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Anime help all gundam wing mega fans like me :)


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Well, the [URL=http://www.gundam.com/fanart/]Fanart[/URL] section at Gundam.com is good, and If you're a big GW fan, then you should really check out [URL=http://www.gundam.com/fanart/index.cfm?fuseaction=browse_portfolio&memberid=2036]Deri Herdiawan's[/URL] work. He's done some sweet GW CG work. (Although I'd like to see some G Gundam CG from him.. :P)
[URL=http://www.gundamproject.com]Gundam Project[/URL] Is a brilliant site, with information/pics on everything Gundam, and it has a lot of links... I think it's gone down, though..
My last suggestion is the [URL=http://www.aami.cc/fahq/gallery/gundam/gundam.htm]Fantasy and Animation HQ[/URL], they have alot of awesome pics in their gallery. It's where I found my MS Girls.. ;)

Hope that helps ya.
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heres a good one. i found loadsa pics here:[URL=http://users.animanga.com/gundamwing/GWUniverse/ZEROSystem/Gallery/Main/]http://users.animanga.com/gundamwing/GWUniverse/ZEROSystem/Gallery/Main/[/URL]
and here is another with some cool pics:

enjoy urself! ^-^
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