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RPG pokemon journy league (play)


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a girl runs into the lab almost to late

professor element: well its about time you almost missed out
pokemon in back ground: charrrrrrr *agreeing with the professor*

roswell:who do you have left

element: well we have two left ..and those two are bellsprout and ahh i cant remember...i think i am turning out like professor oak forgetting thingsd left and right ..so choose now

roswell: well i dont like bellsprout that much sooo i will take this one*grabas oppisite ball*i dont even care who it is as long as it likes me

element: here are 5 pokeballs you can find more in stores all over the place and here is you pokedex..want orange or red

roswell: uhhh i will take orange if you dont mind
dex: roswell pokemon trainer.. pokemon status..ok ..how many pokemon 1......type of pokemon normal...
roswell: wow a normal type
dex: number of badges none

roswell: well dont rub it in

element: have a nice journy..oh and is your father with you today
roswell: no he is off on a ship but he will be sending me a few pokemon cause he cant come to my tournaments and stuff

element: what type of pokemon do you know??

roswell: well water cause he will be on the water a lot

element: well out in the sea there good water pokemon so you are lucky to have such a caring father..what happened to your mother again

roswell: ohh she died when i was 3 so i am going on this pokemon journy cause i dont want to be alone anymore while dad is on the ships

element: ohh sorry for bringing it up
roswell: oh its ok

roswell leaves with a happy face and starts up the road...

???: rrrrrrrrrr

roswell: what was that*turns to a rustling bush*

a pidgey hops out and kicks up some dirt at roswell

roswell: hay my first pokemon battle pokeball go

an eevee hops out and growls and kicks up sand at pidgey

roswell: tackle and then quck attack
eevee tackles the bird and he hits the tree next to the bush and then eevee speeds up and rams into the bird pokemon that was picking him self up from the bottem of the tree when eevee hit him he flew back aganst the tree again and fell motion less

roswell: pokeball go*throws a pokeball at pidgey and it was caught instantly*eevee...i will call you poppy..pidgey go*pidgey comes out* i will name you dusty

eevee: preeee *happyly*
pidgey: pruuu*nodding at his new trainer

dex: pidgey normal/flying type..this bird pokemon is strong agenst grass but not agenst electric..pokemon status=hurt...pokemon count 2 badges still none

roswell: wow a nother pokemon great and eevee nice fighting there.. poppy..dusty return

roswell heads off toword the pokemon center about 7 blocks from the road where she was carring a cell phone

phone: ring ring ring phone call phon call

roswell answers it

man: hi dear what pokemon did you get
roswell: daddy.. you called i got an eevee and i just caught a pidgey
dad: well soon you can fly pidgeot over to my ship and viset me sometime
roswell: that will take a while
dad: i know i was just joking..... and guess what nurs joy has someone for you at the pokemon center
roswell: you sent me a pokemon allready?
dad: yup i hope you like him
roswell: i will daddy i will who did you send me
dad: you will have to find out i will tell you though its not magikarp
roswell: thank you daddy thank you got to go bye

she heads for the pokemon center and her new pokemon
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[SIZE=1]*Nick walks into town holding his newest badge and showing it off to his pokemon, Staryu*

Nick: We are a great team Staryu, I am so glad I traded in that stupid Hoot-Hoot my mom gave me for you.

Staryu: Yu!

Nick: Now where is the pokemart? I need to buy some potions if we plan to fight some more gym leaders.

*Nick and Staryu walk into the pokemart, there seems to be a big crowd of people gathered inside*

Nick: Hey, what is going on in here?

Random Person in Crowd: The pokemart is closing its doors for good. This is the last chance many of us will be able to purchase pokemon supplies.

Nick: Did you hear that Staryu? That means we had better buy some potions fast.

*Nick and Staryu search the store to find no potions whatsoever, the crowd grows so big that Nick and Staryu get thrown out of the store by the force of the mob.*

Nick: Hey! That wasn't nice, you jerks! It looks like we will have to go to the next town to get our supplies. Where is the next town?

Staryu: Yu?

*Roswell walks by in the backround and hears their coversation*

Roswell: Its 20 miles away, through the forest.

Nick: Oh man, just my luck I suppose.

*Roswell sees Nicks badge*

Roswell: Hey a badge, thats neat. I want one!

Nick: Well you can't have one unless you defeat a gym leader like I did... and staryu helped too I guess.

