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A Digital Adventure


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[size="1"][center]I made us a theme song. ^_^[/center][/size]

[center][size="7"][color="#696969"][font="Times New Roman"]A DIGITAL ADVENTURE[/font][/color][/size][/center]

[size="6"][center][b]Episode 1: And so it begins...[/b][/center][/size]
[b]Plot Points:[/b] Digidestined group up.
[size="1"]Remember we've all been at summer camp for a week now so we know each other a little.[/size]

[color="#696969"]Wyatt slowly opened his eyes, regaining consciousness from his spontaneous trip into the Digital World. He sat up straight and looked around him. He seemed to be in a forest, but it was unlike any he'd ever seen before. The green brush of the trees were layered in large pink and blue colored flowers, and the tree trunks were remarkably straight and symmetrical. Thick dark purple vines weaved their way all throughout the tree tops, dangling down in various places. Before Wyatt could closely examine the alien-like flowers around him a soft object about the size of a volleyball suddenly crashed into him from behind, knocking him forward slightly. He let out a surprised yelp and quickly glanced behind him, his hand rubbing the back of his head where he'd been hit.

A small bird-like creature rolled off its back onto its tiny little feet, its brown feathered wings fluttering frantically. Much to Wyatts surprise, the creature spoke to him.

[b]"Ayieeee[i]!![/i] I'm so sorry, Wyatt!"[/b] it jumped as it spoke in an excited high-pitched tone.

[b]"I'm so happy you're here! You're finally here!"[/b] the bird hopped around joyfully in a small circle for a bit then made a small leap towards Wyatt, eagerly watching his every move. Wyatt flinched as she hopped close to him groaned nervously.

[b]"What... What are you?"[/b] he asked.

The creature hopped again as she replied,[b] "I'm a Digimon! That stands for Digital Monster. My name is Pinamon!"[/b] She twirled on one tiny leg and struck a pose, pointing a wing at Wyatt, who blinked in disbelief.


Realizing this Digimon was no real threat, Wyatt relaxed, sitting cross legged in front of the bird. He poked its cheek.

[b]"What's so digital about you? You seem pretty real to me."[/b] Pinamon giggled slightly with a chirp.

[b]"We're in the Digital World, Wyatt! Follow me, I know where to meet everyone else!"[/b] the bird quickly bolted into the denseness of the forest before Wyatt could ask anymore questions. He jumped to his feet and chased after the small Digimon. As he ran, he pinched his arm expecting to wake up from a dream, but nothing happened.

[i]Hmm, I don't think I've ever been able to pinch my arm while dreaming... I guess that's proof enough.[/i]

Wyatt pushed his way through the last of the dense vegetation which opened up to a large circular clearing the middle of the thick forest. For stones large enough to sit on surrounded a small fire pit in the center. Wyatt took a seat on one of the rocks and Pinamon fluttered up onto his head, roosting in his shaggy blonde hair. Surprisingly this didn't bother Wyatt at all as it somehow felt natural, like he'd known Pinamon a long time.

[b]"The others will be here soon, you will see."[/b] Pinamon said calmly. Wyatt let out a sigh and rest his chin on his hand looking into the darkness of the forest ahead of him.

[b]"You better not lay any eggs in my hair."[/b][/font][/color]
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[size="2"][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Joseph Kincaid came to slowly, realising he was face down on the dusty ground, the powdery earth clinging to his lips and face. He groaned slightly as he pushed himself upwards, and twisted his neck from side to side to work out the kinks, a loud crack making him groan even further. He coughed, a dry dust cloud emerging from his mouth as he did so, and he brought himself up to his knees gradually. Blinking a few times to work the dust out of his eyes, he looked around at his surroundings. He seemed to be in a small clearing within a thick, dense forest of trees and plants he had never seen before.

[b]"I guess we're not in Kansas anymore,"[/b] he groaned, lifting himself to his feet and brushing the dust off his clothes. His courier bag lay on the ground a few feet away from him, and he let out a small sigh of relief: at least he wasn't completely without supplies. He grabbed the bag off the floor and rummaged around in it, eventually grabbing a bottle of water and yanking it from the depths of the bag. He spun the cap off and took a hefty swig, enjoying the feeling of the cool water flowing down his throat.

He replaced the cap on the now half-empty bottle, satisfied if not completely happy, when a small burst of flame erupted from the forest surrounding him, followed by a tiny voice.

[b]"Hrp...'scuse me,"[/b] it said, and Kincaid swivelled to face the direction the voice had come from.

[b]"Who is that? Wyatt, is that you?"[/b] he asked.

[b]"No..."[/b] replied the voice, [b]"It's not Wyatt."[/b] A small red creature, spherical and about the size of a cantaloupe emerged from the undergrowth, a smile on it's tiny face and a plume of bright flame emanating from the top of it's head. Large spines protruded from it's body, seven of them, evenly spaced around the spherical body/face unit in the middle.

[b]"So I'm being tormented by a flaming tetherball?"[/b] Kincaid sighed, [b]"That's not even frightening. Whoever thought this prank up really didn't do their homework..."[/b]

The young man's mocking of his new companion was interrupted by a burst of flame exploding upwards from the top of the little creature's head, which immediately made him simultaneously stop talking and jump backwards about a foot.

[b]"Who's not frightening now?"[/b] the little creature asked, as smug as was possible for something with so few physical features.

[b]"Ok, ok, I'm sorry,"[/b] Kincaid responded, [b]"I'm Kincaid, what's your name? Do you even have a name? What are you, for that matter?"[/b]

[b]"Of course I do,"[/b] the creature replied, [b]"I'm a Digital Monster, or Digimon for short, and my name is...[i]Sunmon[/i]! Come on, Kincaid, this way!"[/b] Sunmon turned and bounced off into the undergrowth, the flame atop it's head illuminating a path through the dark forest. Kincaid shook his head in disbelief, but still slung the strap of his bag over his shoulder and followed the flame through the thicket.

It was only a dozen or so feet deep, and with the Digimon in the lead it only took a few moments to make it through into a second clearing, this one much greener than the one Kincaid had awoken in, with four large stones placed around a small fire pit in the ground. It was quiet, all sound deadened by the thick undergrowth on all sides, save for a pair of hushed voices on the far side of the clearing. Kincaid blinked and cleared his eyes, reaching into his bag to fish out his glasses, which he slid onto his nose, making the two speaking figures come into focus.

The first figure was Wyatt, the boy Kincaid had made friends with at camp just a few days before, and he was one Kincaid was glad to see. The second figure was a second small creature, this one bird-like, with brown feathers, perched on top of Wyatt's head.

[b]"Kincaid!"[/b] came Wyatt's voice across the clearing, and he got to his feet and rushed over to Kincaid, almost tripping over Sunmon, [b]"Where did you come from?"[/b]

[b]"I woke up back there,"[/b] Kincaid replied, gesturing into the brush behind him, [b]"You got a much nicer clearing than me, that's for sure."[/b]

Wyatt laughed and looked down at Sunmon, then back up to Kincaid, an eyebrow raised.

[b]"Oh good, you see him too. That's reassuring,"[/b] said Kincaid, [b]"This is Sunmon. Sunmon, Wyatt, Wyatt, Sunmon."[/b]

[b]"Pinamon!"[/b] chirped Sunmon, hopping up and down a little hyperactively, and the bird-like Digimon in Wyatt's hair fluttered down to the ground where Sunmon was, and they greeted each other in a bouncy, excitable manner.

[b]"Do you have any idea what's going on?"[/b] asked Wyatt, [b]"Or where we are?"[/b]

[b]"No idea,"[/b] replied Kincaid, [b]"I just followed Sunmon here, he seemed pretty convincing."[/b]

[b]"Same with Pinamon. He said 'the others will be here soon'. I guess you're one of 'the others'!"[/b]

[b]"So there's more of us coming? Do you think it's the others from the camp?"[/b]

[b]"I guess so, it would be too much of a coincidence if it wasn't."[/b]

[b]"We should probably go wait for them then,"[/b] Kincaid suggested.

[b]"Yeah, I guess so. Come on, Pinamon, we're gonna go wait for the others,"[/b] Wyatt said, and Pinamon hopped and fluttered back up into his hair.

[b]"Don't get any ideas,"[/b] Kincaid warned Sunmon, looking purposefully at the plume of flame on the Digimon's head and then up at his own fringe. Sunmon nodded, an impressive feat when head and body are all the same unit. Kincaid followed Wyatt over to the stones, Sunmon hopping along beside him, and took a seat next to his new friend. Sunmon took the opportunity to hop up onto Kincaid's knee, and sat there quite contentedly, albeit bouncing with hyperactive energy.

[b]"I can't wait to see the others!"[/b] the Digimon chirped.

[b]"This could be interesting..."[/b] murmured Kincaid.[/font][/size]
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[font="Book Antiqua"]Riley opened her eyes and blinked forcefully, trying to clear her vision but to no avail. She reached up to adjust her glasses and realized that was the problem. Her glasses were no longer on her face. This was her worst nightmare, losing her glasses at camp. She didn't remember what she had been doing right before she woke up here, but her bones ached and her head was spinning, so she assumed she had probably doing some "fun camp physical activities." Riley rolled over slowly and got up onto her hands and knees, squinting to find her glasses.

[b]"Where are those stupid things..."[/b]

[b]"Are you looking for these?"[/b] a bright and cheery voice came from behind Riley, and she swivelled around quickly to find the source. Still squinting, she reached toward where the voice seemed to have come from, confused by what appeared to be a little white blob. Her fingertips came into contact with the familiar plastic frames and she quickly scrambled to put them on.

