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I'm starting a new RPG on this thing, it's my first one so bear with me here are the rules:

1. Pick any character from Dragonball Z, Pokemon, and Digimon. When I started writeing this I thought I knew more Animes enough to understnd the rules for that particular universe, so I'll let you use video game characters as well.
2. Regaurdless of who you choose everybody will start at the same relative powerlevel.
3. Dragonball people will have to fight battles and get stronger to use their more powerful attacks.
4. Digimon will need a certain amount of battle experiance to digivolve to the higher levels, Crests will be needed for the Ultimate level, and a new thing called a Duelcrest will be needed for the Mega level.
5. Pokemon, let's face it they are pathetic compared to the likes of Goku, Vegeta, BlackWarGreymon, MaloMyotismon etc. So only the most powerful of Pokemon will be allowed. (Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi, etc.) If you have a pokemon that you really like PM me and I'll see if I could feasibly give it more power for a fighting chance.
6. Have a favorite character you made up and you really like? Bring'em on over.

Sample characters:
Breif bio: (Tell people not familer with Dragonball who your character is.)

Name: Tai
Digimon: Agumon
Crest: Courage
Breif Bio: (Tell people not familer with Digimon who your character is.)

Name: Mewtwo
Type: Phychic
Breif Bio: (Tell people not familer with Pokemon who your character is)

Name: Ness
Game: Earthbound
Weapons: Baseball Bat, Yo-yo
Special Abilities: Extraordinary Phychic abilites
Breif Bio: (Tell people who not familer with your character who they are what they did etc.)

Made-up people can't be too powerful and if I deam them to powerful I'll water them down.

First Name: Jack
Last Name: It's just Jack to you guys.
Universe: Digimon
Weapons: Two sowrds, one with the Crest of Light on it the other with the Crest of Darkness
Powers: The combined abilites of all the digidesteneds digimon, Phychic Abilites, and the ability to pass through demensional vabric.
Breif Bio: (Tell a little bit about your character) Jack grew up in an anlternate universe where evil rules. He got his swords from a man known only as Propht. His phychic abilites are natural, and he never speaks of how he got the powers of the digidestineds digimon
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digimon is my favorite so here goes(i am getting in over my head to many rpgs but i am having fun:):D )

name:jun (i am a girl so..i am chosing jun pm me for more detail)







brief bio == i am a girl so i am taking davises sister cause i dont want to be a boy in this==likes cute boy(jun does of course) and picks on her brother and anoying

(if being june is a problem pm me ok)
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At first John treated Bulldogmon like a slave because he never had a real freind and he didn't want to admit to Bulldogmon was his only freind. Then when Ginny was destroyed he relized that the only way to avenge Ginny's death he would have to tell Bulldogmon the truth. He did and now he is ready to fight for good and save Rondomon.
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Okay I decided. Here's my detail's....


[B]Name:[/B] [COLOR=blue]Kari[/COLOR] [the same but with abit more attitude]

In Training: [COLOR=blue]Nyaromon[/COLOR]
Rookie: [COLOR=blue]Salamon[/COLOR]
Champion: [COLOR=blue]Gatomon [/COLOR] [starts as]
Ultimate: [COLOR=blue]Angewomon[/COLOR]
Mega: [COLOR=blue]Magnadramon[/COLOR] [?]

[B]Crest:[/B] [COLOR=blue]Light[/COLOR]
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Last Name: It's just steven to you guys.
Universe: dragon ball z
Weapons: no wepons uses kai energy and his figthing skills
Powers: I will fill that in later
Breif Bio: a saiyin who lived his whole life on earth nothing elese is known about him .
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Try PMing Elfin_girl she one of my skool mates :) she neva done any kind of RPG though before..I'm trying to start her off with my 'Tenchi Movie 2002' (which by the way people is ready to kick off as soon as we get about 3/4 more people ;))

Oh well, can't wait for this one to start haha. I GET THE KOOL DIGIMON :p :cool: :D
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[color=crimson]I haven't been in an RPG in a while..but this one caught my eye and it needs some people so here goes...

Name: Quistis Trepe
Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Weapons: Whip
Special Abilities: Blue Magic
Breif Bio: Awesome as heck, Squall's instructor and member of SeeD. Helps kick Ultimecia's butt in my game...um..yeah...I think everyone knows who she is...[/color]
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First Name: Setuna

Last Name: Legato

Universe: The same solar system as Earth.

Weapons: Sword of Demons, Oaken bow and arrows

Powers: He has the ability to cause, and control the weather, using lightning, and other things as his weapon.

Breif Bio: Setsuna grew up in poverty, and was forced to live life as a slave. He escaped his masters and broke laws along the way. He is an outlaw on the run, hoping that his past will not catch up to him.
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Hey count me in people...been looking for a new rpg for days...

hmmmm...i guess i'll be the vegeta to your goku, krillen!

If you don't know who these people are, i'm not gunna explain it to you. There's a whole guide section in the otaku pages...look it up
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