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  1. Thanks for sharing! You sound like you have had lots of fun.

  2. bracing for the holidays

  3. xrosex

    What have cartoons taught you?

    Looney Toons taught me that if you fall off a cliff you will only create a large crater in the ground.
  4. Haha! Great profile! Your brother does well. Although I am curious as to what the fireworks tales involve

  5. Don't worry you aren't on my 'pray' list. lol

    It's a very exclusive list.............

  6. What?!?!?! No friends?!?!?! Let's fix that.....

    Oh by the way, Hello!

  7. Thanks I am glad that you like the song! I have it stukc in my head all the time! It really works 'cause I just know so many people who I'd 'ahem' "Pray" for.

  8. xrosex

    Let's get some August up in here!

    [quote name='chibi-master' date='01 August 2010 - 05:47 AM' timestamp='1280641662' post='698413'] It is officially the first of August! Here is your monthly list provided by your one and only incompetent Holiday Thread Guru! Well, well, well! We have quite a few holidays today! CELEBRATE, EVERYBODY! [/quote] I wonder who comes up with all of these holidays? Do people seriously want them as holidays or is it just to make the rest of the world laugh? Although I must say, national put zucchini on your neighbors porch day is one of the most random ones I have seen yet. That and the mustard day..........
  9. are, sorry BAD grammar

  10. What?! There is only one comment?! Well, I guess now there is two

  11. [quote name='Molleta' date='27 July 2010 - 06:42 AM' timestamp='1280212979' post='697984'] [color="#2e8b57"][i]Ouran High School Host Club[/i]-- I love that show, and it's totally not my thing. I am way more of a scifi/action girl. Cute sweet things don't really do it for me, but that and [i]Fruits Basket[/i] absolutely captivate me. Both of them are sweet but with a hint (or with FB, a large dose) of mystery or dark background stories. I adore Kyoya, he kind of makes the series for me. [/color] [/quote] I am a total Ouran Fan! When I watched the first episode it my reaction was litterally, 'what the heck'. But I couldn't stop watching it so here I am, a huge fan. I love Kyoya as well, I think he has such great background character. (And he is handsome)
  12. One Piece most definitly. Didn't seem like something that would be funny or adventurous but it actually turned out to be good. Not to say that I am in a hype over it or anything but it is a series I will read. Another is Full Metal Alchemist. I had a friend who LOVED it and told me all about it. I guess it was inevitable that I would eventually check it out. I never guessed that I would end up liking it.
  13. Saw your latest thread. Got any more good recipies????

  14. xrosex

    Food Porn

    [quote name='Heaven's Cloud' date='22 July 2010 - 03:11 AM' timestamp='1279768303' post='697633'] [color="indigo"]Some recipes are so good they may as well be pornographic. This thread is to discuss, share, and salivate over those recipes. [center][img]http://img.foodnetwork.com/FOOD/2006/07/21/tu0113_sketti1_lg.jpg[/img] [/center] I'm going to kick this thread off with one of my favorite celebrity chefs, Tyler Florence. With the exception of my mom no one has taught me more about cooking (I should mention that I am a fan-freaking-tastic cook, not because I am creative in the kitchen, but because I can follow basic instructions) then Mr. Florence. His cookbooks are always filled with appealing dishes, and he does a great job making simpler food taste great. The above dish is a great take on spaghetti and meatballs. I have made it many times and it is a great dish when you are entertaining groups of 6-10 people, add a simple salad and some homemade garlic bread and you'll have your friends and family wondering why this classic never tasted so good before. If you are interested in the recipe you can find it [url="http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/spaghetti-and-meatballs-recipe2/index.html"]here[/url]. Trust me, its worth making at least once.[/color] [/quote] Wow! That really does look good! I might have to try it, I am sure that it would easily impress people. (And that is ALWAYS a good thing!)
  15. xrosex

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    [quote name='Charles' date='13 September 2007 - 01:24 AM' timestamp='1189646676' post='632685'] [size="3"][center][b]Welcome to OtakuBoards![/b][/center][/size] Hello! Just because you're new to OtakuBoards doesn't mean you have to be a stranger. After all, you're part of a pretty tight community now. You're going to be learning about us and we would like to reciprocate the effort by learning about you too. Feel free to use this thread to tell us more about yourself. What are your hobbies? Why did you choose your user name? What are your favorite television shows? What kind of experience do you expect to have here at OtakuBoards? It's all up to you to decide what to tell us. Also, if you have any questions about the site in general, feel free to include them in your post. We'll be glad to help you. We look forward to hearing from you! [/quote] Hello! I am fairly new to the otakuboards and I just wanted to introduce myself. I hope to hear from you, or anyone....
  16. So, is there anything I should know about? *Evil grin*

  17. xrosex

    What Country Are You From?

    I live in the US. I have traveled to Mexico and lived in two states
  18. @ Petie


  19. I love your picture of Vash!

  20. Although it may be a low blow it is still funny. (Sorry Botar)

    Anyways, since you guys are robots will you tell me where your main memory chip is located? lol

  21. Hello and Happy Birthday! Welcome to the Otaku Boards!

  22. Hey! Saw that you left me a comment so I thought that I would return the favor.

  23. Thank you! I always enjoy metting new people!

  24. xrosex

    Manga Ouran vol. 13

    [quote name='HopefulOTaKu' date='15 March 2010 - 01:19 AM' timestamp='1268615976' post='691689'] i didnt like the ending of the anime, but a new season may come out, there is a petition up so we will see. I see how it would be necessary, but I think that it was too much of a 180 too quickly. [/quote] I didn't like the ending of the anime either. They should have stuck to the books because then it would be easyto make another season of the anime.