[b]"Thank you so much, I was so afraid I'd lost the- AH, WHAT ARE YOU??"[/b] Her vision now crystal clear, she was faced with what was actually a little white blob, with two pink ears and a tail. It smiled at her.

[b]"I'm a Digital Monster, my name is Paomon! I've been waiting for you, Riley!"[/b] Paomon's smile faded as Riley started screaming.


[b]"Why are you screaming, Rile-" [/b]without waiting for it to finish, Riley took off running, she didn't care which way she went, as long as it was away from that little [i]thing[/i]. She kept looking behind her, hoping it was just a hallucination, but alas, the creature was bouncing along behind her at a fairly impressive pace.

[b]"Go away!!"[/b] She shouted behind her as she kept running.

[b]"Look out!"[/b] was the response it shouted back at her.

[b]"What?"[/b] she turned her head forward just in time to see a large tree root protruding from the ground just in front of her. [b]"Ah crap..."[/b] she thought as her foot rammed into the root and she fell to the ground, tumbling down the incline just after the tree and into the clearing below.

[b]"Ouch."[/b] Riley sharply inhaled, rubbing her forehead and feeling for any scratches.

[b]"I tried to warn you."[/b] Paomon said, seeming to shrug as it bounced its way down the incline to join her.

[b]"Riley?"[/b] came a very familiar voice. Riley looked up and was staring back at an incredulous Kincaid and a very surprised looking Wyatt. [b]"How did you get here?"[/b] She winced before standing off, brushing the dirt off of her pants and bag.

[b]"I don't really know... the same as you guys I guess. Where is here, anyway?"[/b] Paomon interrupted at that point.

[b]"The Digital Word, silly! I would've told you all that if you had let me finish."[/b]

[b]"Cool, you have one too!"[/b] He looked down at the Digimon. [b]"I'm Wyatt and this is Pinamon, and that little guy with Kincaid is Sunmon. It's nice to meet you!"[/b] Wyatt smiled at Paomon.

[b]"I'm Paomon!"[/b] It bounced happily in greeting. [b]"Come on Riley, let's sit down and wait for the last one to arrive."[/b] Riley looked confused and allowed herself to be guided to a stone next to Wyatt, to sit down. Paomon recognized that she was still a little uncomfortable and rested happily near her feet.
[/font] Edited by OMNOMNOMALY
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[size="3"][font="Garamond"]Something fuzzy hit Edward over the head, stirring him from his sleep. He grunted lightly and tried to shoo it away, but a second later it struck him again. He sighed heavily and sat up without opening his eyes. He took a second to ruffle his hair before speaking.

[b]"Fine Kenny, I'[/b][/font][font="Garamond"][b]ll get up! But my alarm clock hasn't gone off yet, so I'm sure nothing interesting is happening outside".[/b] Edward yawned loudly and stretched his arms out to the fullest before opening his eyes. For a second, he simply stared out into the depth of the oddly coloured and foreign forest sprawled in front of him. Thinking he might still be [/font][font="Garamond"]dreaming, or that maybe his brother was just holding a very realistic picture in front of his face, he simply laid back onto what was supposed to be his bedâ?¦But was actually a rocky patch of earth.[/font]
â??[b]What the?[/b]â? Edward sat upright abruptly and opened his eyes again. But instead of a sea of trees, his vision was filled with huge eyes and blue fur. A toothy smile appeared below the pair of eyes, and a happy voice sprang forth.

â??[b]Eddie!![/b]â? Edward froze for a second, before bursting out into a fit of laughterâ??as silly as it sounded, he had a nervous habit of laughing at things that stunned him or that he couldnâ??t quite understand. The little ball of fur sat still on Edwardâ??s lap, making a face Edward was forced to believe was a pout.

â??[b]Why are you laughing at me Eddie?[/b]â? Edward quickly held up his hands and waved them back and forth at the creature.

â??[b]No, no, I'm not laughing at you little guy. You're adorable! I'm just a little surprised by the situation. I didn't expect you to know my name,[/b]â? Edward reasoned quickly. A smile spread across the fur ballâ??s face again, and it started bouncing joyfully on Edward.

â??[b]Of course I know your name, Eddie! Ask my anything you wanna know[/b]â?, the little guy yelped happily. Edward laughed again and scratched his little friendâ??s head.

â??[b]Well, I've been pretty rude so far. You know my name, so what's your name friend[/b]?â? The little blue guy seemed to like that question, because he jumped off of Edward's lap-- [i]how is he doing that without feet?[/i]â??and hopped around in circles repeating the word â??friendâ?, before jumping back onto Edwardâ??s legs and responding.

â??[b]I'm your friend, Wanyamon! I'm your digimon partner and I'm here to help you, Eddie![/b]â? Edward was startled by that response. Why did he need a partner? What exactly did he need help with? He decided to respond with what he thought was a simpler question for the moment.

â??[b]If you wouldn't mind telling me, what exactly is a digimon[/b]?â? Wanyamon stopped bouncing abruptly and stared at Edward with a puzzled expression. Apparently it wasn't a simpler question.

â??[b]Well I'm a digimon, of course, which is short for a digital monster! And there's a whole bunch of us![/b]â? Edward nodded along, even though his mind was having a hard time wrapping itself around his bouncy little pal being made of data. But if he was made of data, thenâ?¦

â??[b]Wanyamon... Is this whole place digital?[/b]â? Wanyamon nodded his head furiously.

â??[b]Yup yup! This is the Digital World. Everything in this world is digital. Except for you and your friends.[/b]â? A jolt passed through Edward.

â??[b]You mean there are other kids here? Could you lead me to them, Wanyamon?[/b]â? Wanyamon beamed and bounced again.

â??[b]Of course, of course! I'll lead the way![/b]â? Edward chuckled and rose to his feet. He walked over to his new partner and picked him up so that he was perched in Edwardâ??s arms.

â??[b]Let's go buddy.[/b]â? Wanyamon shook happily back and forth against Edward as they strolled through the forest. Despite the odd situation Edward found himself in, he was excited. He wasnâ??t sure what the exact reason was for his presence in this â??Digital Worldâ??, or what was in store for him. But Wanyamon seemed confident that they could do it together, and Edward wasnâ??t about to let his new pal down. And if others from the camp were here, than at least he would beâ?¦ withâ?¦ friendsâ?¦ Edward stopped cold in his tracks as a thought dawned on him.

[i]The camp.[/i] Kenny had been with him at the camp. Had Kenny made it to the digital world also? Did he have a partner? Was he safe? How could he have forgotten his brother? Kenny was a smart boy, more resourceful and adjusted then Edward had been at his age, but nonetheless Kenny was Edwardâ??s little brother and if he was there, he needed to get to him first.

â??[b]Wanyamon, do you know if my brother Kenny is here?[/b]â?

â??[b]Well as far as we know, you're the last one Edward[/b],â? a familiar voice spoke to Edward.

Edward looked up, befuddled, and found three other people standing in this new clearing, all with their own digimon partnersâ??and not one of them looked like his brother. Edward let out a sigh of relief. Kenny was safe. He approached the group of people and smiled as he recognized their faces. He had spent time with the boys Wyatt and Kincaid before, and though he had only had a couple of conversations with the girl, Riley, he had taken an instant liking to her. He quickly introduced himself and Wanyamon to the other kids and their partners. He placed Wanyamon on the ground so he could be close to the other digimon and then addressed the group again.

â??[b]So what do we do now?[/b]â?[/size]
[/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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[font="Tahoma"][color="#696969"]Wyatt sat up straight and looked down at the four Digimon who were now joyfully bouncing around each other in a circle. He swung his small leather backpack around off his back and placed it on the ground, opening it up. He sat on his knees in front of the bag and began to rummage through it. Pinamon scurried over to him looking at the satchel with great awe and excitement.

[b]"What are you doing, Wyatt?"[/b] she asked, glancing up at her partner. Wyatt began to pull various tools from the bag, placing them on the ground in front of Pinamon.

[b]"I'm seeing what emergency supplies I've got..."[/b] he said, placing a small silver compass on the grass. [b]"I've got my compass, some matches, a first-aid kit and a canteen of water..."[/b] Wyatt grabbed the canteen and took a swig of water and offered it to another one of the kids. Eddie gratefully accepted, took a swig and passed it on.

[b]"Well I don't see a compass doing us much good if we don't know which direction to go.[/b] Kincaid pointed out. Wyatt grabbed his supplies and stuffed them back into his satchel. Just as he put his bag back on, an pounding tremor shook the ground beneath them, followed by the noise of crashing trees. The tremors quickly grew louder and louder and the shaking more intense with each passing moment. The kids and their Digimon stood still, completely stunned for a few moments. Within seconds the tremors grew unbearably loud and the shaking nearly knocked the children off their feet.

Riley noticed a large shadow approaching from the north, where Kincaid had his back turned and she yelled for him to move. Kincaid grabbed Sunmon off the ground leaped forward, away from the treeline behind him. Just as Kincaid jumped, an enormous helmet wearing mammoth with golden markings and feathery purple ears crashed through the tree line, letting out a victorious trumpet with its metal trunk.

[b]"Oh no! Mammothmon![/b] informed Pinamon. [b]"They usually keep to themselves but this one seems really angry! His Tusk Crusher attack is a devastating missile barrage you'll want to avoid and his Freezing Breath attack is no joyride either!"[/b]

The four kids stood in line, facing the beast in front of them. It made no motion to charge them, it just simply stared them down scaring them even more. Just as they turned to run, all four of their Digimon bolted from their hands, landing on the ground in front of them.

