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London 2012


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[color=#33cc66]I'm a great big nerd and I love the Olympics. I had childhood dreams of being an Olympic gymnast. I Watch them every time they're on, though I prefer the Summer Games. I love both male and female gymnastics, but I inexplicably love to watch track and field. When I was growing up, there were so many huge track stars, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Dan and Dave... I hate running, but I'm awesome at watching other people do it. [/color]

[color=#33cc66]I remember watching Dominique Dawes double tumbling passes and Dominique Mochianu's balance beam. I wanted to be Nadia. Now I want to hang out with Ryan Lochte. [/color]

[color=#33cc66]Do you Like the Olympics? Do you think they're boring? Any lost aspirations or memories that come to mind? Athletes you love, hate or love to hate? [/color]

[color=#33cc66]Are you in London? Are you tired of the traffic? I want to know.[/color]
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[font=palatino linotype]I only watched a few of the events here and there - they were great, but I never really deliberately went looking for them.

One thing I will say, though, is that I [i]loved[/i] the opening ceremony for London. Very awesome stuff. I always try to watch the opening and closing ceremonies. I never did this for the Beijing games, although I bought the DVDs (which I have yet to watch, ahem...)

Anyway, I'm very keen to see who wins the next bid for the Olympics. My understanding is that it's between Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul... is that right?

Personally, I'd love to see a games in either Tokyo or Istanbul. Madrid... eh. I know Madrid is not Barcelona, but let's face it, Spain had the Olympic Games not so long ago. I think it'd be fascinating to see what Tokyo or Istanbul do. [/font]
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