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I've recently become a complete YouTube nerd. I spend a good deal of my spare time surfing around the site trying to find stuff to watch, so I was wondering: what are your favourite YouTube channels? I'm always looking for more channels to subscribe to, and you OB types seem like a bunch with uncommonly good taste in entertainment so I thought I'd find out!


I'll go first!


I think the channels I watch the most are The Yogscast and RoosterTeeth (and, more recently the spin-off channel of the latter, Let's Play), which are both companies who grew to their current size mostly thanks to YouTube. Between the two of them it's mostly video game commentary, but to my mind they're some of the more entertaining commentators on YouTube (never been a big fan of PewDiePie, much to the hatred of the rest of YouTube!). It helps that they are both large groups of people doing gaming commentary, as I find lone commentators a little bit boring - much better when they have other people to bounce off!


Other than those I've recently become a big fan of freddiew and CorridorDigital who both do some really interesting stuff with Visual Effects, and Hannah Hart is a regular staple on my subscriptions list, particularly with her show 'My Drunk Kitchen'.


Those are a few of my favourite YouTube channels, what are yours?


And as a sub-question, anyone around the 'Boards have a YouTube channel of their own? I'd like to think with a group of creative net-savvy folks like you guys, there are bound to be a few out there! I recently started my own channel called EmpathDigital featuring a weekly show called 'SO YOU'RE A SUPERHERO' - it's essentially a series of mock-instructional videos teaching the viewers how to become a superhero, from working out your superhuman name to guides for the use of different superpowers. I'd love for you guys to check it out sometime!


So feel free to use this thread to tell us what your relationship to YouTube is: are you an infrequent, casual viewer or a user with dozens of subscriptions, or even a content creator yourself?

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Mostly anything pertaining to Street Fighter 4, Guily Gear, or Street Fighter 3rd Strike.


For the most part, you can catch me roaming about Miles923 (play's a lot of Marvel vs Capcom 3, but I mainly watch him for 3rd Strike videos), SSF4Evo (SSF4, 3S, SFxT), Goldenrody (Gulity Gear), CrossCounterTV (SSF4, hilarious stuff), The Shend (high level 3rd Strike videos) and YogaFlame (long playlist of high level players for SSF4)


I used to watch Vash12349 for his let's play, and while I do find him to be funny, I'm not interested in the games he's been playing as of late, not to mention I've been heavily into the 2D fighting games and other games I don't have much of an interest to watch these days.

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