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Portal 2!


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You may be thinking "whaaaat? This game is aaaanciiieeeeent!"

WELL! It's almost time to [i]really[/i] think with portals as in three days Valve will be giving us the Puzzle Maker, the official Portal 2 map editor. It's supposed to be really extremely easy and you can upload your maps to the Steam Workshop (another use for the Workshop!) in almost no time at all! W00t!

[center][url="http://www.thinkwithportals.com/"]Think With Portals Dot Com[/url][/center]

Will anybody be making maps? I'll try to make some stuff myself and like you will be sharing my work here for all of us to enjoy! Too bad they're single-player maps though and I don't think there will be any chance ever of there being co-op maps like this in Portal 2. :( Portal 3?!!1?!!1 Edited by Boo
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