[b]"Leave this to us, we'll handle this oversized Tapirmon!"[/b] yelped Paomon. The four small creatures charged at the giant elephant, unleashing their various attacks. Pinamon flew into the air slightly, flapping her tiny wings. Her tail began to charge electricity and she spun in the air, whipping a small ball of it at the elephant shouting [b]"Piripiri Spark!"[/b] The small ball of electricity zipped towards the elephant and vanished into the beasts silver-plated helmet, not even leaving a scratch. Pinamon fluttered to the ground, panting from the effort.[/color][/font]

[indent][size="1"][b]New Plot Points and OOC notes:[/b]
Everyone Digivolves to Rookie in their own post

After you three post, I will post my Digivolution as the last one and will conclude the fight.

It's up to whoever posts next, but I thought it'd be funny if Mammothmon was actually here to welcome us to the Digital World. We just assumed he's a threat so we attacked which is why he hasn't fought back. Throw in some evil rookie Digimon for the Digivolutions if you want, or just have Mammothmon be evil. It's entirely up to you guys.

And thanks for replying so fast guys! I'm excited to see where we take this. I'm going to create a backstage thread so we can talk about plot points in more detail.[/size][/indent] Edited by White
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[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Wanyamon!"[/b] Edward cried out as his new partner fearlessly, but fruitlessly, nibbled on the right foreleg of the Mammothmon that charged out of the woods. Although docile only a moment before, the Mammothmon began thrashing about in the clearing, putting Edward's new digimon friends in danger. The powerful steps of the creature shook the ground and echoed through the forest, and it was obvious to Edward and the others that their digimon weren't strong enough to face Mammothmon... At least not alone, Edward though suddenly. He ran over to some nearby brush and picked up the biggest rock he could find, and then began yelling at Mammothmon.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Hey you big furry monster! Leave my friends alone!"[/b] Much to Edward's surprise, Mammothmon abruptly stopped stomping on the ground and looked directly at him, as if it were about to open its mouth and begin speaking as well. Before any such thing could happen, Edward tossed his rock directly at its eye...symbol, which caused Mammothmon to become disoriented, allowing the digimon a moment of reprieve. Seizing the opportunity, Edward bolted towards the battle scene and snatched up the fatigued Wanyamon, rolling away before Mammothmon's foot flattened him. However, as soon as Edward stabilized himself Wanyamon attempted to jump away from him.[/size][/font]
[b]"I gotta go Eddie!"[/b] Wanyamon plead desperately. [b]"I have to protect you!"[/b][/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"I'm not the one who needs protecting now Wanyamon! You and the other digimon don't stand a chance against Mammothmon, and I don't want to see you get hurt anymore"[/b], Edward said, although it was difficult to get out the sentence with Wanyamon struggling even harder to remove himself from Edward's grasp.[/size][/font]
[b]"You don't understand Eddie! Mammothmon may be strong, but we can't just run away! He'll try and find you again and hurt you!"[/b] The little digimon wailed as it vibrated furiously against Edward's chest. Edward was surprised by how much strength Wanyamon actually had left, as well as how hard it was to convince his partner to calm down.[/size][/font]
[b]"That might be true, but we can't just rush in Wanyamon! Didn't Pinamon say something about Mammothmons usually keeping to themselves? Maybe we should figure out why this Mammothmon is so angry!"[/b] At the very moment, Edward watched a small ball of flame rocket by over his head. He dived down onto his knees to protect Wanyamon from the flames.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Pinamon didn't mention anything about Mammothmon breathing fire!"[/b] Edward yelled in surprise. Wanyamon, who had stopped struggling for the moment, let out a just as surprised howl.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"They don't!"[/b] Edward and Wanyamon looked each other with confusion and sprang up to find the source of the mystery. Despite already having been almost trampled by a Mammothmon, he was surprised by the sight in front of him.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Are those goblins?!"[/b] A couple of green skinned, club waving, wildly grinned creatures trotted out of the forest, holding fireballs in their hands. Wanyamon sprung up and down in surprise.[/size][/font]


[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Those are Goblinmon!! They're naturally mischievous digimon who enjoy harrassing others. Their fiery Gobli bombs are explosive, but it's their clubs you really need to watch out for! One Gobli Strike to the head and you're done for!"[/b] Wanyamon informed Edward. Edward took a moment to stare in both awe and amusement at Wanyamon.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"You digimon are quite the encyclopedias, aren't you?"[/b] Edward mused. Wanyamon glanced up at Edward, smiling and nodding in agreement before another Gobli Bomb flew by, this time obviously aimed for them. Luckily it wasn't well aimed, so it simply soared over the heads of the two partners. But that was enough for them. Edward quickly picked up a nearby stick and readied for an attack.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"This is what we have to do, Wanyamon. We have to stop them from hurting Mammothmon anymore! Than we can help him and our friends! Ready?"[/b] Edward spoke with a fierce determination. [/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"You betcha Eddie! They're gonna get it now!"[/b] Although it was clearly Wanyamon who answered, his voice sounded distorted. Edward looked down to his partner and was amazed to find him engulfed in a brilliant light. And oddly enough, the same light was emanating from his pocket. He reached into it and pulled out the glowing device, just as Wanyamon spoke again.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Wanyamon, digivolve into..."[/b] The bright light filled the area, blinding Edward and the Goblinmon.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Gaomon!"[/b] Standing where Wanymon had been only a second ago was a new creature, a dog wearing boxing gloves and standing on his hind legs. He looked up at Edward with the same ferocity Edward had felt a second ago and smiled.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Let's go get em, boss!"[/b][/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="2"]OOC: I really hope this alright with everyone. If anyone isn't happy please message me right away and I'll fix my post. :D[/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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[font="Book Antiqua"][b]"Riley, move!"[/b] Paomon cried out urgently as she jumped up, nudging Riley's legs to move away from the danger. [b]"You need to be prepared to move, please! I can't protect you unless you work with me!"[/b] Riley was frightened by the sudden appearance of not just Mammothmon but also a pack of Goblinmon.

[b]"Paomon...?"[/b] Riley called out to the digimon without taking her eyes off of the advancing Goblinmon.

[b]"What is it?"[/b] Paomon stopped hopping for a moment to look up at her.

[b]"I'm scared..."[/b] Riley said after a moment. Paomon nodded.

[b]"I know. Let me help you. Stand back!"[/b] Riley backed up quickly as Paomon began to glow brightly. [b]"Paomon digivolves to... Lunamon!"[/b] A new and strange almost rabbit-esque digimon with a crescent moon on it's forehead now stood before Riley, grinning at her. [b]"It'll all be okay. Let's go!"[/b] Lunamon grabbed Riley's hand, steering her towards the battle.

A fireball came barrelling towards them and Lunamon whipped Riley off to the side quickly. [b]"Duck!"[/b] Came her instructions and Riley quickly complied.

[b]"Tear Shot!"[/b] shouted Lunamon, as the same Goblinmon prepared another fireball. A ball of water bubbled and shone as it materialized in front of her forehead. It grew to basketball size and fired quickly at the other digimon, hitting it square in the mouth and extinguishing the fireball, knocking him backwards. Riley peeked between her fingers, filled with awe at her new friend. She watched as Lunamon continue to hit the Goblinmon with ease, tag-teaming with Edward's newly digivolved Gaomon to force them back, away from the group and Mammothmon.

I know it's short but I didn't want to write a novel for the fight when other people still gotta post~ C: Edited by OMNOMNOMALY
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[size="2"][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][b]"This is the weirdest nightmare I've ever had!"[/b] yelled Kincaid over the ensuing chaos. The Goblimon were leaping around, hurling handfuls of flame at the group of kids and their tiny bouncing creatures, Eddie's Digimon had just inexplicably changed into a dog with boxing gloves, Riley's into...some kind of rabbity thing, and a giant mammoth wearing a metal helmet was standing watch over the whole scene, [b]"Did they put something in the water at camp?"[/b]

[b]"I think this is real, Kincaid!"[/b] shouted Wyatt, dodging fireballs as the pair of Goblimon advanced on the group, Pinamon shooting ineffectual bolts of electricity at them. Sunmon struggled in Kincaid's arms, and he realised he was clutching the little Digimon significantly harder than he had intended. He shrugged apologetically and placed Sunmon on the ground, where he shot tiny balls of flame back at the Goblimon: they were much smaller and less powerful than the ones the Goblimon were throwing, and did very little damage to the manic, giggling Digimon.

[b]"It's not working!"[/b] squeaked Sunmon, [b]"The Goblimon are much stronger than us in this form!"[/b]

[b]"Isn't there something more you can do?"[/b] asked Kincaid. Sunmon stopped attacking the stronger Digimon and turned to face Kincaid, a grin spread wide across his little face, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

[b]"Oh, there's something I can do, alright!"[/b] he replied with a smirk. Kincaid's pocket began to glow, and the same orangey light began to emanate from Sunmon's diminutive form, quickly spreading to engulf the whole Digimon.

[b]"Sunmon, digivolve to..."[/b]

The light spread in bright flashes, and Kincaid could just about make out the Digimon's form changing within the field of light, until it exploded outwards and left the Digimon standing tall and proud in the midst of the chaos.



A new Digimon was left in place of Sunmon, a lion-like creature a few feet tall, surrounded by a corona of flames.

[b]"That...is...awesome!"[/b] shouted Kincaid, looking at the new creature in awe. Coronamon turned and gave Kincaid a wink, then turned his attention back to the Goblimon, and took a deep breath, puffing his chest out.

[b]"[i]Corona Flame[/i]!"[/b] he yelled, a ball of flame building in the circular brand on his forehead, then blasting outwards at the closest Goblimon, the one Gaomon and Lunamon had been attacking and weakening. The ball of flame slammed into the Goblimon, hurling it backwards with ease, and at the highest point of the arc it followed through the air, it burst into tiny particles of energy and disappeared.

