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  1. [quote name='Heaven's Cloud']I picked up [B]Bayonetta[/B] yesterday. So far I enjoy it, but the load times are a little bit of a pain (I read that this is only a problem on the PS3 version, so if you buy it for the 360 you should be kosher). The main character is really fun though, like a hot chick version of Dante from the DMC series. It is taking me a little while to learn to cope with the speed of the game though.[/quote] One of my friends has that he basically said the same thing as far as how the character is and such. Keeps telling me I should try it out. :P So far only bad things I have heard on it were on G4, something about a lot of pointless nudity, and issues with the voice of some filler character you talk to in the game? Eh regardless I'll probably look it up once I get the chance. Got burned out on my 360 a little. Finally tried playing Rock Band on the ps3. Apparently I don't have the ability to anything above medium level wise. But eh its cool. I already know I can't do anything with the drums short of fail the songs in like 3 seconds. Oh well, its still fun regardless. Probably gonna get back to Prototype soon. Got a bit repetitive for me though. :/
  2. I've always had bizarre dreams. For me to wake up not going "WTF? Oh well.." is an odd thing indeed. Example wise... Once dreamed a guy I was dating turned into a wooden puppet that was talking and talking and talking and wouldn't shut up so I tossed him into a wood chipper. Woke up to find I had also punched him in the face in my sleep. That's only happened twice though... well the punching thing anyway... :animeswea Backwards almost series of dreams involving zombies. Hard to explain but they all seemed to be linked together almost like parts of a story. Only dreaming from the end to the beginning. @_@ Yeah there are other examples but I think I'll stop there before I end up getting too far into the weirdness. :P "Normal" dreams for me is unheard of.
  3. [quote name='Sara'][center][URL="http://www.mooncup.co.uk/"][IMG]http://www.mooncup.co.uk/assets/images/widgets/what%20is%20it/mooncup_actual.jpg[/IMG][/URL][/center] Anyone heard of this?[/quote] What in the world is that? All I can think of is a funnel... and that and the current topic to me just... Nevermind my question Im happy not knowing. Chibi... why apples? I dun see how that adds time in between but okies. :P Whatever helps I suppose.
  4. [quote name='Desbreko'][COLOR=#4b0082]Uh... Are you sure you didn't just have episodes that were soft-subbed and were using a player without a subtitle renderer? (Like WMP by itself.) OPs and EDs tend to be hard-subbed into the video, in which case they don't require a subtitle renderer.[/COLOR][/quote] Yep I'm sure. The episodes didn't give me any trouble the whole time up till that point and they all had subs in the intro some in the outro's too just not the episodes themselves. Its like they got lazy and just gave up. As far as the players used I have like 3 or 4 on here. Checked em all. Same issue each time. Its fine I liked the series enough, least what I saw, to wanna buy it. So Im just gonna do that anyway but still it was really annoying. Happened right when the series started to kick into the more major fights etc...
  5. [quote name='Ace'][FONT=Comic Sans MS]On the subject of subs, Gratuitous Japanese. I can hear it just fine myself, thanks. Now tell me what the hell it means. Honestly, what is the point of translating something if you're only going to do it halfway and leave your audience even more bewildered than before?[/FONT][/quote] Thats exactly what I meant last post. Happened to me with Soul Eater. Had all the episodes, I think anyway, and after 35 all the intros were subbed but the show itself wasn't. YAY! I know the lyrics thats great! Now wtf is happening?? >.<
  6. [quote name='Allamorph'][center][IMG]http://p1.hotornot.com/bl/brands/NMKRR/CFCEGJTJHWCQPSETLVKA.jpg[/IMG][/center][/quote] For some reason he used to scare the hell out of me as a child... Now he just slightly bothers me. Hmmm today should be interesting I get to fill out job applications and hope I can get one out here without it becoming too irritating a quest. Should be fun since all the holiday people have been fired lol! Oh well...
  7. Eh new years here was rather tame. We did have a friend over for some drinking and such but we didn't get to go out. Kinda dunno much still about the town were in now so we didn't know where to go out to lol! Also really sucked trying to get alcohol. We had to drive like 20 miles out of town to find a liquor store. GO TEXAS!! :P They also asked us for two forms of ID since ours are out of state. Apparently in Texas Colorado ID's look fake. XD
  8. After getting a few new games for my 360 it died. I think somethin happened to it when we moved. Anyway got a new one and knocked out Assassins Creed 2 in about two days. REALLY liked it! Also been kinda rotating through some of the games we picked up. Onechanbara, Prototype, and The Darkness (Mike Patton is awesome in that
  9. [quote name='John']Whoa, whoa, whoa. We're restarting this thread. Disregard all posts before this one. [IMG]http://www.crowndozen.com/main/archives/iron_giant.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://53cannon.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/the-triplets-of-Belleville.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.thehetre.vn/ichinews/090501230245-386-656.jpg[/IMG] Ok, now we're off to a good start. Commence posting.[/quote] Well if you wanna be obvious about it lol! Hmmm... A lot of movies I'd mention are ones I liked as a kid and still rather adore now. Though the Triplets I saw in one of my art classes. ^_^ Hmmm it's not really animated in the drawing sort of way but Wallace And Gromit anyone? Also rather like Persepolis. More mature I think as far as what its about. The animation was interesting though in its own weird way.
