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RPG Grand theft Auto 4: gang wars

Lord Sephiroth

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Favourite radio station:
Weapon: (hand gun at the start then go Ammu Nation)
Cash: $1000(at the start)
Everyone starts on Portland (if you work for anyone on another Island go to the payphone in Hepburn Hights)
If you run out of jobs come to me in St. Marks Bistro

Name: Mario Leone
Age: 25
Gang: The Leone Mafia
Wheels: Mafia Sentinel
Favourite radio station: Lips 106
Weapon: Handgun
Cash: $1000

This is set three months after GTA3 You arrive back in liberty looking for more work but no-one regognisies you. You join a gang of your choice. The missions are all new from every boss but you can acces any island from the start.
By the way i'll make up the boss whos gang has N/A beside them. All the original bosses are back except those who died. New missions will be discussed. So will the New Bosses for these who have none. Ray and Donald are back.

Diablos boss: El Burro
Leone Boss: Joey Leone
Triad Boss: N/A
South Side Hoods: D-ice
Yakusa: N/A
Cartel: N/A
Yardies:King Cortney
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Guest QuickSilver
name: joey
age: 25
gang: mafia
wheels: mafia sentinel
favourite radio station: chater box
weapon: handgun
cash: $1000
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