[b]"Yeah!"[/b] Coronamon shouted, raising his arms in celebration, [b]"Let's see what else these Goblimon have got!"[/b]

At that moment, the remaining Goblimon stopped, threw it's head back and howled into the air.

[b]"That's...probably not good..."[/b] said Kincaid as Coronamon took a step back and looked into the forest.

[b]"I don't think it is..."[/b] replied the Digimon, pointing towards the trees.

Four more Goblimon emerged from the forest, surrounding Mammothmon and brandishing their clubs, ready to attack.

[b]"Nope, definitely not good..."[/b] sighed Kincaid.[/font][/size]
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]Wyatt watched in awe as one by one, his three friends' partners all changed into stronger versions of themselves in a swirling mass of light. He averted his attention back to the battle where Pinamon bravely pecked on the head of the Goblimon that had called for his friends, latching onto its ears with her tiny bird feet. Wyatt gritted his teeth as the other Digimon battled the other Goblimon as well. Coronamon ducked under a quick Gobli Strike and followed it up with a tackle while his body was engulfed in flames.

[b]"Petit Prominence!" [/b]he shouted, sending the Goblimon spiraling into a tree. Coronamon turned and helped Gaomon with the two Goblimons that were keeping him busy, while Lunamon battled with another. All the while, Pinamons Goblimon raced around frantically trying to get the pecking bird off his head. Finally, with one swift Gobli Strike to his own head, Pinamon leapt off just in time to avoid the crushing blow.

[b]"Pinamon!"[/b] yelled Wyatt rushing towards the Goblimon. Pinamon stopped charging a Piripri Spark and glanced at Wyatt. [b]"Wyatt get back! I'm alright!"[/b]

The Goblimon turned his attention to the shouting blonde haired boy and grinned wickedly. The green monster pulled a bomb out from behind his back and launched a long overhand throw at Wyatt, who was not at all prepared for a bomb to the face. Pinamon leaped towards it, leaping off Goblimons head for extra air to stop the bomb.

[b]"Wyatt~!" [/b]she yelled. Suddenly the small bird was engulfed in white light, surrounding her entire body.

[b]"Pinamon, digivolve to...!" [/b]The light began to grow, taking on a taller shape than the small ball that was Pinamon. It stood on hind legs, and large winged arms protruded from its body. It slashed its arms in the air, releasing the light encased around it in an instant.

[b]"Falcomon!" [/b]she exclaimed, seeing the bomb still flying towards Wyatt.


[b]"Falco Rush!"[/b] Falcomon began running on the spot, her feet quickly becoming lost in the dust being kicked up. Within seconds all you could see was a plume of dust behind Falcomon and the blur of her feet. She charged forward with all her might at an impeccable speed, zipping right past the Gobli Bomb in milliseconds, skidding to a stop in front of Wyatt and pivoting to face the bomb. Just as it reached her, Falcomon leaped into the air and spiked the bomb back towards the Goblimon with about twice as much force as the Goblimon had thrown it with.

The bomb barreled towards the Goblimon giving it no time to react exploding instantly in its face. The goblin dispersed into pixels and at the same time, the other rookies finished off the last of their Goblimon. All the Digimon jumped back to where the children stood, standing in front of their respective partners ready to face Mammothmon. But instead of attacking, the Mammothmon let out an enormous yawn and layed down, resting its giant head on the ground. In a booming voice, it spoke to the children.

[b]"Thank you Digidestined, you have truly saved me a lot of trouble. I hope I did not scare you."[/b] the Digimon relaxed their fighting poses, quickly realizing the Mammothmon was no threat. Kincaid stepped forward.

[b]"Well... you could've said something instead of just charging through the trees screaming at us. Maybe something along the lines of [i]Aahh get these Goblimon off me they're hurting me![/i] Something like that would've been nice."[/b] he remarked. Coronamon giggled softly, as did the Mammothmon.

[b]"I do apologize. I do not know what came over me. When all the Goblimon were around, I felt the intent to kill you but as soon as you defeated them, the urge dissipated."[/b] the Mammothmons stomache growled fiercely and he raised himself back onto all four legs. [b]"I thank you again, Digidestined. I've Tapirmon at home to feed. Good luck in your journey!"[/b] Without warning the Mammothmon stomped off into the dense forest, smashing the trees that got in its way.

[b]"Wait!"[/b] Wyatt called out after him. [b]"What's a Digidestined?!"[/b] but the mammoth was long gone.

"Good question. Maybe you should've asked him that when he was [i]lying on the ground[/i]." Kincaid remarked. Coronamon giggled softly again.

[b]"Yeah, yeah, very funny. But what are we supposed to do now?"[/b] Wyatt asked, Falcomon looked at him curiously.[/font][/color]

[indent][size="1"][b]Next Episode: "Flames of Loyalty! Enter Firamon!" 5 Posts[/b]
Plot Points:
First Post - DeLarge (Episode Set-Up)
Next 3 posts - Vongola, Anomaly, and Myself (any order)
Final Post - DeLarge (Coronamon Digivolution)
Links - [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/45003-a-digital-adventure/]Auditions[/url] // [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/45032-a-digital-adventure/]Backstage[/url][/size][/indent]
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[font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][size="4"][b][center]Episode Two: Flames of Loyalty: Enter Firamon![/center][/b][/size]

[size="2"][b]"Digi...Destined..." [/b]mused Wyatt as they walked across a wide, grassy plain around thirty minutes' walk from the clearing they had encountered their first wild Digimon, trying to work out from a single word what their purpose was in the Digital World.

[b]"I think you've missed the ones we can ask about that, Wyatt,"[/b] said Kincaid, calling out to his friend, who was a few feet in front of him. Wyatt turned and shrugged, and Kincaid sighed, rolled his eyes and pointed to Coronamon, who was walking alongside him. Wyatt nodded in sudden recognition, and turned to Falcomon, who had landed on the ground next to him.

[b]"Falcomon, can you tell us what a 'DigiDestined' is?"

"Of course, Wyatt!"[/b] beamed Falcomon, and the rest of the group gathered around the bird-like Digimon,[b] "The DigiDestined are humans paired with Digimon partners in order to save the Digital World from a grave threat! You, my friends, are the Chosen Ones!"

"The Chosen Ones?"[/b] murmured Riley,[b] "Chosen for what? What grave threat are we supposed to be saving you from?"

"We don't know,"[/b] replied Coronamon,[b] "Virus-type Digimon like the Goblimon have become more aggressive, attacking other Digimon for very little reason, but we don't know why. That's what we're trying to find out, and now you're here you can help!"

"But we've never been here before," [/b]replied Eddie,[b] "How are we supposed to help?"

"You have qualities that will help us overcome whatever stands ahead of us," [/b]replied Gaomon,[b] "Resolution, Reliability, Loyalty and Curiosity. These qualities are why you were paired with us, and even though you are in unfamiliar surroundings and don't know this world, they will help us hold back the rising threat."

"Besides, we know our way round the Digital World,"[/b] chirped Lunamon, [b]"We can help you!"

"Together, we'll be unstoppable!"[/b] said Coronamon, a grin spreading across his face, and Kincaid slowly returned his smile.

[b]"So what's our first move?"[/b] he asked.

[b]"Well, if we keep heading this way, there's a Digimon nearby who can help us. I'm sure he'd love to meet you!"[/b] replied Falcomon, gesturing to the horizon ahead of them.

Suddenly, a blast of purple energy hurtled into the middle of the group, causing them all to jump backwards. They looked upwards, and saw what looked like a black dinosaur plummeting towards them, pulsating purple energy surrounding it's claws.

[b]"Sorry to break up your party,"[/b] it growled in a gravelly voice.


[b]"It's BlackGuilmon!" [/b]yelled Coronamon,[b] "A powerful dark Digimon - his Pyro Grenade ability is dangerous, but it's his Virus Breath that takes most of his opponents down!"

"Do you guys always do that?"[/b] asked Kincaid, slight panic breaking through his cool exterior.

[b]"Enough!"[/b] shouted BlackGuilmon, opening his powerful jaws and blasting more purple energy at the group. Coronamon dodged the attack and blasted a ball of flame back at the dark Digimon. It struck and threw BlackGuilmon backwards, where Lunamon fired a ball of water at it, seemingly stunning it.

[b]"Gao Rush!"[/b] yelled Gaomon, charging towards his opponent and rapidly punching him, knocking him to the ground, defeated.

[b]"That was really easy," [/b]grinned Kincaid, [b]"You guys are a good team!"[/b] BlackGuilmon shakily got to his feet, glaring at Kincaid and growling softly under his breath.

[b]"You are certainly powerful,"[/b] he growled,[b] "But you are unprepared for what is coming. You will not be victorious..."[/b]

Purple energy began emanating from BlackGuilmon, concealing his form, which began to change slowly, growing much larger and changing shape into something much more terrifying.

[b]"BlackGuilmon Digivolves to..."[/b]

The energy burst out from the form to reveal a huge, dragon-like Digimon, with huge, powerful claws and blades on it's arms, and flames issuing forth from it's mouth with each exhale.



"No..." [/b]groaned Gaomon, [b]"That's BlackGrowlmon, the Jet Black Demon Dragon! Watch out for Exhaust Flame and Plasma Blade, they're both deadly!"[/b]

BlackGrowlmon opened his mouth and blasted forth a huge stream of flames, scorching the ground around them.
"We're no match for him!"[/b] yelled Falcomon as Lunamon threw balls of water, one after the other at the dark dragon,[b] "BlackGrowlmon is a Champion-level Digimon, much stronger than all of us put together!"[/b]

As if to illustrate this point, BlackGrowlmon raised a huge claw and swiped it at Coronamon, hitting the smaller Digimon square in the chest and throwing him over Kincaid's head, where he thudded to the ground hard.

