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Gaming if there was a batman fighting game who whould u have in it?


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if there was a batman fighting game this would be my 10 starting characters
5.two face
6.the joker
8.black mask

the unlockabel characters
1.robin (jayson todd)
2.the red hood
3.man bat
4.batman of the future
5.the riddler
6.ras al gul
9.killer croc

plz feel free to post your own characters
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[COLOR=Blue]Hello, new_Changeling, and welcome to OtakuBoards!

Since this thread is focusing on a hypothetical game, it really belongs in the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=101]Arcade[/url], which is where I'll be moving it now.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staff member.
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Honestly, I've thought about this for a while, how it would play, and who would be in it. I'd like to think it would play similar to the first Power Stone game for Dreamcast, where you can run around freely in the environment. Another neat feature would be unlockable costumes. Seeing how long Batman's been in buisness, there would be a nice selection of different costumes. We could have Batman's default costume, his "Golden Era" costume, and a suit from one of the movies. These would mostly be unlockable.
However, even though this is a theoretical fighting game, I'm going to have to disagree somewhat with your characters. I think the game would have more popular or familiar characters unlocked by default, and lesser known characters as unlockables. I don't really see the point of having Jason Todd as a playable Robin, even as an unlockable. The default Robin would probably be the more recent Tim Drake, and Nightwing would be Dick Grayson. Jason had the shortest career as a Robin, and was generally disliked (the fans voted to kill him off), not to mention he is also the current version of the Red Hood. Different Robins could easily be the traditonal, the movie Robin, and even the [I]Dark Knight Returns[/i] Robin. As for two Robin characters, I think that's a bit much, especially for a series with so many characters to choose from. As for my character list...
Batman (Default/Movie/GoldenYears/Beyond/DKR)
Robin (Default/Movie/DKR)
BatGirl (Default/BettyCain/CassandraCain)
Nightwing (Default/AnimatedSeries/SupermanVersion)
Joker (Default/1989 Movie/DarkKnight Version)
Penguin (Default/Batman Returns/Classic Version)
Catwoman (Default/Batman Returns/ Animated Series)
Riddler (Default/Movie/Classic)
MrFreeze (Default/Movie...lol/Animated Series)
Bane (Default/Animated Series/ArkamAsylum)
TwoFace (Default/DarkKnight/BillyDeeWilliamsVersion)
ScareCrow (Default/TheDarkKnight/ArkamAsylumNightmare)
ClayFace (BasilKarlo/PrestonPayne/SondraFuller)
PoisonIvy (Default/Movie/AnimatedSeries)
Ra's al Ghul (Default/Movie/AnimatedSeries)
Harley Quinn

Default Characters have at least 3 costumes, while the unlockables don't. I think little inclusions like the Superman version of Nightwing and the Betty Cain Batgirl (both are the lesser know original versions of these characters), and a Billy Dee Williams version of TwoFace (seeing as he was Harvy Dent in the 1989 movie) will be nice fanservice to the hardcore Batman fans.
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