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Torchlight II


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I had a lot of fun with Torchlight, but it was too repetitive to play on your own. IN COMES TORCHLIGHT II, AVAILABLE SUMMER 2012, WITH CO-OP/MULTI-PLAYER.

For those who do not know the original game, Torchlight is a dungeon crawler RPG in the tradition of Diablo and Titan Quest, except it was more about Dungeon Crawling than the latter. It's also a more comic steam punk style game with pistols, melee and magic alike.

It's $20,00 on release, and with a pre-order on steam you get a free copy of the original game to get the hang of it, when you don't already own it. So... Yeah.

Seems like a fairly cheap and cool way for funs? Just too bad that it coincides with Guild Wars 2 mostly, which I have become afraid of to look up more videos from because it just looks too awesome to pass up on. Edited by Boo
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