[b]"Coronamon!"[/b] yelled Kincaid, rushing over to his new friend and dropping to his knees, [b]"Are you ok?"

"Look out!"[/b] yelled Coronamon, looking over Kincaid's shoulder to BlackGrowlmon, who was charging towards the pair...[/font][/size]
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[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Gaomon now!"[/b] Edward yelled. Before the BlackGrowlmon could attack Kincaid and Coronamon Gaomon jumped at the monster's head.[/size][/font]
[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Rolling upper!"[/b] He yelled as his spinning fist connected with BlackGrowlmon's jaw and knocked him off of his path,causing him to crash into a tree. Kincaid took the opportunity to help his partner to his feet and the two ran over and joined the other digidestined. [/size][/font][font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]
[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"What do we do now, guys?"[/b] Riley asked tentatively. BlackGrowlmon had recovered from his tumble and was angrier the ever now. He tilted his head back and unleashed a plume of fire into the sky before rushing the group again. Edward looked down at Gaomon, anxious. BlackGrowlmon was definitely much more powerful than their partners at this stage. But there was still only one of him. They had beaten the Goblimon by working together, so maybe...[/size][/font]
[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"A group attack!"[/b] he yelled abruptly, [b]"If two of you can slow him down, maybe another two of you can knock him over!"[/b] The digimon looked at each other and nodded.[/size][/font]
[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"We can do that, Boss!"[/b] Gaomon agreed.[i] [/i]The four digimon ran towards the charging BlackGrowlmon. As the digimon came closer, Coronamon and Lunamon slowed down and prepared their attacks.[/size][/font]
[b]"Tear Shot!" "Corona Flame!"[/b] The two digimon cried at the same time, flinging their attacks forward and hitting BlackGrowlmon squarely in the chest. The digimon stopped in his tracks and staggered backwards, giving Falcomon and Gaomon an opening.[/size][/font]
[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Falco Rush!" "Gao Rush!"[/b] The two partners yelled, doubling their speed as they rocketed towards BlackGrowlmon. All of the digidestined yelled and cheered for their partners. It looked the plan was going to work.[/size][/font]
[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b]"Get him Falcomon!"[/b] Wyatt yelled from Edward's left. Their partners were right in front of BlackGrowlmon now, and they lunged at him to attack. Before their attacks could connect, however, BlackGrowlmon had recovered, and he quickly swung his paw, slamming the incoming digimon into the ground. Wyatt and Edward shared a horrified glance and sprinted towards their digimon. But even as they rushed forward, the BlackGrowlmon lifted his foot to stomp their partners...[/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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[font="Garamond"][b]"Lop-ear Ripple!"[/b] Before Blackgrowlmon had a chance to make contact with the two stunned Digimon, a large vortex of bubbles came out of nowhere and encased the large dragon. Lunamon smiled triumphantly as Blackgrowlmon let out a bloodcurdling roar, momentarily struggling to free himself. This was short-lived, as the huge enemy Monster was far too powerful for Lunamon's attack, but it did the job and Falcomon and Gaomon were able to get up and shake themselves off, distancing themselves from the enraged Blackgrowlmon. Wyatt and Edward looked on in relief as their partners escaped, and they too retreated to safety, to regroup.

Blackgrowlmon freed himself within seconds from the bubbly vortex but before he could re-orient himself, the small voice of Lunamon was heard again.

[b]"Lunar Claw!"[/b] Came her cry, as she launched into Blackgrowlmon, going directly for his eyes as a distraction to give her teammates an opening. She scratched wildly, each claw mark leaving behind a long trail of black vapour. Riley could only watch on in concern as the much larger dragon Digimon swatted away at Lunamon, howling in pain as he tried to grasp her to pull her off.

Coronamon took the lead first, plunging headlong into battle while Blackgrowlmon was preoccupied.

[b]"Coro-knuckle!"[/b] he shouted as he unleashed a barrage of fiery fists into Blackgrowlmon's chest. Blackgrowlmon lurched backward, growling in pain as he finally grasped Lunamon and threw her to the ground.

[b]"Lunamon!"[/b] Riley cried and made a move to go to her, but Wyatt grabbed her shoulder to hold her back.[b] "You're no good to Lunamon if you get hurt. They want to protect us. They'll protect each other. They'll be fine."[/b] Riley knew he was right and reluctantly allowed herself to be held back.

Blackgrowlmon was still relatively stunned from the attacks and Gaomon and Falcomon moved in to deal their own damage on him.

[b]"Falco-rush!"[/b] Falcomon cried as she lunged herself into Blackgrowlmon again, where moments before Coronamon had hit the dragon with flames. Blackgrowlmon groaned but remained standing.

[b]"Double backhand!"[/b] called out Gaomon as he came at the enemy monster without hesitation, giving him no time to recover. Gaomon spun, kicking up a vortex that lifted Blackgrowlmon into the air for a moment, before dissipating, gravity slamming him back into the ground.[/font]

I think that works. Let me know if you want something changed C:
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]Blackgrowlmon winced in pain as he devolved to his Rookie form, Blackguilmon, in a flash of light. The children's four Digimon stood in front of the beat lizard, glaring him down angrily. The four Digidestined looked on from the sidelines, not sure if the battle was over. The Blackguilmon gave them a sorrowful look and sighed.

[b]"Please don't blame me, it's all Dae--"[/b] before he could finish, a pink tentacle whipped out from a nearby tree and wrapped itself around the Blackguilmons neck asphyxiating the lizard, instantly turning him to Digidust. The tentacle quickly retracted as fast as it lashed out leaving four shocked children and four battle-ready rookies. A high-pitched evil laugh echoed from the trees.

[b]"No more growling for Blackgrowlmon!"[/b] the creature mocked, safely hidden.[b] "Nyaaa-ack-ack-ack!" [/b]he laughed. Wyatt began to run over to where Falcomon stood.

[b]"Falcomon! Are you al--"[/b] another tentacle shot from a nearby bush and dragged Wyatt in faster than anyone could blink. Falcomon jumped to saved him but the tongue lashed out from an above and pulled the bird into a tree from mid-jump. Another annoying laugh from the forest surrounding the children mocked them.

[b]"Show yourself! Stop fighting like a coward!"[/b] yelled Edward. Gaomon rushed to his side, ready to fight. The creature laughed yet again.

[b]"Coward?! Cowards run away..."[/b] it said. Another pink tentacle grabbed Edwards foot from behind him, and dragged him into the darkness of the forest. Gaomon leaped to grab his partners hand, but fell just short only seeing his partner disappear in the brush.

[b]"Eddie!"[/b] Gaomon yelped. Once Eddie had vanished entirely the tentacle lashed out again from the same spot, wrapping itself around Gaomon's entire body and pulling him into the same place.

[b]"I'm winning! No need to run!"[/b] the creature spoke from its hiding spot. It let out another annoyingly long and high-pitched laughs before choosing its next victim.

[b]"Nyaaaa~ ack-ack-ack-ack!"[/b]

Riley and Kincaid backed into each other, frantically looking around the surrounding forest, calling the names of the other two Digidestined. Their Digimon stood by their feet, ready to fight anything that attacked. After a few long minutes of silence the enemy Digimon made its move, slowly emerging from the bush that Riley and Lunamon were facing. He poked his green lizard head out, his spiral eyes spinning slowly.

[b]"[i]Wide Eyes[/i]."[/b] he whispered softly, withdrawing his head back into the bushes. Before Riley or Lunamon could call out for help, they fell to the ground instantly falling asleep. Kincaid noticed Riley beginning to collapse in his peripheral vision and immediately pivoted to catch her, saving her from a hard fall. He laid her on the ground while Lunamon simply slept standing. Coronamon shook his Digimon friend to try and wake her but to no avail. Both of them were slumbering in Chameleonmon's hypnosis.

[b]"Riley!"[/b] yelled Kincaid, shaking his friend lightly. [b]"Wake up! What happened to them Coronamon?"[/b] Coronamon looked up to Kincaid with a worried expression.

[b]"I believe their under some sort of Digimon's spell, but I don't know for sure who that is."[/b] the fiery Digimon said. As if on queue, the creature that had kidnapped their friends finally revealed itself jumping out from the brush across the opening. It was a large light green chameleon creature with red stripes and a dark green shell that covered its head and part of its back. It had a long winding tail and protruding spiral eyes that moved rapidly and randomly.

[url=http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Chameleonmon]Chameleonmon[/url][/center][/font][/color] Edited by White
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[size="2"][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][b]"Wow,"[/b] said Kincaid, exasperated, [b]"You. Are. UGLY." [/b]The creature's eyes swivelled, independently of each other until they locked onto Kincaid and Coronamon.

[b]"Insolent child,"[/b] hissed the Digital Monster, [b]"You don't know who you are dealing with!"[/b]

[b]"Someone please enlighten me,"[/b] Kincaid sighed, emphasising his sarcasm with big, exaggerated arm movements and a very obvious eye-roll.

[b]"This is Chameleonmon,"[/b] replied Coronamon, stepping between Chameleonmon and his human partner, [b]"He's a crafty character, and while his Tongue Lashing technique is dangerous, his real skill is his hypnotizing Wide Eyes attack!"[/b]
"Thanks, buddy,"[/b] said Kincaid, [b]"So, you're Chameleonmon? Makes sense, I guess."[/b]

[b]"Silence!"[/b] screeched Chameleonmon, [b]"Tongue Lashing!"[/b] His tongue whipped out, hurtling towards Kincaid, only to be blocked at the last second by Coronamon, who slapped the tongue down, and watched as it retracted back into Chameleonmon's mouth, then blasted a fireball out of his forehead at the enemy Digimon. Chameleonmon turned, and the fireball dissipated across the armour that covered his back.