Staryu: Staryu!
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roswell sees nick walking off

roswell: hay can i go with you but first can we stop by the pokemon center i need to heal dusty and poppy and pick up my new pokemon

nick: ohhh ok be quick
roswell runs in and runs back out holding a thrid pokeball

roswel: its squirtl i knew my dad would get a good one for me now i will name him shells

nick: swell......*rolls eyes* lets go

the two head off into the forest
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Note: are we talking about me or shyguy? because i feel like an idiot not not knowing)
As roswell and Nick begin to walk through the forest Nick hears a noise and runs into the forest following it. The noise is a pikachu and before anything is said Nick catches the pikachu and names him Zappy. When Nick rejoins roswell she asks him what happened and he tells her about Zappy. Well lets hurry up and leave becaus i am worried about being ambushed by a trainer and all my pokemon being weak.
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uhhh there are two nicks shyguy and you sorry about that
i will put you in ok sorry about that i was up late last night and forgot to say that
the two walk quiet fast along the path and a kid jumps in front of them from a nearby tree
kid??: my name is john
nick: ya mine is nick
john: uhhh ok
roswel: well this is nice and all but i wan to get out of this forest all my pokemon are weak
nick: ok lets go
john: ohh to bad the road up ahead is closed...you have to walk all the way around the forest

roswell: what!!!!!!!!! just our luck nick..and nick it was nice to meet you
john: ya you to...... got to go i have to train my pokemon
roswell: ok bye

the 2 head off while john takes off towords the vally

this is going to be verry interesting having 2 nicks*sigh* but hay i like confusing chalenges
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Whne John arrives in the valley he immediatly lets out his charmander ashy and tells her his battle plan. As soon as he finishes a Machoke comes arround the conor (sp)
Go Ashy Use scratch
The machoke brushes it off and counters with a sesmic toss. Ashy is thrown into the side of the mountain but appears ok.
The ember scattered and hit machoke head on the machoke is knocked unconsis (sp) and John catches him and names him Muscels.
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roswell and nick travle through the forest and run in to a few pokemon along the way but no catches cause they wernt in the mood....staryu and eevee talk while theywalk along the path

roswell: what was that

nick: what was what

roswell: i thought i heard something..wait yes there it is again

nick: i think you have not had enough sleep
rustle rustle rustle

nick: i heard it that time what ever it is if its strong i will catch it

a rattata jumps out and growls

nick: nope not strong enough
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Guest QuickSilver
roswell and nick carry on walking in the forest but all of a sudden they stop because they see someone battling

seifer: rocky use tackle on that charmander

rocky uses tackle on the charmander which then gets knocked out from the power. seifer then throws a pokeball at charmander and catches it

seifer: yes i have caught a charmander and i will call it blaze. good win rocky thats the tenth battle you have won today

roswell: hi, i am roswell and this is nick

seifer: i am seifer and this is my larvitar rocky

nick: cool it looks darker than the other ones i have seen

seifer: isnt he great larvitars are my favourite pokemon
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*walking through a forest with her Cyndaquil*

Sakina: "Today looks promising, don't you think, Volcania?"

Volcania: "Quil! Cyndaquil! Quil?"

*both Sakina and Volcania hear rustling in the bushes up ahead*

Sakina: "Go Volcania! It could be a Pokémon! Tackle Attack!"

*Volcania rushes the Rattata from behind with a fierce Tackle*

*Sakina comes through the bushes*

Sakina: "Great going, Volcania! Pokéball, go!"

*Sakina captures the Rattata and names her Fangsette*

Sakina: "This is great. Now I have a Pidgey, Sentret, Butterfree, and a Rattata. Hey, there are other trainers up there. Let's go say hi."

Volcania: "Quil!"

*walks up to Roswell, Nick and Seifer*

Sakina: "Hello. My name is Sakina, and this is my Cyndaquil, Volcania."

Roswell: "I'm Roswell, and this is Nick and Seifer."

Sakina: "Would one of you mind battling me? I want to see how I fair against other trainers."

Roswell: "I will."

Sakina: "Okay. Come on, Volcania."
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Suddenly, a boy approaches the three trainers.

Seifer: Hey brother....

Craig: Hi...........

Roswell: Who's this?

Craig: I am Craig....... I only train Bug and Flying pokemon. I'll show you my team.

Craig holds up three pokeballs........ he opens them. Out of the first comes Pidgeotto, then Butterfree, and finally Scyther.

Craig: Scyther was my first...... he my strongest one.
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sakina: volcania go

ros: well sence you only have one i will only ues one and to make things fair i wont use my water type ok

sakina: uhhhh? no

ros: why

sakina: cause of the fact i am training to see how good i am and how strong volcania is aganst even the stronges types so use who ever you want even your water type if you want to

ros: ohh ok then.....*takes a pokeball out of her pocket* poppy go

sakina: who is it going to be

eevee pops out and takes the fighting post as ros takes one too standing right behind eevee

ros: let this battle begin
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