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Art Naruto Shippuden Ryujinki Akatsuki Wallpaper


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Hi Guys!

Just made a new wallpaper featuring the Akatsuki from Naruto Shippuden Ryujinki. I decided to use japanese art as the background and turn it into a dark, jagged manga style. And here's how it turned out.

Tell me what you guys think.


Cheers! :)
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A good fighting game wallpaper on the engine MUGEN. characters. Not a bad once you learn the creators. The wallpaper created specifically for gamers ". 2D graphics Delight game wallpaper more interesting and attractive.
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[quote name='Citric']Then how come I wasn't allowed to use it for a graphic design project?[/QUOTE]

[size=1]The fact that the class is "graphic design" is the reason why they don't allow you to use it. Technically you CAN use it but most graphic design classes don't want to deal with the whole copyright thing. They prefer you use stock images that you pay for. I've taken a few graphic design classes and almost all of my professors are picky about images that you don't have permission to use.

I think the wallpaper's contrast is so high that its hard to distinguish the foreground from the background. The focal point isn't there. I also don't get why there is a HUGE white section at the top.....[/size]
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