[b]"He's too strong,"[/b] Coronamon said, turning to Kincaid, [b]"He's an Armor-level Digimon, I'm not powerful enough to beat him!"[/b]

[b]"Tongue Lashing!"[/b] screamed Chameleonmon again, this time the tongue slamming into Coronamon's back, knocking him to the ground, then snapping back to Chameleonmon's mouth, at which point he lashed it out again, this time the slimy tip wrapping around Coronamon's ankles, dragging his prone form back towards the evil Digimon.

[b]"Coronamon! Get off him!"[/b] shouted Kincaid, at which point he felt something in his pocket. Reaching in, he yanked out the device that had assisted in Sunmon's digivolution. It was glowing again, with a bright orange light, and Kincaid held it up, desperately hoping that it would do something.

Which it did.

[b]"Coronamon, digivolve to..."[/b]

The same orange light engulfed Coronamon, the same way it had to Sunmon, and his form began to grow and shift, this time getting much larger, until it was larger than Chameleonmon, causing the evil Digimon to let go of his ankles and snap his tongue back into his mouth.

The light exploded outwards once again, causing Kincaid to reel back and shield his eyes with his arm.



The new Digimon stood on all fours, his mane full and proud, small jets of flame bursting from all over his body as he breathed in and out.

[b]"Holy..."[/b] murmured Kincaid, looking at his new friend in awe. Chameleonmon jumped back, clearly afraid of this new development, as Firamon turned to face his opponent.

[b]"Do you wish to flee, Chameleonmon?"[/b] Firamon boomed, his impressive stature casting a shadow over Chameleonmon, who shook his head, even though he was clearly shaking.

[b]"I...I dare not,"[/b] he stammered, [b]"It would n-not sit well with my Lord..."[/b]

[b]"Very well. If you wish to fight, then I will gladly vanquish you myself,"[/b] replied Firamon, flapping the wings on his shoulders and launching himself into the air, [b]"Flame Dive!"[/b]

Fire spread across Firamon's body, until he seemed like a shooting star, as he hurtled down towards Chameleonmon, who stood quaking on the spot, and as Firamon collided with him, he disintegrated, leaving nothing but a smoking crater, a foot and a half deep in the ground, in the centre of which stood Firamon, still tall and proud. Kincaid stood, his mouth hanging open, as Riley and Lunamon regained consciousness behind him, and the rest of the group stumbled, a little dazed, from the forest in which Chameleonmon had trapped them.

[b]"Whoah..."[/b] mumbled Eddie, gesturing towards Firamon, [b]"Who's the lion guy?"[/b]

[b]"That's Firamon!"[/b] yelled Gaomon, clearly impressed by his friend's digivolution, [b]"Coronamon must have digivolved to defeat Chameleonmon!"[/b]

[b]"I did,"[/b] replied Firamon, yawning before his larger form dissipated, leaving Coronamon standing in the spot he had just occupied. Kincaid rushed over to his friend and raised his hand, which Coronamon looked at, mystified, before Wyatt stumbled past and slapped his hand against Kincaid's. Coronamon smiled, and followed suit, high-fiving his human friend with a wide grin across his face.

[b]"Why did Chameleonmon attack us?"[/b] asked Lunamon.

[b]"He said something about his 'Lord',"[/b] replied Coronamon, [b]"I don't know who he meant, but I'll bet this Lord is behind everything!"[/b]

[b]"I hope we can find out before too long,"[/b] said Falcomon, [b]"Come on, let's keep going!"[/b][/font][/size]
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  • 2 weeks later...
[center][center][font="Garamond"][b][color="black"][size="5"]Episode Three: Roar of Resolution! Take'em Down, Gaogamon![/size][/color][/b] [/font][/center][/center]
[font="Garamond"][size="3"][b][color="black"]"A couple of hours ago, I didn't want to see another digimon--no offense, guys-- but now I would give anything to see someone!" [/color][/b][color="black"]Edward cried out with exasperation to his partner Gaomon. They had been walking for what seemed like an eternity; Edward had stopped looking at his watch after the third hour. For all of their adventuring since arriving in the 'digital world' they had only managed to recently exit the forest they had magically appeared in, and were now forced to scale a massive, seemingly endless hill. The digidestined were beginning to feel the effects of fatigue as well and the monster of a trek before them seemed more daunting than the Chameleonmon who ambushed them. But apparently the digidestined were the only ones feeling some wear and tear; their digimon partners were playing tag and running circles around them.

[b]"It's almost insulting, how much energy they still have[/b]," Kincaid stated with a chuckle as Coronamon ran past him and tackled Gaomon, who laughed and kicked his friend off in response. Edward smiled and silently gave Gaomon a wink.

[b]"Apparently getting attacked by giant chameleons, dragons, mammoths and goblins is all in a 'digiday's' work," [/b]Wyatt responded, causing the whole group to start laughing. At that same moment, Falcomon and Lunamon accidentally ran into each other, falling down into a tangled mess. The group laughed harder, almost forgetting their worries. Even though they were having fun now, Edward still had some nagging worries in the back of his mind. What if everyday [i]was[/i] like this? Would they always be in danger? He frowned despite himself, which drew Wyatt's attention.[/color]
"You alright Eddie?" [/color][/b][color="black"]He asked curiously. Edward shrugged in response.[/color]
"I'm just a little... apprehensive. I'm sure so long as we're with our partners we'll be safe, but I wish we had a plan, you know?" [/color][/b][color="black"]Edward said with another shrug. Everyone nodded, and he could see a general air of nervousness returning to his friends, when suddenly Riley perked up.[/color]
"Wait a second! Didn't Falcomon say earlier that there is a digimon waiting up ahead for us?" [/color][/b][color="black"]Wyatt grinned at Riley.[/color]
"That's right!" [/color][/b][color="black"]He said, spinning to face his partner. [b]"Hey Falcomon! Where's this friend of yours that we're supposed to be meeting?" [/b]Falcomon smiled and pointed in the direction past the top of the hill.[/color]
"That way," s[/color][/b][color="black"]he stated matter-of-factly before trotting off in that direction. Edward and Kincaid burst out laughing.[/color]
"Well, that's as good a start as any! Last one to the top gets fed to a Mammothmon," [/color][/b][color="black"]Edward responded, running off in that direction. Kincaid, Wyatt and Riley all looked at each other and laughed, then chased after him. Gaomon managed to catch up to Edward's side. Edward smiled down at his partner.[/color]
"I'm gonna beat you, Boss!" [/color][/b][color="black"]Gaomon yelled before racing off past Edward. Edward laughed and attempted to catch up to him, almost managing to reach him. Just as Edward reached Gaomon, Gaomon decided to spin around and surprise his partner. Unfortunately, he succeeded and Edward, startled, lost his footing and crashed into Gaomon.


The two of them tumbled down the other side of the hill, rolling and folding over one another. When they finally reached flat ground the two friends flew apart with a heavy thud. Both lay perfectly still for a second, before erupting into laughter again. Edward leaned on his shoulder to check on Gaomon.

[b]â??You alright, buddy? I didnâ??t think I was going to catchâ?¦ youâ?¦â? [/b]Edwardâ??s sentence stuck in his throat as he caught site of something beyond Gaomon. He rose up as if in a daze and walked over to his partnerâ??s side without saying a word. The rest of the digidestined and digimon poured down next to him, laughing, before they caught site of it as well. Edward heard Rileyâ??s voice from behind him.

[b]â??Is thatâ?¦ A village?â? [/b]In front of the digidestined were a number of small huts with smoke rising out of them, positioned in a circular pattern around a giant fire pit in the middle, which currently housed cooking fish and was being manned by what looked like a miniature dragon. The dragon shot a ball of flame onto the fish and turned to walk away, but froze when he saw Edward and the others.

[b]â??The digidestined!â? [/b]It screamed, running towards the group. As it ran, tinier digimon hopped out of their tents and followed behind him. In no time at all, a flood of digimon had surrounded the teenagers and were cheering loudly.

[b]â??Fans already, huh?â? [/b]Kincaid jested. Edward laughed nervously, before turning to his partner.

[b]â??Hey Gaomonâ?¦ Weâ??re not in danger right? Just checking,â? [/b]Edward whispered. Gaomon, obviously untrained in subtlety, bellowed his response back at Edward.

[b]â??Of course not, Boss! This is a village dedicated to raising baby and in-training digimon!â? [/b]Lunamon chipped in next.

[b]â??The leaders of this village are Garurumon, known for his Howling Blaster and Slamming Attack, and Greymon, a powerhouse with the Nova Blast and Great Horns Attack skills.â? [/b]A quizzical Falcomon made the next contribution.

[b]â??But it seems that Greymon has de-digivolved into Agumon, a friendly yet ferocious digimon able to hold its own with its Pepper Breath, Claw Attack and Spirit Fire abilities.â? [/b]The little dinosaur, now identified as Agumon spoke up in response.

[b]â??Thatâ??s because Garurumon has gone crazy! A couple of days ago, we were attacked by a group of Goblimon and they managed to hurt Garurumon. Over the past week, he became more and more violent, until finally he turned on the village and attacked me! Now heâ??s living in a cave at the base of the nearby mountains,â? [/b]he stated, gesturing to some mountains in the distance, [b]â??along with some digimon who took with him, who have no doubt digivolved by now! We need your help, digidestined!â? [/b]Edward took a moment to absorb that information before gazing back at the others. Even though the group wasnâ??t eager to seek out trouble again, they all had a feeling that helping this village tied into their responsibility of â??saving the digital worldâ??. The four digidestined locked eyes and nodded. Edward turned back to Agumon.

