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Lost within my Head

Inuyasha Fandom

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Lost within my head,
A thousand screams echo.
Lost within myself,
A river of tears flows.

Why do I love
When I cannot be loved?
Why is my anguish all that people see
When they look at me?

Lost within with no light to follow for my own,
I guide others to their light
While I only wander through this world.
Lost and screaming no one hears me.

My tears unseen,
My heart barred
My eyes shadowed
My soul burdened.

What is this?
I can see the goodness others do not,
And light the way for them to follow.
The path I walk alone.

I walk my path,
I walk alone
Always a leader,
Never with someone at my side.

I'm lost and alone,
Lost within my head.
I die a little more
With only my tears to call my own.

I walk alone
And no one can save me
The pain I cause unwittingly
Always drives everyone away.

I can show a smile through it all
It's not hard to do.
It's easy to hide behind a mask
And never show my tears.

Lost within my head,
A hundred memories play
Lost within myself,
I cant see the dawn

A sorrowed heart adrift in the storm
Wandering at the mercy of the tides.
Lost at sea
Never to be saved.

Lost lost lost....
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