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Doctor Who: Zero Points


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[font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][center][size="5"][u][b]Doctor Who: Zero Points[/b][/u][/size][/center]

[size="2"]A long, thin strip of fabric fluttered out into the darkness and cold of space, whipping around itself and rippling as it went.

[b]"Bow ties are most definitely NOT COOL!"[/b]

Flames licked around the TARDIS console room as a youthful man dashed around, slamming his hands on buttons and yanking levers down as he went, causing sparks and clouds of smoke to erupt from the panels. His lightly-patterned shirt, which seemed at least a size too small, was open at the collar, the sleeves rolled up and his braces were hanging limply around his waist. He ran around barefoot, having kicked his boots off shortly before the bow tie had gone, and they lay discarded on the floor of the console room.

The TARDIS was in bad shape, the doors hanging open as it hurtled through space, the central consoles aflame and the staircase leading to the other rooms had collapsed. Red lights flashed, and somewhere apparently in the distance, a deep, resonant bell rang, repeatedly and deafeningly.

[b]"Come on, girl!"[/b] the man shouted, [b]"We're almost there!"[/b]

He spun a small wheel round and grabbed a pair of levers, pulling down on them as hard as he could. He placed one bare foot on the console and yanked them downwards harder, using his whole weight to lock it down.

The TARDIS made a familiar wheezing sound, and the man punched the air and whooped much louder than he ever would if there were other people around. He took a step back, yanked his sonic screwdriver from his pocket, aimed it at the console and activated it. The console exploded in a shower of sparks, and all of a sudden the TARDIS stopped moving.

The man steadied himself, carefully checking around to make sure nothing else was going to happen, then closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

[b]"Let's see what we've got here,"[/b] he said a moment later, rushing to the console and grabbing the pull-out shaving mirror attached to the central column and stared at his reflection.

[b]"New hair...oh, lots of hair!"[/b] he exclaimed, running his hands through his shaggy mane of dirty-blonde hair,[b] "Blue eyes...I've always wanted them. Facial hair!"[/b] he shouted joyfully, rubbing his hand across his chin, feeling the light stubble covering it. He performed a few more cursory checks, running his tongue across his teeth, checking he still had all his limbs, noticing that he was slightly thicker-set than his previous incarnation, then rushed to the open door of the TARDIS.

[b]"Stars...well, that's not entirely helpful,"[/b] he muttered to himself, before stepping over the threshold and falling flat on his face. On damp grass. He lifted his head slowly.



[right][i]"He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful."[/i]
-Timothy Latimer, 1913[/right]

[right][i]"I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man who's gonna save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?"[/i]
- The Doctor (aged 903), 2008[/right]

The Doctor.

A name that echoes around the galaxy, burning in the stars of the Medusa Cascade and striking fear into the hearts of beasts and demons everywhere. In some languages his name means a wise man or healer, in others it means a fearsome warrior. Some call him a goblin, a trickster. Others simply know him as a mad man in a box.

In truth, they are all right.

For close to a millennia he has travelled through time and space, saving countless worlds, and raining down destruction on others. He is a good man and a hero to many.

But now he faces his greatest challenge.

Centuries ago, the Time Lords imprisoned a race known only as the Temparchs, dangerous creatures with the ability to manipulate timelines, in a time-lock. The Temparchs remained imprisoned for hundreds of years, while the Time Lords rose to greater power, then fell in a storm of fire and destruction at the end of the Last Great Time War.

Two thousand years after their imprisonment, a single Temparch has managed to escape the time-lock and is searching for vengeance against the arrogant Time Lords who trapped them so very long ago.

But there is only one Time Lord left, and he has fewer and fewer places to run.


Welcome to Doctor Who, the latest collaborative RP from DeLarge and Vongola. This time we are delving into the already-established world of Doctor Who, and as you can see we've created something unique for you.

If you choose to sign up, you will be playing the Doctor's companions. Due to certain constraints, this means that your characters will be limited to a few things: firstly, we can only allow (maximum) three players, although it would be more likely that we will accept two high-quality players. Secondly, they will have to be humans from present-day Earth. Thirdly, they will have to be from the same place on Earth, but this is something we can work out at a later point in the process. The majority of the story will be revealed once the RP proper begins, but we will be working through the messaging system a fair amount in order to ensure that, while we're all working towards the same goals, there are still a few secrets, even between the cast.

To give you an idea of what we'll be needing in terms of your sign-ups, here is my profile for the Doctor:

[b]Name:[/b] Unknown, but goes by the title "The Doctor"
[b]Age:[/b] 1109
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Home Planet:[/b] Gallifrey
[b]Race:[/b] Time Lord
[b]Race Characteristics:[/b] The Time Lords are an ancient and powerful race, gifted with the ability to time travel. They do this through use of living ships called TARDISes (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), which are grown on their home planet of Gallifrey and used by up to eight Time Lords.

Time Lords also have a very long life span, and they are able to save themselves from death multiple times through the use of a biological process called 'regeneration', in which they repair every cell in their body, but at the cost of their physical appearance changing irreversibly. However, there are ways in which this process can be halted - either by the Time Lord himself halting it by choice, or if their body is killed in the middle the regenerative process.

A period of twelve hours post-regeneration also has certain benefits: Time Lords are able to heal themselves to the point of regrowing severed limbs during this period. In some cases, regenerative energy can be used as a weapon during this period, with some Time Lords able to incapacitate several foes with a burst of regenerative energy.

[b]Appearance:[/b] The latest incarnation of the Doctor stands at 6 feet tall, with a lean, sinewy physique. He has a shaggy mop of dirty-blonde hair, slightly darker sideburns and a light shading of stubble across his chin. His eyes are a striking, icy-blue colour, and small lines appear at the sides of them when he grins, and his smile is a little crooked.

