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So, a conversation with some friends last night yielded some interesting scenarios, and I thought that I'd bring it onto the boards to see what you all thought...

If you could hang out with any dead person, for twenty-four hours, from any walk of life; who would it be? What would you do? Why?

Now, to clarify, I'm not talking about your BFF from 5th grade who's life was tragically cut short in some bizarre shark attack; that's kida a downer. No, I mean somebody you've never met before and who you'd enjoy chilling with for a day doing whatever you want: Watching TV, parasurfing, sucking down a couple of cold ones. But you can only do things that are within the realms of possibility. For example, you can't go to Jupiter for a picnic with Jimi Hendrix, but you can go to Burger King with him, or go to a cocaine/hooker party with him. You can go to the movies with Abe Lincoln (although he may be a bit paranoid about that), but you probably couldn't skydive with the guy.

I think I'd like to go racecar driving with Paul Newman. He was a legendary actor throughout his whole life, and he had a heart of gold. Unlike most megastars, he stuck with his wife rather that bedding strings of beautiful women (although he totally could have). He set up The Hole in the Wall Gang charity for children, after his role in Butch Cassidy. When he caught cancer, he dealt with it personally, and with a quiet dignity, never once whoring himself out to the media. Plus he loved to drive rececars, which is totally badass!
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Theodore Roosevelt. I would spend my entire day basking in his masculine glory and/or asking for nuggets of wisdom.

And then I'd take him to [B]Night at the Museum[/B] to see what he thinks of what Robin Williams did to him.

And after that we'd go out into the forest and punch bears in the face.[/FONT]
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