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The Junk in Your Trunk [Image Heavy]


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Tell us all about the junk in [i]your[/i] trunk, in very much detail. Better yet, make a picture of it. We want to see it very much. I am of the opinion that the junk in a person's trunk says a lot about who they are. So share it with us and we can give our thoughts on it!

Seeing as I don't own a car or motorcycle or anything else with a proper trunk in it, I will instead speak of what you may find in and around my bicycle, and also what you may find in my trunk-like storages in my room. Feel free to interpret my person through this information.

Bicycle: I always have a plastic shopping bag stuck underneath my saddle, which comes in handy on multiple occasions, such as: 1. When shopping, 2. When I know it will rain and I don't want a wet butt. Also, I have a nice big lock on my bicycle. In the Netherlands we have the rule that your lock should always be more expensive than your bicycle. Mine was about the same price, mainly because I bought my bicycle overpriced as I was too lazy to go get myself one of the results of disobeying the rule off some junkie.

But now more importantly, the actual junk in trunk-like compartments: I have a lot of stuff that I haven't found a place for yet in the 2/3 year that I live in this room now. So I tucked them into a big trunk-like box. What I see from this angle is:

1. Two gas masks: One more modern Danish side-canister mask that looks quite neat. The other is a WWII mask with a canister below the breather.


2. Caps. I have several caps, but I never wear caps. One is a cap I got from my mum, it's from some Queen cover band thing she went to. Don't know why she gave it to me. Another is a cheap Burberry rip-off my mate took with him from some Greek party island, in case I ever need to chav around.

3. A container with a load of those orange-y yellow tiny plastic balls you use in those toy guns for adults. Lately they call the thing "airsoft" I believe. I don't even own one of those guns, so I have no idea how, where and why I got the ammo for one.

4. A hand drum, like the Flammie Drum. I can summon Flammie whenever. I just don't.

5. An Eiffel tower and Napoleon Bonaparte bust replica, some animal statues, and some other souvenir things. When I was young and still went on vacation with a parent or two, we'd get a little vacation pocket money I'd spend on souvenirs. For some reason I'd mostly buy tiny animal statues, but in Paris I guess I couldn't find any beast, other than Napoleon.

6. A WrapSack®. It's a bag that you're supposed to give on after you receive a present in it. Then you enter the code into some website and it keeps track of where in the world it's been. I thought it was such an awesome idea, that after someone gave it to me, I figured I'd have to ponder over its next destination for at least five years. Anybody want a WrapSack®?

7. A ton of old cigar boxes with or without (random) content. I don't smoke, but manly and awesome cigar boxes with their manly and awesome cigar tobacco cigar smell are just so manly and awesome.

That was me. Now you. Maybe taking a picture of your entire trunk at once is more helpful. Edited by Boo
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