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Art Akatsuki Painting


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Well considering back when I did this I was still running around the Res Evil forums, thusly this sort of thing didn't really get much comment. Most of em didn't care much for anime on the one I went to, and it died off shortly after anyway, so here is probably best.


I did that about a year and a half ago maybe two.. probably two actually. Got really annoyed with someone and for me annoyance leads to art. So I basically picked out three images I'd seen for promo's for the Shippuden game that was released, grabbed a sharpie and free handed it onto my wall in my room. Grabbed some paints we had lying around the house, had moved into a place that needed some re-modeling, and got to work.

Paints I used apart from regular house paint being the peach for Dei and Itachi, and the blue for Kisame's skin, was also acrylic and a bit of oil for certain spots here and there. Mostly though it was acrylic so I had to kinda belt it out quick cuz you dont get too much of a second chance with that stuff.

Two and a half days worth of painting non stop gave me the above results. I've had the images on my myspace for ages and have been ignoring my DA account for god only knows how long so I figured I'd put finished product pics on DA and see what I get responce wise. There's also close up's on all three seperately if you wanna look.

I'd say I'd get better pics, Deidara has the bright flash on his face, but I can't we ended up losing the place and moving out shortly after I finished it. Had also started on another one with Naruto and Kakashi and had planned on adding other characters to it just because I could. And well honestly who doesnt wanna just draw on their walls and paint whatever they want?? God knows I loved doing it.

Anyway Kakashi and Naruto I did finish just haven't put em on DA yet. But I got basically the whole process of painting the trio on myspace in celly pics since I had to hunt down a digital camera just to get the good pictures I have. My mom, yeah I still lived with her back then, thinks I should do this kinda thing more often. Kinda hope to get a house once the hubby and I move to Texas so I can basically paint the tar out of every wall in it. But for now I can't.
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