His outfit of choice consists of a black t-shirt, covered by a button-down burgundy shirt, the sleeves of which he usually rolls up to just above his elbows. Below the waist, the Doctor wears a pair of slim-fitting dark-blue jeans with a dark brown leather belt, and charcoal-grey and lightly patterned cowboy boots. When he is outside, he tends to wear a navy-blue American Civil War-era infantry jacket with brass buttons, although he rarely buttons it up. In terms of accessories, he wears a watch with a thick black leather strap and a silver-and-black face. It's not certain, but it is possible that the watch adjusts to tell the time on any given planet and in any given era he finds himself in.

[b]Personality:[/b] The Doctor is something of an enigma. On the surface, he appears to be a youthful, jovial, somewhat hyperactive man, running about and talking [i]very[/i] fast. He has a habit of explaining things to people and expecting them to have the same level of knowledge as he does, something which is near-impossible, and he gets a little exasperated when other people's minds do not work as fast as his. To most decent people, he is a kind, good-natured man who would do whatever he could to help them out of a tough situation, and he has a particular soft spot for human beings, in whom he sees great potential.

He also sees beauty in things which, to others, seem rather ugly or dangerous. For example, he would appreciate the finesse and craftsmanship with which a spaceship was built, even if it was on its way to destroy him. He is merciful, but only when things 'deserve' mercy, although he has recently come to realise that choosing which things deserve mercy and which do not is too great a responsibility for anyone, including himself.

There is, however, a much darker side to the Doctor. He can seem arrogant, taking companions with him in order to show them the universe, but secretly feeding his own, not-inconsiderable ego. He also tends to put his companions into great danger so often that they begin to toughen up, before eventually, inevitably becoming his 'weapons' against the darkness, and many of them have perished because of this tendency.

Similarly, while he seems friendly and jovial, he is prone to sudden outbursts of furious anger, particularly when lives are at stake, and this anger sometimes leads to violence. And when the Doctor gets angry, people inevitably die. Also, for all his great wisdom, he can be somewhat short-sighted, being led by his emotions rather than his more logical side, and this leads to him making mistakes.

In short, while he would want you to believe that he is infalliable, the Doctor simply is not.

[b]Equipment:[/b] Whilst he never carries a weapon, the Doctor carries a number of pieces of specialist alien equipment on him at all times.
His most often-used gagets are as follows:

[i]TARDIS[/i]: A living time machine, the TARDIS is grown from a coral, and is the main mode of travel for a Time Lord. Due to a malfunctioning chameleon circuit, the Doctor's TARDIS (an obsolete Type 40 TARDIS) is stuck with the exterior appearance of a 1960s police telephone box, but the interior is surprisingly much larger than would normally be expected. Not only is the TARDIS the Doctor's mode of transport, it is also his home, and the home of any companions he chooses to take with him, as it has a number of different rooms stemming from the main console room.

[i]Sonic Screwdriver[/i]: The Doctor's most commonly-used piece of equipment, the Sonic Screwdriver has many functions. Perhaps the most useful of these is unlocking doors through generating a pulse of sound which vibrates at the same frequency as the lock, although this very rarely works on wooden doors. It can also be used to scan environments for any number of purposes, particularly to see whether the atmosphere is safe (although the Doctor can usually tell this by sniffing the air instead); and as a non-offensive weapon, used to deactivate electronic devices, usually through breaking them.

[i]Psychic Paper[/i]: A small slip of paper, carried in a thin leather wallet, which, when shown to someone, displays exactly what the Doctor needs them to see. It has masqueraded as a number of things, including a housing reference from the Archbishop of Canterbury and any number of forms of identification, including being able to fool electronic devices and act as a swipe-card. It does, however, have its weaknesses: for example, people with even a low level of psychic training can see through the psychic paper's tricks, and it cannot support concepts which are too unbelievable (for example, it would not prove that the Doctor was a 'responsible adult', a lie too big for the psychic paper).

However, he does carry any number of objects, both terrestrial and non-terrestrial in nature, in his pockets, including but not limited to a stethoscope, a wind-up mouse and a wooden mallet (although this is more commonly used to give unco-operative TARDIS consoles a whack than anything more threatening).

[b]Special Skills:[/b] The Doctor is an incredibly intelligent being, having been alive for over a millennia and seen things most others could not believe. As such, he has an astonishing knowledge of alien races and cultures, although sometimes he believes he knows too much, as it often takes him some time to remember the things he knows. Similarly, he is fluent in a number of alien tongues, although this skill is helped considerably by the translation matrix in the TARDIS, which projects a low-level psychic field into the minds of its occupants which allows them to understand any spoken language. He is also a talented diplomat, having spoken down any number of potentially-violent races, although often this is just through talking as much as he can.

And that is the Doctor's main talent: his mouth. He has been described as 'silver-tongued' on many an occasion, and is able to both build armies up, and strike them down with just his words. He also has a fearsome reputation, one which he uses to his advantage: he has convinced powerful alien forces to flee at the mere mention of his name, although this is something which he is not entirely happy about: he wants the name 'Doctor' to be associated with good, not evil, which it is more and more frequently.


Obviously, your sign-ups won't need the 'Race Characteristics' section (I'm hoping we all know what the characteristics of a human are!), but they [i]will[/i] require high-quality writing throughout! Similarly, your 'Equipment' will be purely terrestrial objects, unless expressly discussed with us first. Once we have ascertained whether there is some interest in this RP, and if so who has signed up, we will be in touch regarding your character interactions in the first part of the RP.

As always, if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself or Vongola, and we will do our best to answer them! Otherwise, we look forward to reading your sign-ups![/size][/font]
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