  10. [quote name='Magus'][SIZE=1][COLOR=navy]I was quite shocked to see that Jack Black beat out Mark Hamill for best voice... But then again, I'm also bias since I don't really care for anything Jack Black does.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/quote] Its not being bias really. He didn't do anything with his voice that he hasn't done already. He basically just talked and let em stick it into the game, Mark Hamill on the other hand... Until I finally payed attention to the credits of the game I didn't realize that was Hamill. Jack Black in comparison is... blah. Oh well...
  11. [quote name='Cloud Strife']I hate it when you're watching a subbed anime and the person who subbed it doesn't know how to speak real english. "You die shall!" and other such mistakes are irritating.[/quote] I dun like that either. How about when they're marked as subbed, and then magically only the intro is and it cuts you off right when the story is finally picking up again?
  12. [quote name='Gavin'][center][SIZE=1][IMG]http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/4977/howtwilightshouldhaveen.jpg[/IMG] [/SIZE][/center] [SIZE=1] I wish to see the aftermath of this meeting. [/SIZE][/quote] LMAO! Indeed! :animesmil
  13. Hmmm I've gone back and forth on this mostly just cuz of what I've seen when it comes to rep points on different forums. Then again Otaku doesn't seem to have the problems we had on said forums so I'm probably just over thinking it. Though it might still be a good idea giving the mods some sort of control over it. And John's idea is also a good one. @_@ Confusion ahoy! I dunno I just see it more as if there are any issues that pop up with it the mods are gonna hear about it first. Maybe give em a go at it, however it gets set up, and then introduce it to the rest of the forum?
  14. [quote name='chibi-master']That old show Pepper Ann. I loved the hand movements that the characters made! INVADER ZIM. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO LIVE. *epic love*[/quote] Pepper Ann was a somewhat odd show but I liked it as well. It wasn't annoying and it was rather amusing. Also agree with the love of Zim.
  15. [quote name='Korey']A game I found a letdown was Mortal Kombat VS DC. I thought it had some nifty features, but most of them turned out to be gimmicks. Doesn't help that the combo system is so tight that mashers can take advantage of it. Also, while you can move in 3D, there is no real point.[/quote] Agreed. Though I didn't expect much from it to be honest. Seems like a pretty cool idea but they kinda tanked on making it worth buying and actually keeping. Hmmm... Personally I can also agree on not caring for the wii either. It's okay for some stuff but its not really as amazing as people like to think. Suppose the only reason I would get one is to at least try out the Bleach game they got for it. Some of the sports stuff isnt bad though either. Even so if I do ever get one it's gonna be cuz its been reduced to like $70 used. The Astro Boy game that came out on the ps2... I dunno if there was just one but the husband and I found it and gave it a shot... and immediately got rid of it. The controlls were really stiff and it was just all around stupid in general. A LOT of glitches too. The Naruto games for the game cube... Oh goody I unlocked Akamaru... All he does is bite bark and hop like an idiot. How wonderful. I breezed through those in like 15 minutes... Pointless. Hmmm another Naruto related game that I have an issue with is Rise Of A Ninja. I don't really hate the game itself as much as I hate the voice acting in english for it. Pervy Sage does not sound like Pervy Sage... And at Ichiraku they pronounce ramen like ram-men as do a lot of other characters in the game. Its just an annoyance that made me swap it back so I couldnt hear it anymore. Perfect Dark Zero for the 360. Husband wanted it since he liked the old game on the 64, he played it and I more or less just watched. Watching him play pretty much told me what I figured the end result would be in the first place, trade back in for something better. Controlls, graphics, virtually everything in it was horrible. The story line was something a five year old may as well have wrote. Rather stupid all around. The final boss like battle was really weird too, considering how the game play went up till that part it didnt make much sense as to how you had to go about it or why they even set up the way they chose to. Hmmm... To be honest Im having trouble thinkin of more simply because the games I've played that I don't like I generally don't remember since I don't like em. Can't really say I expected much from anything I mentioned either. Just more or less random bits of bad games I've run into.
