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Wut R U Dooing?

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I am fairly certain my last post here was some kind of "omg, it's been so long!!1" type of deal, and now a few years later here I am again, haha. :) It's awesome to see some names I recognise--Shy, SaiyanPrincessX, James; glad to see you are all doing well. Speaking of the old guard, I can see it's PiroMunkie's birthday as I type this, so Happy Birthday if you ever read this, old chum.


So what am I doing, like, right now? Well, I can tell you I've just been on a massive nostalgia trip trawling through what used to be the Roleplaying & Storytelling forum--So many of our old threads and games are still there, frozen in time, it's surreal. Feels like I'm walking through the empty halls of my old high school or something. (By god, I wish we had finished Maverick Hunters: Personification!)


I won't bore you with the gory details of my sordid past so here's the synopsis--worked for the tax department, got fired for being a daydreamer who did no work and spent all my time writing stories, survived an earthquake, survived another much worse earthquake, got a graphic design qualification, met my long-term girlfriend of four years, got a design job with a big media company, moved around the country, survived ANOTHER earthquake....


And now most recently, my partner and I have moved back to our home city of Christchurch, and have just bought a house together! It's a pretty grown-up thing but I am still very much just a big kid--still playing way too many video games, still watching cartoons and anime (although I just watched Eva Rebuild 3.0!), still getting lost in my own imagination writing short stories and drawing maps and pictures that no-one else is ever likely to see, hehe.


To any other oldies who might stumble across this at some point in the future--Rahia, Rico, TN, Seph, Warwick, Neil, and the many others I've no doubt forgotten... I miss you guys, and I hope you are all doing well.



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 (By god, I wish we had finished Maverick Hunters: Personification!)



Me too!

(I think we should still have a go...for old time's sake...)


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There must be something in the water. I was in the middle of doing a series of flashcards and memorisation and thought "I should really see how the OB is going"


So, Here I am again, a couple years later. It's nice to see a handful of the original crew are still lurking (forgive me if I don't recognise the avatar name changes ^_^;;) and apparently thriving off the boards. It's strange to think that it's almost been 13 years since I first signed on and how much we've all grown and changed. Not to mention how much the internet has changed. Weird.


Anyhow. I finished up working full time in a Nuclear Pharmacy (now it's just the odd call in job when desperate for cash) and I was admitted into med school. Just prior I proposed to the most wonderful woman on the planet and she agreed to share lives with me. We've been married for a year now and we're doing great. Dirt poor, which blows after I had a few years earning good money for a graduate science position, but I know my chosen path is to be a Doctor and a Radiologist at that. In the end it's worthwhile. Life is good and apart from a hospital scare (turns out I may have spherocytosis) and a bunch of stress with my then fiance and I going long distance through it (she's American and chose to live in Australia with me), I feel pretty blessed to have life turn out the way it did.


Coming back here and checking in is almost like returning home. I may even lurk a bit more before the study guilt crushes me again!

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