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The Cat Returns


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[center] [IMG]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/cooliguess.jpg[/IMG]
I just saw this Movie a week ago, (and again today) and I really like it. For the most part it is really light hearted humor, but thing that sells it for me is the voice acting for the english dub. For one, the protagonist schoolgirl doesn't have the super high pitched, ultra kawaii voice, which was refreshing. The cast included Anne Hathaway as Haru, as well as Cary Elwes, Judy Greer, Andy Richter, Kristen Bell, my personal favorite: Tim Curry, and more. All the jokes are delivered remarkably well, and every character seems to have personality.

As for the plot, it is fairly well put together. The story has for the most part, a constantly escalating feeling, but I wouldn't say that it is super suspenseful. There is pretty much no love story, which is also refreshing. There is some action... but it is with cats, so that becomes more humorous than intense. The movie also has a decent moral too... which doesn't matter much... but hey.. its there!

The art is also a step above most of what I have seen from Studio Ghibli, the motions are fluid and the scenery is vibrant. the colors in this one are also very vivid compared to a few movies I have watched. The expressions like all of Ghibli films are awesome, even on cats.

Anyone else with me here?
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I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this -- it's a sneaky good Ghibli movie. Not quite as big or epic as some other Ghibli flicks, but it has a great sense of humor (the dub writing is masterful here; very funny). Just a really enjoyable movie all around, and of course quite pretty as you say, it being Ghibli and all.
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I watched this just the other day. Loved it! Hard to tell if it's because of my obsessive, claustrophobic cat fetish or because I have extreme faith in Miyazaki's delivery or because it was a good movie, but I loved it nonetheless. Very funny - especially the emperor! "I told them not to stand in a line!!!" And of course the 'romantic' flavour was not milked, which was nice. Bit creepy that she developed a crush on a cat at the end but what can I say... so had I, by that point. Hehe. I experienced a poignant sadness when the story was over, and thought to myself, 'When will they all see each other again?! How could you go back to normal life after that?'

I generally enjoy a movie if it has at least one thing in it that I like, so this was a real winner for me. Only flaw - couldn't stand the main character's haircut. Not really a biggie, is it?
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