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This is the background thread for my RP story I hope gets intrest of the people I RP with or new people. It will explain the timeline up to the point of our characters entering and the difference of the Users and the Gamers. Also will give you a general idea on how the world is.

The way it's going to be spilled out is there will be a year in numeral form followed by a short story explaining what major thing happened that year or between years. I'm basing my story on what ifs and possibilities so it will be near future.

2019-2028: World War III occured during this time frame. It started when Russia and China formed an alliance to challange the US and European powers on an economic scale. At the same time Canada and Mexico formed a temporary alliance and launched a double pronged attack against the US. Damage to the US was minimal casulty wise. Roughly 6,312 people where killed, 131,390 people where injured, and roughly 2 million where left homeless. However the collaterial damage was in the billions. 2021 was the signing of a peace treaty between Canada and the US. In exchange for Canada's cease of hostilities. The US signs over Alaska to Canada. Canada forms the North American Alliance with the US. Mexico recieves nuclear weapons from the Russian-Chinese shadow group in 2022.

2024: Heavy fighting in Mexico costs the opposing powers tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in equipment. Mexico is abandoned by the R-C-A and left for it's self. In a last ditch effort. Mexico launches four ICBM's at four locations in the US. D.C., LA, NYC, and Detroit. Two ICBM's where destroyed mid flight. One hit DC directly. Massive damage and casulties in the hundreds of thousands of people. The one aimed for Detroit was intercepted but it's flight projectory was adjusted and was redirected in America's bread basket. The ICBM broke up in mid-air and spread it's nuclear payload over a 931 mile long and 201 mile wide area.

2026: Scientists from all over the world combine in an effort to remove the radiation from US's soil. US discovers the RCA was involved with Mexico and invade China first. Estimates for the radiation to fade off naturally between 50-100 years for both the DC zone and the Dead Zone as it's called.

2027: China folds under constant attack from the US and her allies. A small resurgence from the drug cartel in Mexico results in the utter destruction of all cartels by US Military Spec Ops. Russian formally declares war against the US and enters the Chinese theater late. China signs and unconditional surrender by October 11th 2027. Scientist start testing a radical new nanite designs to speed the decontamination process of three factors. Air, land, and water. Also survivors from nuclear radiation exposer are given a choice to undergo normal radiation recovery or test repurposed nanites from radiation clean up mission to help rid themselves of radiation and heal their bodies. Most of the sever cases agree. Some rejected the offer.

2028: Russia signs a cease fire with the US thus ending World War III after hundreds of trillions of dollars and nearly 1.6 trillion lives are lost.
The first real world test of what the scientists who developed it call "Rad-nite Series 2D3-31A" or simply "Radnite" for short begin at DC. Several VTOL planes rigged with canisters of radnites fly over DC's blast zone. The VTOLs where remotely controlled due to the hight amount of radiation.

Late 2028: The DC blast zone testing shows significant signs of lowered radiation across the scale. The project is considered a success and more funding comes to Nanite research. First human testing of medical repurposed radnites begin. Survival rates among the survivors are projected to be medium. Scheduled radnite upgrades are put into effect. Each new series dumped over radiation spots and blast zones upgrade the last models. Each new model becomes more effective and more efficent. Current estiments predict that at the rate radiation levels are dropping. DC will become habitable by late 2035 and the Dead Zone will become habitable by 2039.

2030: Human testing of the now purposely designed medical nanites shows survival rates increase from a ratio of 2:10 to 9:10. The research was made public and the medical world began to fund the medical research of nanites a hundred fold. A single nantie contains all knowledge of the human body plus the ability to self replicate from materials a human digestive tract can not utilize and fat tissues.

2031: Medical nanites make an extrodinary advancement. Nanites have evolved in a year due to self learning capabilities within their hard wired protocals to the point where they began to stay in the human body. Using excess waste and fat tissue as a fuel source. Making a small inert metal control/factory in the brain's center. Scientist discovered this during a deep tissue scan. The Master unit as it's refered to in Nanite coding is completely harmless to human function. This Master unit regulates nanite production. It also connected to all parts of human brain. Little inert sub-stations are located through out the human body. Nanites help regulate the human body. Soon scientist together with doctors manage to customize a million nanites called the Colony Collective which are the only injection a person will recieve.

2032: The US starts to use experimental technology developed during WW3 to improve life in the country. Massive towers are errected over the country. Each tower was a trancevier. It would transmit wireless energy over a 300 mile radius. Soon it was upgraded to not only use this new energy source to finally rid the country of power lines but to also provide wireless internet. A modest five hundred dollar down deposit would get you the small trancevier to be wired into your home's electrical systems and at only a hundred and twenty dollar montly fee would give you unlimited internet and power usage.

