, he didn't flinch. He sat there silently waiting on death, knowing he would once again be a sole survivor.

Landing in the middle of the blasted tanks Trey undid his parachute as he rolled to his feet. He saw what remained of the rag tag group and rushed to the obvious officer laying on the ground, possibly already dead.
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This looks really exciting can't wait to get going on this one. Let me know if you want anything changed with my post Wolfie

Name: Damian Price

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Rank: 1st Lt. (USMC)

Profession: 3rd Force Recon, Special Operations Battalion Scout sniper

Bio: Damian joined the Corps straight out of highschool, going in with two of his best friends. Right from the start he was at the top of his platoon in basic graduating a Lance Corporal. After training to be an assaultman he was approached by the force recon platoon and was convinced thats what his calling was in the Corps. He went to officers school and got his commission soon after his 21st birthday, he spent the next year training to be a scout sniper and the following year in various middle eastern countrys.

Snippet: (one hour before ambush)

The hum of the massive engines of the HC-130 was very calming, it helped to focus the mind for mission about to commence I could see my fellow Corpsmen all lined up ready for the jump, just as I was. We all knew the risks of this job, and we all lived for the rush of adrenaline that was about to happen as we fell from over 22,000 ft.

"5 minutes to HALO jump!" The disembodied voice of the pilot came across our comm systems.

The eight of us stood there staring at the red light at the back of the cabin and the back gate of the plane opening slowly. Then all of a sudden the green light came on and the calming sound of engines ceased, replaced by the eight screaming
Marines and the rush of air as we left the plane and gravity took over our bodies. I watched as my men plummeted towards the ground in a tight formations as we had done countless times before.

Two seconds later eight shoots opened up and we all floated silently to the outskirts of the middle eastern city. Once we were on the ground we headed into the city as per our orders moving in two man teams. Our mission to provide sniper support to
the Army troops that were going to be moving through the city two hours from now.

(two minutes to ambush)

Sweat ran down my forehead as I lay in this run down building looking through my scope watching a scattering of locals moving along the near deserted streets.

"Command to Sierra Two. Over." came an unfimiliar voice over the comms.

"Sierra Two, go ahead command." My spotter said into the radio.

"First Armored Recon is entering the city now, they will be passing your location in one minute. We are expecting very light resistance so this should be a walk in the park Sierra two. Command Out."

"Another boring babysitting mission, eh Lt." The Marine beside me said.

I just looked at him, he was new out of training and this was his firts assignment so he didn't know that things never go as expected. I turned back to my scope just in time to see the tanks come around the corner. Thats when I heard it rushing sound
of an RPG being fired directly above us, I saw the projectile hit the third tank in line completely destroying the tracks and catching the whole thing on fire. In seconds the air was full of the sound of small arms fire and RPGs nearly all the tanks were
destroyed in the initial ambush. Foot soldiers were running everywhere firing on buildings.

The voice of my spotter brought me back to the job at hand. "Two targets zone 3 high." I took aim at the two men on the rooftop of the building across the street, breathed and squezed the trigger. The bullet struck the first man right under the rib cage as he was about to fire an RPG dropping him to the ground resulting in the rocket striking the ground in front of him killing the second instantly.

The next forty-five seconds brought six more kills and the sounds of dying soldiers all around me. Thats when I heard hit the scream from less than a foot away. I looked at the Marine next to me, there was a pool of blood starting to form already. I quickly grabbed for the wound applying pressure as I reached for the medkit in my pack but before I could even get my fingers on it the floor underneath us exploded the next thing I remember seeing was the white trail of smoke leading to an adjacent rooftop then the blackness of unconsciousness.
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Name: Ildi Berend

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Rank: Private

Profession: Spec Ops, Anti-Matierel sniper.

Bio: Ildi grew up as the only daughter of a military family. Her mother passing away soon after she was born, Ildi was raised by her brothers and father. Being the youngest in the family, Ildi followed in the steps of her father and brothers before her and joined the army. However, unlike the rest of her family she was accepted to train in sniper school. Ildi did her very best to excel, being one of the only woman at the school, and passed with great grades. Now, she takes the fight to the U-Mec by destroying whatever radar, communications, or vehicles they try to employ.

Snippet: I took a deep breath, and held it. Waiting patiently, just like my training. I took the shot, between heartbeats and it hit. The vehicle stopped, thanks to a direct hit to the engine from me personally. I listened to Dara as she called out all of the information I needed to make the next shot. She is my spotter. We've both been on a team together for quite some time. I trust her with my life, and she trusts me with her. I make the next shot, hitting the man who seems to be the ranking member. It's hard to tell though, since the U-Mec doesn't have much of a uniform. Whoever it was, as he falls, my plan worked. The rest of the men scramble, afraid and confused. I motion to Dara and we slowly move to our new hide and the new target.
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