[b]â??Of course weâ??ll help you. Leave it up to us, Agumon!â? [/b]Agumon and the other digimon began cheering and jumping up and down with joy. Agumon grabbed Edwardâ??s hand and pulled him towards the center fire pit, while the other smaller digimon nudged the other digidestined forward.

[b]â??Before you go,â? [/b]Agumon stated happily, [b]â??eat and relax! We know you folks have had a lot of trouble, so you need to rest up first in our village!â? [/b]Everyone in the party smiled and happily agreed, following Agumon over to a seemingly endless pile of cooked fish.[/color][/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]Wyatt eyed the food that sat in front of him suspiciously. He was never a huge fan of fish and these particular ones were every colour of the rainbow making them even less appealing. He looked around seeing all the Digimon, including Falcomon, digging into the food like it was nothing. He then looked at the other Digidestined, who seemed to be about as weary about the food as he was. Kincaid gulped and took the first bite out of a bright red fish. Wyatt, Riley and Edward all watched in anticipation as Kincaid began to chew. They were quickly relieved to see he didn't spit it out right away and instead let out a pleasantly-surprised "mmm" as he continued to chew.

The other three Digidestined followed suit and one by one found themselves liking the fish as much as Kincaid and the Digimon. For nearly an hour the children, their Digimon, Agumon and all the baby Digimon feasted on nothing but a huge table of cooked fish before they were all too bloated to continue. Wyatt fell backward from his chair-like stump. Laying with his back on the ground, feet resting where he was sitting he undid his belt and let his small stomach out.

[b]"I haven't eaten like that in months!"[/b] Wyatt said, rubbing his belly. He stared into the sky, too full to get off the ground. Riley chimed in, wiping the corner of her mouth with a leaf napkin.

[b]"I agree, that was delicious! Thank you!"[/b] the other Digidestined and their Digimon added their thanks as well to which all the baby Digimon replied with cheering.

[b]"It was our pleasure! Please rest some more before chasing after Garurumon, you must all be stuffed!"[/b] Agumon said. Falcomon, who was now perched on the stump Wyatt had fallen off, was now attempting to pull her human partner to his feet by grabbing the collar of his shirt with her beak and flying backward. She began to pull him up but just as his behind left the ground she lost grip of his shirt, falling backwards onto the stump and causing Wyatt to knock his head on the ground. All the baby Digimon, and even some of the other Digidestined shared a big laugh.

[b]"Gyah!"[/b] Wyatt yelped, gripping his head and standing up on his own. [b]"I'll definitely need some rest now."[/b][/font][/color]

[size="1"]Short, but enough to keep it rolling. I want to get through these first few posts quicker so we can get in our 5th member. ^_^ I was thinking we could have Vongola leave the village to fight Garurumon (which he can do in his final post) while we fend the village off from Goblimon. Just an idea, though.[/size] Edited by Lrb
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[font="Garamond"]Riley and the group were escorted to a large albeit short in height tent. Riley had no problem standing at her full height but for some of the boys it was a different story altogether. She giggled as she saw them all bent uncomfortably. A pile of handmade blankets were folded neatly in a corner.

"I'm sorry we don't have better accommodations for you... We don't have human visitors often, let alone digidestined!" Agumon smiled sheepishly.

"It's okay! I'm so tired, I can sleep anywhere. I'm sure we'll have no problem falling asleep." Riley grinned and the others nodded in agreement. She went over to the pile of blankets, tossing one to each of the guys before unfolding the last one for herself. She laid it down on the ground and wrapped herself up in it once, leaving some overlap for Lunamon to share with her. Lunamon shook her head.

"It's okay Riley, I'm not cold. You can use me as a pillow." Lunamon laid down so that Riley could gently lean her head against the digimon for some support. The boys were also spreading themselves out, readying themselves for sleep. Wyatt was resting on his arm, Falcomon huddled in the crook of his elbow, her wing covering her face. Edward was laying down now, Gaomon not too far away and Kincaid and Coronamon were also laying down now, not too far away from one another.

The little group laid there, each lost in their thoughts, eyes heavy with sleep.

"Guys...?" Riley ventured quietly.

"Yeah?" Replied Wyatt, opening one eye to look over at her.

"Do you think that we can beat Garurumon? I mean... our partners are strong but we, you guys and me, we don't really know what we're doing... We could get them hurt, or worse..."

"Riley, don't say that." Lunamon shook her head gently.

"We can't think like that." Wyatt said. "They needed us to be here with them, so we have to do our best no matter what, even if our best is just staying out of the way so they don't worry about us."

"You guys will get the hang of it." Falcomon said, the other Digimon voicing their agreement.

"I guess so. I'm just worried." Riley looked up at the ceiling, feeling bad now that she'd said anything at all.

"We all are." Edward said after a few minutes of silence.

"Worried just means we have to work really hard to train and get stronger." Kincaid finished.

"You're right. I'm sorry, everyone. Not exactly the happiest of bedtime materials..." she chuckled. "Good-night. Sweet dreams."

"Good-night." Came the replies. The digi-destined drifted off to sleep.[/font]
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Kincaid stirred, the pale light of dawn creeping into his eyes as he slowly lifted his eyelids. He blinked a few times, a little bleary-eyed, and looked around the tent. The group were sleeping soundly, their chests moving up and down gently, their Digimon laying around them, all except Coronamon. Kincaid slowly got to his feet, rubbing his eyes, and made his way out of the tent, seeing Coronamon sitting by the now-extinguished fire pit in the centre of the village.

[b]"Coronamon,"[/b] Kincaid said as he stretched out, feeling a few of his tendons crack as he did, [b]"Is everything alright?"[/b] He saw his Digimon partner stir, and turn around to face him, a small smile creeping across his face as he saw him.

[b]"Your hair looks funny,"[/b] Coronamon said, and Kincaid reached a hand up to his head, feeling his hair sticking out in all directions.

[b]"You're one to talk,"[/b] replied Kincaid, attempting to flatten his hair down, and taking a seat next to Coronamon, [b]"At least mine's not on fire."[/b] Coronamon giggled and turned back to the small pile of ash that had previously been the camp-fire.

[b]"Are you ok?"[/b] Kincaid asked after a beat, worrying slightly about his new friend.

[b]"I'm worried,"[/b] replied Coronamon, [b]"Worried about all these aggressive Digimon, I don't know what's turning them on the others. Garurumon was one of the strongest, most loyal Digimon you could hope to meet, it must be something powerful that made him turn on his friends."[/b]

[b]"Whatever it is, we'll beat it, buddy,"[/b] said Kincaid, placing his hand on Coronamon's arm, [b]"We all saw how easily you beat Chameleonmon back there, if all of you guys can do that then we'll have no problem!"[/b]

[b]"But there are Digimon stronger than all of our Champion forms put together. Dark Digimon, hiding in the shadows until the right time to strike and take control of the Digital World."[/b]

[b]"Fair enough,"[/b] said Kincaid, [b]"But there's one thing they haven't got."[/b]

[b]"What's that?"[/b]

[b]"They haven't got us,"[/b] Kincaid replied with a grin, and Coronamon's face burst out into a wide, toothy grin, and he started to laugh.

[b]"Geez, guys, keep it down,"[/b] said Edward, emerging from the tent, Gaomon close behind, [b]"There's people trying to sleep in there."[/b]

[b]"Sorry about that,"[/b] replied Coronamon, as Edward and Gaomon sat down next to Kincaid and Coronamon, [b]"We were just talking."[/b]

[b]"Oh yeah?"[/b] said Gaomon, [b]"About what?"[/b]

[b]"About the..."[/b] Kincaid started, but he was cut off by a booming howl, and a sheet of blue-white fire raged through the air above the village. The group sat by the fire started, leaping to their feet instantly, and the rest of the group began to wake up and venture out of the tent.

[b]"What's going on?"[/b] asked Wyatt, rubbing his eyes.

[b]"It's Garurumon!"[/b] cried Agumon, bursting out of a tent and running towards the group, [b]"And he seems upset about something!"[/b]

[b]"Here we go again..."[/b] sighed Kincaid, and the group turned to the direction the howl had come from, ready for battle.

But they saw no sign of Garurumon venturing into the village.

[b]"Where is he?"[/b] asked Edward, [b]"Previous experience suggests he should have attacked us by now."[/b]

[b]"Maybe he doesn't want to enter the village,"[/b] said Agumon, [b]"He may have been possessed by something evil, but there's still some of the old Garurumon in there. I think some part of him doesn't [i]want[/i] to attack us."[/b]

[b]"The phrase 'wishful thinking' comes to mind,"[/b] muttered Kincaid with a smirk, which was changed to a scowl as Riley hit him on the arm.

[b]"I'll go out there and face him,"[/b] said Edward, puffing his chest out, [b]"Maybe I can talk some sense into him. You guys protect the village, the Digimon here can't be harmed."[/b]

[b]"Are you sure, Ed?"[/b] asked Riley, [b]"It could be dangerous."[/b]

[b]"I'll have Gaomon to help me,"[/b] replied Edward, running through the village with Gaomon bounding after him.

[b]"So long, I guess..."[/b] said Kincaid, waving at Edward's back, and then he heard something behind him. A sniggering, cackling something.

And he knew exactly what it was.

[b]"Goblinmon..."[/b] he sighed, turning round, with Coronamon at his side. Sure enough, the village was crowded with Goblinmon, crawling over the tents and chasing after the native Digimon with their clubs, balls of flame soaring around.

