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Manga Ouran vol. 13


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Okay, so I just read this a little while ago, and to tell you the truth I was a little dissapointed... It might be because I have read the other volumes so much, that this change of script is just something I didnt want, but whatever the case, I think that they changed Haruhi's character too much.. I also just rewatched the anime again recently if that affects my odd opinion also, so tell me, did you like or dislike v. 13?
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[quote name='HopefulOTaKu' date='15 March 2010 - 01:19 AM' timestamp='1268615976' post='691689']
i didnt like the ending of the anime, but a new season may come out, there is a petition up so we will see.
I see how it would be necessary, but I think that it was too much of a 180 too quickly.

I didn't like the ending of the anime either. They should have stuck to the books because then it would be easyto make another season of the anime.
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