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[font=palatino linotype]Most of you have probably already read the news, but if you haven't: Steve Jobs passed away today.

I've actually been saddened by this news a little more than I expected to be. I think this is because, even though I knew Steve was very unwell, his actual death seems so sudden. The fact that he has been such a major part of society during my lifetime and the fact that he died so young also just compounds the tragedy for me.

I thought that it might be nice to make this a kind of tribute topic. I took those screenshots of the Apple web site because I thought that it would be worthwhile to mark this moment on OB, as some other major events have been marked (both happy and sad).

Also, I imagine that there are a lot of OBers who probably feel the same way as me regarding Steve Jobs - no matter how people individually feel about Apple itself, nobody can overstate Steve's enormous impact on global society and culture. Some have suggested that he is as important to human history as figures such as Henry Ford and I tend to agree with this.

There are some fantastic YouTube videos about Steve Jobs' career and the impact of his work. I strongly recommend seeking these out, if only to remind yourself that this man's importance goes well beyond the (admittedly revolutionary) "i" devices. The very interface you are using to view this message right now owes its genesis, at least in part, to Jobs and his team of Apple co-founders.

There is nothing else I really want to add about Steve other than what Apple eloquently said on their web site. I also think that Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook, wrote a very heartfelt and eloquent message today as well.

I am thinking about sending a link to this topic to the rememberingsteve@apple.com email address on behalf of OB. It just seems like a small gesture that might be nice to do.

Feel free to share your thoughts/comments here.[/font]
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I feel bad that he didn't have more time. He was a genius and worked incredibly hard to get apple to where it is today. Personally I think he did the impossible.. compete against Microsoft and be successful. He is a man who had a severe impact on the world, and it was a good one.
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