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Guest Soft mush
Vote for,

1. Best thread

2. Worst thread

3. Best member - guy

4. Worst Member - guy

5. Best Member - gal

6. Worst member - gal

7. Best overall member

8. Worst over all member

9. Biggest spammer

10. Best T.V programme

You can only vote once. All decisions are final. Votes last for 24 hours until they're counted and awarded.
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1. Best thread: uhhhh uhhhhh the only one that came tomind was my Opinion thread....

2. Worst thread: something some spammer did that I or someone deleted....

3. Best member - guy: me :) hahaha

4. Worst Member - guy: any spammer....

5. Best Member - gal: I dunno! I can't think of names!

6. Worst member - gal: refer to #4

7. Best overall member: :)

8. Worst over all member: refer again to #4

9. Biggest spammer: I dunno.....

10. Best T.V programme: what?....... program you mean?.... uhh uhhh uhhhhh..... If Gackt had a variety hour that would be it... but he doesn't :(

Wow I didn't help at all but for one question.... maybe two... I can't think today
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