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Two and A Half Men's Revamp


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On Sept. 19, 2011, I had the chance to check out the season 9 premier episode of the hit sitcom "Two and A Half Men", which marked a turning point for the show itself as the episode introduces a new protagonal character Walden Schmidt, who takes over the house of ex-protagonist Charlie Harper, who was implied (in dialogue) to have kicked the bucket on a train track in Paris after the events in the show's season 8 finale episode. Despite Charie's demise, the show is still (in opinion) "Two and A Half Men" in spirit as the series will still center around two adult males and one boy not yet an adult with Alan Harper and his teenage son Jake Harper still being included as series protagonists.

Anyway, you're welcome to discuss and share your thoughts what you've seen so far in the series after season 8's closing episode.
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[size="2"][font="Verdana"]I have hope that the series will continue on without dear old Charlie but there is an obvious void without him at the moment.

Walden seems to be a mixture of Alan and Charlie based on first impressions. He's a challenged man who has Charlies' charm and 'money'. His humor isn't quite far enough into Charlie territory making it two Alan's and Jake so far. It's too soon to judge what direction they are going to take him but I really hope they put a bit more into Walden as the series progresses as his current role isn't fulfilling enough. Aside from him, the rest of the crew is spot on as usual. My laughs came mostly from the funeral and it was a steady decline from there.. though the naked hugs got a few chuckles.

Here's hoping for a great season despite the talk that it will be a steady decline into oblivion after the record-setting premiere.[/font][/size]
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Guest Greta27
[size=2]Based on the totality of CharlieĆ¢??s statement, conduct andcondition" they were shutting down production of 'Two and a Half Men,'TV's top comedy, for the remainder of the season. But if the goal is to one daywelcome Charlie back to the top-rated show, sources close to the erratic actor tellme he wouldn't return to the set even if they begged.[/size][size=2]

"Charlie isfurious that they have done this," a close friend of the actor tells me."He has never been late for work, and what he does and says in his privatelife is none of [CBS's] business. He feels like they have made billions offhim, and now they dare to pull his show just because they didn't like aninterview he did.

Charlie has decidedit's time to move on for good.[/size]

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This is called 'jumping the shark.'

Walden Schmidt is the definition of annoying. The character turns up out of nowhere, gets the house, decides to let Alan and Jake stay and there you have it, the new Charlie Harper.

He is just not a good replacement. History is repeating itself. I'm old enough to remember this show called Spin City, starring the incomparable Michael J Fox. When Fox had to retire from the show, Charlie Sheen took over, it was never the same. The new character just simply felt, too out of place.

Exactly why Walden Schmidt does not work for two and a half men. He is essentially just a depressed man-child with money. As opposed to Charlie Sheen's Charlie character, who was an amoral television jingle writer with money. The character is less believable, taking on a more magical and whimsical tone than his predecessor. He is there simpyl to fillt he void and make the name of the series once again relevant (although it is now the Jake character who is the other man, Walden is the half, the child.)

I'll be giving it a miss. There are still 9 great seasons of the show I can watch on DVD. Well, 8 and a half.
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It's really extremely difficult, if not impossible, to just replace the main character of a series that's been going on for seasons, with a completely new-to-the-series other person. Mostly the main character is one of the main reasons as well as to why you actually watch the show. Also, Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher are worlds apart, comedy-wise. They should've probably just gone for a spin-off instead.
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