  16. [quote name='chibi-master']When there's a million episodes and they're all the same continuous actions being portrayed over and over. Especially fights. I MEAN, C'MON! SOMEONE WIN ALREADY! [/quote] Guessin your not big on DBZ and the like then lol! Personally even though I still watched it, DBZ, the biggest annoyance for me was always the above thing... That and the screaming power up where they look like they're desperately trying to take a dump. Another one has to be where in the middle of a fight they just start having a conversation. Blah blah blah I'm awesome... blah blah blah I'm awesomer!! Blah blah blah my life sucked!! Well blah blah blah so did mine!! And of course that cuts out the last five minutes of an episode only for the next 3 episodes to be about something happening somewhere else between two characters you don't care about cuz you'd rather see the end of the fight already. Can definately agree on female characters being either so scared of their own shaddow they can barely talk without scaring themselves... or so overtly violent for no reason. Another one for me is certain love triangle like animes. My friend suggested I watch some series she liked... By episode 4 I had a migraine from trying to keep up with it all. The main character, some stupid girl, had pretty much tackled a football team worth of love intrests and I just got fed up and decided that it and everything related to it should burn. "Oh Im such a desperate, stupid little girl... The guy I like doesnt like me so Im gonna date like 12 people to try to get his attention vs oh I dunno talking to him. And instead of bothering to grow a pair and at least look at him if he says something to me I'll opt for stalking him like a retard. Oh look now all 12 of those guys want me oh dear... what do I do I want the first one!!" *shoots self*
  17. Threatening to hide the game worked... Now I know the key to making him get off his butt. Hide his video game. :animesmil
  18. Ours is one of those mini trees that's actually supposed to be more of a Halloween tree than a Christmas tree... Black with orange lights and the base is skulls with green lighting eyes. Big change from what I'm used to seeing at my parents house. They use the fake tree mainly so there isnt something to throw out apart from wrapping paper, and also cuz of the pets. Theirs is white though, and always all bright and cheerful lol! First time my mom saw my tree she said it was horrible and I shouldn't use it for Christmas so of course I set it up in my room and decorated it in defyance. Oddly she liked it better after I did. :p
  19. While I realize this is a tad old thread now... I just had a joy-gasm... [URL]http://arkhamhasmoved.com/us/[/URL] There's already a sequel. Just the teaser site but still rather happy I decided to watch the VGA's, first teaser of the show. Edit: Almost forgot since the link for the trailer just goes to Spike... [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfnxZvxJqeQ[/url]
  20. Small part of me always thought you were exaggerating that... Guess not. Still don't see why he buys a whole series based off of liking one episode of the show without seeing anymore of it first, only to find with some of what he bought he doesn't like it all... But if he's got the money for it why not I guess. :p
  21. Hmmm... I have to think of a way to pry the husband away from Call Of Duty long enough to help me pack around here. Perhaps I'll hide the disc until were done with the major stuff... :animeswea Though that might not go so well..
  22. :P ... You had to mention the wall. I still wanna see his collection btw. Oh well... HOORAY YOUR HERE! *dance*
  23. *remembers when her husband found her yaoi* .... :animesmil That was funny.... In all fairness though considering what I've found that he likes... the 4 small books I have is nothing. *shrugs* That and I'm picky in regards to what/who is in it, and the ones I do have I got like 2 years ago. Suppose Chibi is right though. Recruiting fangirls in general to start up an army would be devastating indeed... The only problem would be stopping fighting within the collective over who's better and why. I somehow see a massive bloodbath of fangirls fighting tooth and nail. *grabs popcorn and lawnchair* Hurry up and start the teams I wouldn't mind said entertainment.
  24. [quote name='chibi-master']Heck, I would then be considered the epitome of womanliness then! My pediatrician keeps having to run tests on my blood because for some reason, my periods last about a week and a half (extremely heavy!)and I only have two weeks between each one instead of the normal three to four. She says that's too much blood loss, but I seem to be perfectly healthy as far as the blood tests show.[/quote] Hmmm... The amount of blood lost due to the normal monthly period is usually less than 80ml, and only due to the breakage of small and fine blood vessels. Rest of it is just the endometrium... I'd say if you run into a problem like that again you could check with your doctor and see if putting yourself on the pill might help regulate it. One of my friends had to be put on the pill before she would ever even get a period, and another one has to be on it or something similar to your situation happens with her.
  25. You know what's gonna make kids google it... People talking about it in the first place. At this point I'm rather confused why something like this is considered so horrible. I mean really the idea isn't anything new, you can find stuff like this all over the web. Suppose the only reason it's so "horrible" to some is because it's Frosty. I'd hate to see the reaction complainers would give off if they ever looked at anything Christmas related on NewGrounds... xP Oh well.
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