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I was wondering if their were any other people around who read Gantz at all. It was recently reccomended to me by my local comic book shop and if cruised through 4 volumes in a couple of days. i really like it the only thing is some of the ideas in it just don't quite add up for me. I'm interested to see what other people think about it.

For anyone who doesn't know Gantz, it is predominantly about a guy called Kei who gets stuck in an alien killing game after being hit by a train trying to help a homeless man. Its a really great manga and it has some beautiful art.

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Gantz is in my top 5 favorite manga list. The art is amazing and detailed, and the action scenes blow me away. The concept of being copied and taken into a parallel dimension walking amongst, yet hidden from everyday humans AND fighting crazy monsters at the same time while being controlled by some black ball..... crazy. Then, whether or not these characters are truly living when they return to their normal human lives, it's all confusing and fascinating, making you question what is a life or soul in this Gantz world.

I like how the main character isn't your typical hero. Apathetic, horny, and selfish in contrast to his empathetic, self-controlled, selfless friend. I admit, I really disliked Kei, and perhaps that's one of the main reasons that kept me reading... I hated him, but he was kind of realistic. I wanted to read more as I watched him grow, become a better man, rise, and fall and repeat.

The writer is..... unpredictable. The characters you think you could trust, go and do something so stupid-- I think, it's because this author was meant to draw, not write. =P. Still, the story is creative. There's always a surprise at every corner. Definitely a manga that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I've read to the part where some reporter is investigating the black ball, and Rika (I think that's her name) has managed to piss me off big time. I stopped reading this during the summer and I may pick up this series over spring break... I like reading big chunks at a time to keep the story together.

How are you coming along in the series?
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