[b]"These guys again?"[/b] groaned Wyatt, as the group's Digimon launched themselves into battle.
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[font="Garamond"][size="3"]Despite hearing the Goblimon descend onto the village, Edward bolted away as fast as he possibly could, even managing to stay ahead of Gaomon. The others would be able to hold of the Goblimon. Edward had to reach Garurumon before Garurumon made for the village. If Garurumon's heart was still in there, it would shatter if he attacked the village and killed his friends. And if Garurumon was as powerful as Agumon said, he would be nearly impossible to defeat once all of his humanity... Or [i]digimanity [/i]was gone. As the mountain grew larger and larger in front of Edward, he could see a figure bathed in the moonlight.
[b]"Garurumon," [/b]Gaomon muttered, clearly in awe of the creature. Garurumon was standing perfectly still now, a silver cloud emitting from its mouth. Edward didn't know what Garurumon looked like originally, but he felt that he could see Garurumon's madness in his appearance. His fur, or what was left of it, was patchy and dirty, his nails were blood red and every inch of him had a feral, starved appearance. But Garurumon's red eyes seemed unmarred, despite the color change. Edward saw Garurumon's strength, his passion, his struggle inside of his mind. Edward could feel himself shaking a little as he drew closer to the beast. Before he could muster up the strength to call out to the creature, Gaomon slammed against his back and knocked him to the ground. The next second a loud crackle roared over them. Edward and Gaomon pulled apart and Edward nodded at his partner.

[b]"Thanks partner," [/b]he heaved through his breathless lungs. Gaomon hopped to his feet and faced away from Edward.

[b]"Garurumon will have to wait for later," [/b]he said sternly. Edward pried his eyes away from Garurumon to take a look at the new threat.

[b]"What are they?" [/b]Edward asked, jumping to his feet so he could join his partner. Standing in front of them were four multi-colored, nine-tailed, lizard mammal... things.


"Those are Elecmon, Edward! They're rookie digimon known for their inquisitive, playful natures as well as their shocking attacks! They share a similar bloodline with Garurumon, which is probably why they followed him out of the village," [/b]Gaomon reasoned. The Elecmon were in a sorry state as well. Their fur was matted and dirty and they had a hungry look in their eyes. They let out a unified howl and rushed Gaomon and Eddie. Gaomon charged his opponents.

[b]"Stay back, Eddie!" [/b]He cried, tackling the first Elecmon. The other Elecmon swarmed on top of Gaomon, who valiantly knocked them back one by one. Edward stared on in awe as his partner stood toe to toe with the four digimon. Lightning bolts shot past Gaomon's head and heads collided with is stomach, but he continued to fight against them. It became clear though, that Gaomon was fighting a losing battle. Despite being able to hold his own, the Elecmon were more vicious, and whatever had corrupted them had stripped them of caution or restraint. They would keep fighting until Gaomon was... Edward swallowed hard and tried not think of it, instead attempting to maintain hope in his friend.

[b]"Go Gaomon!" [/b]He yelled. Edward's call momentarily rejuvenated Gaomon, who released a powerful Gao Rush at the nearest enemy. Unfortunately, this left him vulnerable to a powerful lightning strike from the three other Elecmon. Gamon's body seized up as the lightning coursed through his system. A singed Gaomon collapsed to his knees, panting heavily.

[b]"Gaomon---" "No Eddie, stay there!" [/b]Gaomon said forcefully, stopping Eddie in his tracks. An Elecmon jumped into Gaomon, who managed to barely toss the creature away.

[b]"Dangit..." [/b]Edward growled. Here his partner was, facing danger again because he recklessly dove into danger. Edward couldn't keep taking Gaomon's strength for granted, especially not when it was his partner doing all of the work. Edward clenched his fists, resolved to fix the situation. He spun on his heel and ran to Garurumon. The creature hadn't moved an inch, and simply stood facing the village, shaking back and forth. Edward took a deep breath and stepped in front of Garurumon.

[b]"Garurumon, why did you attack the village?" [/b]Edward questioned boldly. In a flash, Garurumon pinned him to the floor and roared at Edward.

[b]"How dare you! I---" [/b]Garurumon snapped his jaw and eyes shut mid-sentence. A tremor passed through the creatures body and a dark mist began to emanate from his body. When he opened his eyes back up, they were cloudy and distant, as if he was staring through Edward at someone else.

[b]"I don't care about the village any longer," [/b]Garurumon said in a disconnected tone, [b]"I only live to serve my lord and master. The village... was holding me back." [/b]Garurumon's voice faltered with his last couple of words. Edward could still sense the creatures heart radiating in his chest, determinedly trying to keep him from attacking the village. Edward struggled underneath Garurumon's paw, wrenching his arm free. He placed his hand on Garurumon.

[b]"But you do care about the village. You care about Agumon and the others. You don't want to see them hurt. And they want you back," [/b]Edward reasoned desperately. The color returned to Garurumon's eyes for a moment, and his features softened. Edward sighed, hoping that the battle was over. But Garurumon still continued to shake, and still wouldn't move. He simply stared down at Edward.

[b]"I can't go back... He's still influencing me. He's too powerful!" [/b]Garurumon's eyes flashed again, this time back to red. [b]"He is all powerful, and I will do his bidding. Nothing will stop me! Certainly not you!" [/b]Garurumon lifted his paw above Edward and prepared to slam it down on him. Edward felt a tear fall from his face, but he didn't make any attempt to move from under the creature.

[b]"The village asked me to save you, because I'm a digidestined. But I'm not staying just because it's my duty as a digidestined-- I want to save you! I won't give up!" [/b]A light began emitting from Edward's pocket as he spoke, and when he finished his sentence, the light erupted from his digivice. The beam of light blinded Garurumon and shot over to Gaomon, covering him. Edward recognized this feeling and grinned.[i] [/i]

[b]"Gaomon, digivolve into..." [/b]the light merged with Gaomon and became a blue star. The star knocked away the Elecmon, and then changed shape, growing larger to a size comparable to Garurumon's.

[b]"Gaogamon!" [/b]The ferocious wolf stood up on its hind legs and roared out into the night. The moment its feet touched the ground, Gaogamon disappeared.

[b]"Dash Double Claw!" [/b]Gaogamon reappeared in front of Garurumon, and fired an x-shape blast, which hit Garurumon squarely in the chest and launched him away from Edward. Gaogamon looked down at Edward and smiled, or at least that's what Edward assumed the showing of his teeth was.

[b]"You alright boss?" [/b]Gaogamon said in a guttural sounding version of Gaomon's voice. Edward used his partner's paw to help himself stand up.

[b]"You bet, Gaogamon," [/b]Edward said with a reassuring head nod. In the distance, Garurumon had risen back up, and the black mist was rising off of him again. Edward grimaced and faced his partner.

[b]"Whenever that mist rises, I think it means that the influence on Garurumon is disappearing. I think it's his warrior spirit," [/b]Edward said, remembering the look in Garurumon's eyes when he was staring at the village. [b]"He's too strong for the force. Let's remind him of that!" [/b]Gaogamon howled in agreement, and charged Garurumon. The two wolves jumped at one another.

[b]"Slamming Attack!" "Gaogo Hound!" [/b]The two became a ball of fur and fangs, biting and snapping and roaring. Edward watched nervously, digivice clutched in hand, hoping that his feelings would feed into it somehow and charge Gaogamon. As if answering his call, the digivice began glowing again. Edward stared curiously down at it.

[b]"What are you trying to tell me?" [/b]Edward pondered. Nearby, Gaogamon's eyes glowed.

[b]"Spiral blow!" [/b] Gaogamon released a massive torrent of wind from his mouth and blasted Garurumon off of him, and directly in front of Edward. The digivice glowed brighter in response. On a hunch, Edward aimed his digivice at Garurumon. The light basked Garurumon, forcing more of the mist off of him. Garurumon roared in pain and motioned to knock Edward away, but Gaogamon leapt onto his back so he couldn't move.

[b]"Remember your village!" [/b]Gaogamon yelled at Garurumon. The light from Edward's digivice increased.

[b]"Remember yourself!" [/b]Edward yelled, and the light completely enveloped Garurumon. An unfamiliar scream rose up with the last traces of the mist, and then the light was completely gone, leaving Gaogamon standing next to a revitalized looking Garurumon. Edward lowered his digivice tentatively.

[b]"Garurumon--" "Thank you!" [/b]Garurumon jumped on Edward and licked him across the face. Edward almost passed out with relief.

[b]"Thank goodness," [/b]he said with a chuckle. Garurumon helped Edward up and then licked Gaogamon as well, who laughed.

[b]"Thank you so much, digidestined," [/b]Garurumon said happily. [b]"The infection amplified the anger in my heart, and the moment that I gave into it, I lost control of my body. Thank you both for saving me!" [/b]Edward smiled and scratched Gaogamon on the head.

[b]"Good job partner," [/b]Edward said smiling before adressing Garurumon. [b]"It was our pleasure Garurumon. When I saw how much Agumon cared for you, I knew we had to help. That kind of friendship couldn't be allowed to flicker out." [/b]Thinking back to the village, Edward and Gaogamon remembered the Goblimon at the same time.

[b]"Goblimon!" [/b]They screamed in unison. Garurumon understood immediately. He trotted over to the Elecmon to check on them, and seeing that they were okay he allowed them to hop on his back. He tilted his head back to face the partners.

[b]"Help me once more, digidestined!" [/b]Garurumon said powerfully.[b] [/b]Edward nodded in agreement. Gaogamon knelt down so that Edward could climb on his shoulders, and then the two wolves bounded towards the village, hoping the others were okay.[/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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