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    live in london, uk, mad gundam wing and tenchi fan. 15 yrs old
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  1. hey, this should interest everyone. a FEMALE gundam wing decider. who are you most like female wise from wing? here is the link: [URL=* [url]http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php3?client=winglades[/url]]* [url]http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php3?client=winglades[/url][/URL] and heres my results (i shall call you FEMALE me!^-^) # 1 Hilde Schbecker # 2 Lady Une # 3 Relena Darlian/Peacecraft # 4 Dorothy Catalonia # 5 Meiran Chang # 6 Lucrezia Noin # 7 Sally Po # 8 Sylvia Noventa # 9 Mariemeia Khushrenada # 10 Midii Une # 11 Catherine Bloom enjoy!
  2. heres a good one. i found loadsa pics here:[URL=http://users.animanga.com/gundamwing/GWUniverse/ZEROSystem/Gallery/Main/]http://users.animanga.com/gundamwing/GWUniverse/ZEROSystem/Gallery/Main/[/URL] and here is another with some cool pics: [URL=http://www.geocities.com/astro05280/gundams.html]http://www.geocities.com/astro05280/gundams.html[/URL] enjoy urself! ^-^
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DuoGod of Death [/i] [B]Wowsers!! :eek: :eek: Someone replied...no matter that! Someone agrees with me!! *falls down anime style* Awesome! Yeah...but didn't she give those ideals up in Endless Waltz... [/B][/QUOTE] -sweatdrop- Ne way, I don't like Relena. Shes always going on and on about peace and love etc. Hippies died in the sixties! My God:eek: . Peace can never happen. Its a nice dream, but realistically there can never be peace. also: she gets really annoying when she obsessess about heero. -_-'
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SuperSayian [/i] [B]YALL DON'T BASH DUOGOD OF DEATH! He's a coo brotha! Plus the quotes are top notch! :D! Top rating or w/e for him! [/B][/QUOTE] I agree!! Shingami rules!!! Whatch it or the Darke Destroyer(dats me^-^) will come and... well ... thats best left to the imagination.:flaming:
  5. uh u know the one that goes "look out y'all, the god of death and the plague is here!" it's actually this: "Look out y'all, the God of Death and the Lords of Plague are here!" The Lords of Plague refering to prof J and the other gundam scientists. sorry to burst your bubble but as a duo fan myself, i felt it my duty to correct you.
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ShadowGohan [/i] [B][SIZE=1]I am wondering where to get a good model kit of the Tauros and Gundam Sandrock Custom from GW... I tryed Toys 'R' Us, but they only ship to the US and I am in the UK... so, any other places on the web I can order. PS. Don't say Ebay or I will hurt you severly.[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE] Depends. You cant get Taurus mobile suit models as they where limited edition and were never availiable in the uk. Where do u live in the uk?
  7. hear are my results: # 1 Duo Maxwell # 2 Heero Yuy # 3 Trowa Barton # 4 Chang Wufei # 5 Lady Une # 6 Zechs Marquise/Milliardo Peacecraft # 7 Dorothy # 8 Catherine Bloom # 9 Relena Peacecraft # 10 Treize # 11 Quatre Winner how the hell can i be more like dorothy than trieze? n e way: the DARKE DESTROYER IS LIKE SHINGAMI!! :D i always knew i wuz a psycho!!
  8. Ive seen practically all of G-wing and its pretty cool. The best character: DUO ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHINGAMI RULES!!!!!
  9. Ive only seen g-wing so i think d-hell is the best with altron and wing zero tied in a close second. I like master gundam from g-gundam, cuz i hav that model.:D
  10. I think batman should be ditched, dragon ball z shud get less credit and air time that it does, and tenchi and gundam wing shud be shown more regularly than 11:30 @ nite.:mad: I wouldnt mind seeing sum of the other series like g gundam, but i think gundam wing rocks so it should get more air time.
  11. trowas alright but i still think duo is better:p i mean, who else would hav the guts to wear a braid and still call him self shingami???
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Xeiyataiki [/i] [B] *jumps up and does the wave..... alone :nervous: * DdDdDdUuUuUuUuOoOoOoO!!! :blush: ShInIgAMi!!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :D :love: [/B][/QUOTE] YO XEIYATAIKI!! ANOTHER DUO FAN!! YEAH BABY!! ;) HEY EVERYONE: LETS FACE IT: THE OTHER PILOTS ARE GOOD. BUT DUO'S BETTER.:D :D :D
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