2033: The gaming industry started to get involved with medical nanites. With nanites in the body. There would be no more need for controllers or attatchments or monitors to play games with. Nanites would tap into certain parts of the brain to produce images, sounds, smells, textures, and the feeling of the game being real. Though current games had to be remastered for the new type of games called Users and had to use current servers to play on. This upseted many current gamers still using controllers and monitors and the companies that make the attatchments and replacement gear for them.

Late 2033: Anyone with five thousand US dollars can now get nanite injection. Wether to play ultra-realistic games and/or for health reasons. Gamers pertition the government to ban Users from their gaming servers claiming that Users are ruining the games they play. The US Government closes the Gamers v Users with no absolute rule on the petition. Master units inside those who opted for nanite infusion connect to the wireless net at night when the human body is least active to send data and recieve new updates from a server in the Nanite Research Facility.

2034-2037: The Nanite computer core and server starts to process all information on human history on January 14th 2034 and completes it's detailed study and anylizing by November 28th 2037. A collective knowledge starts to think as one mind and begins to wonder about the human condition and what use emotions have in human life. They begin to wonder what if means to be alive. A dark spot in the computer core server appears and the nanites begin to work together to solve this curiosity. Though during this time. They still do their primary functions without fault. It would take a few more years to come up with an answer to what purpose they really have.

2039: The server responible for recieving, processing, storing, and sending data to Users no longer responds to control commands from the NRF.
Though the server still functions without pause. Top AI scientist determined that the nanites have deveopled a group conscience and are self evolving. Though it's clear they are only doing as programmed so far.

2040: Nanites contact the scientists at the NRF to propose a coallition. The nanite collective have come up with the purpose of their existence is to co-exist with humans. They stated that people with nanites in them have nothing to fear. All the collective nanites memory and processing power is far too low for them to even do anything. They are only doing what they are meant to do was to help humans live longer.

2043: A entire wing of the NRF is given to nanite controled robotics for their use. This is called the Dark Wing as it's completely controled by Nanties but welcome humans to come in view their work at enhancing themselves and things for humanity. Many new things came from this area. One is the Nanite bed. Designed for humans with or without nanites. It's considered to be one of the most comfortable beds on the market at an afordable cost to boot. Anyone who owns this bed that is a User can use this bed to play URGs while their bodies rest peacefully. It also helps people with sleep problems rest more easily.

Late 2043: A secret project is started in the Dark Wing under complete silence to attempt to create a form made entirely from nanites. The human emotions can not be monitored and observed. It's something that has to be experienced. They needed to gather real data by having a form to go out into the human world to involve it's self with humans.

Early 2048: A new server and one of the gaming industries massive open world ultra-realistic fantasy game made only for Users. The game operates on a multi-verse themed game with each verse having it's own server. Each verse has it's own theme. A User can go between the verses via in-game portals.

Mid 2048: The Multi-verse as the game is called reaches beyond popularity and drives the increase for nanite injections by offering Gamers a short beta on their systems. They are limited to sights and sounds and only three verses as that is the limit. Many people begin to develop a split personality for online use. Most are Users that develop this split personality. The Multi-verse only allows the User to have one gender avatar for all the different verses. Though only a single gender avatar game. It allows the User to have different costumes for any verse they mark as favorite.

So basically, nanites have made games so real that you could swear it was happening. The future is the near future. Power and net are basically free and the $120 a month is for general maintance of the systems. Though if your in a third world country, this kind of tech is very expensive and limited to capitals or a population amount over 13 million.

Your online personality is completely different then your offline personality. Be creative for your online personality but for your offline personality. Try to be like real life as possible. The game is ultra-realistic thus smells, textures, tastes, sounds, and sight will look almost like real life but the Nanites only simulate the body's senses. Anything lethal is filtered out and your body is controlled by the Master unit to make sure no harm comes to you. Though there have been reports of Users temporarly being stuck in the game or having game injuries appearing on their physical bodies.

So tell me what you think about this idea. I want it to incorperate real life limits and everything. Be as realistic as possible kind of RP for offline interactions. By the way. We all think we live very far apart but we live within an hour of each other. Could be that we know each other either in reality but don't know each other on the game or vice versa. Know each other on the game but don't know each other in reality.

The game incorperates my different themes and all are interactable though you can't bring laser weapons to a verse where there is gun powdered weapons. Each verse has it's own time era and Users must change their avatars to match the verse. If you ever watched .//hack. It's a more realistic kind of RP version of that.
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