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The Immortals

Darth Vectis

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[center][b][size="4"]PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW.[/size][/b][/center]

Hey there to everyone reading this, glad you've taken an interest in seeing what we've come up with and we would like everyone and anyone to participate in this with us. Now, before you get all gun-ho and try to just jump into the Rp, this one is just between Vangola and I. But, we are only so knowledgeable of the world and plenty of us have been reading a book or manga, or watching and Anime and think to ourselves 'I think this would be really cool if this happened.' Well, we are giving you that chance to put up your suggestions and your ideas to help our story out along the way. We have a few things planned, but not everything is set in stone and we are more then happy to put to use your ideas of scenarios or even characters that you want involved in this. We would like everyone's ideas post here so that everyone can get a good idea of what could possibly happen, however, if you are feeling shy or unsure for any reason what so ever, don't be afraid to PM Vangola or myself with the idea. We don't want anyone to feel rejected or left out because they didn't get their idea used or posted in time, post as much as you want as often as you want.

Finally, to let you all know that all of this information below is not complete yet, and there is lots of more information that will be introduced as we progress forward. So, for now read until your eyeballs bleed and look for regular updates of both this thread and the Theater thread.

[b]Marduk[/b] (Original Name)- Back during the Sumerian time, Marduk was an Akkadian chief known for his stoic personality. His father died when Marduk was only 16, and he became the youngest Akkadian king. His rule was known for itâ??s cruel efficiency-- although he forged a prosperous city, he was often unfavorable with the people because they thought him unfeeling and merciless. He had constructed this persona from the teachings of his father, who was a moderately effective king whose reign was marred only by his inability to remain vigilant in making necessary but unpopular judgements. Marduk would kill dissenters and war criminals without blinking an eye, and further incited the ire of some of his subjects by openly disrespecting the gods and tearing down the ziggurats of conquered cities.

[b]Abilsin [/b](Original Name)- Abilsinâ??s name was scored from the history books centuries ago in an attempt to nullify his reign during the time of Sumer. The reason for this was because of his blood thirsty ways, tearing into enemies and allies alike to accomplish his goals. He was aggressive, savage and constantly on the search for another battle, another opponent to crush and another scream to fill his ears. Under all of his pure rage and destructiveness, he showed the ability to command without error, able to make risky military moves and decisions that ultimately gained him victory. His kingdom prospered under his reign, but just as much blood was spilled for the sake of his enjoyment. Hosting multiple bloodsports on his own to see how depraved he could make the rest of his court.

[b]Shala [/b]- The beautiful maiden who Marduk and Abilsin fought over. She was from a village in what is modern day Turkey that Abilsin conquered. They fell in love immediately, although she was unnerved by his blood thirsty ways. At one point in time Abilsin left her to go on a raid of another kingdom, and did not return for several weeks. Rumors spread of his death and Shala sunk into depression. While her king was gone, an overzealous group of warriors from Mardukâ??s kingdom raided and abducted the mourning queen. When they returned, they presented Marduk with the treasures they had collected and Marduk promptly had them killed for insubordination and a lack of dignity and integrity. Marduk had a convoy send back the stolen treasures, but he insisted that Shala stay and recover before leaving. While there Marduk tended to her and the two fell in love. When Abilsin returned from war, he ordered an attack on Marduk to retrieve his wife. As soon as Abilsin and his men arrived at Mardukâ??s doorstep, Marduk and Abilsin engaged in a one on one competition. Torn between her two loves, but still desperate for neither to get hurt, she jumped between the two, knowing they would kill her and hoping that they would cease fighting once she had died. Unfortunately, she was wrong. As part of Marduk and Abilsinâ??s punishment, Shala is reborn in a new body as soon as her current body has died.
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