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Pirates of The Devil's Rose

Akieen Cloud

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Revonair, one of the most feared pirates known on the seas, feared for his heartless, ruthless nature, and his ship; The Devil's Rose. Having built her himself putting his blood and sweat into making her he gave her life. She was loyal to him as a daughter was to a father and did his bidding as he tore through the port towns. After nearly 30 years of his tyranny he had conquered the seas and with the help of The Rose become the most feared pirate known to anyone, but...Rose had seen enough. Revonair had a black heart and cared for no one and nothing, save for his gold. In the end, she grew tired of his greed, his malice and the death he left in his wake. 

  On the night of his death Revonair and his men were celebrating Revonair's rise to power, gorging themselves on a small port, they had killed all the men, captured all the women; using them for whatever they pleased. Torturing, raping and enslaving the whole of the female population of the town; they spent weeks doing as they pleased, wreaking havoc and creating chaos. 

On the last day of their celebration the men returned to The Rose, drunk, lazy, and unsuspecting; The Rose pulled her anchor and drifted from the port during the night; none of the crew knew until it was to late. She drove the back of her hull into the large rock on the outskirts of the port causing massive damage. The hole allowed water into her body as if a dam had broken; by the time the men knew what was happening it was to late. Water filled the innards of The Rose and she began to sink below the surface with impressive speed. Revonair and his men stood no chance against the undertow she created, being drunk had sealed their fate.

 Revonair and his men were found on the shore days later, pale, bloated and drowned, a final note etched into the wet sand.


I will sleep until I find the one, the one deserving of my loyalty and strength. When i find the one, I will rise once again.  




The fire blazed all around her, the smoke filled her lungs, choking off the air she needed to breath, her eyes watered non-stop as she searched the deck of the Blue Moon. The ship was her home, she had been born and raised on the deck of this ship and her heart ached at knowing this would be the last image of it she would remember. Stumbling here and there she strained her eyes looking for the one person she was looking for, it wasn't til she tripped that she found the man.

She scrambled on her hands and knees over to his side and rolled him over, her tears now of sorrow instead of because of the black smoke. His crystal blue eye cracked open, his bronzed skin split into a soft smile for his daughter as she cradled him gently.

"Vey, my Vey Flower...you need to get off the ship, you need to get to someplace safe."

She shook her head, her throat tight from her tears.

"I won't leave you!"
"You mother and I...we love you very much. Now do us a favor...we need you to live for us Vey."

She sobbed, looking over him she saw that it was no use trying to save him, the large spike of the broken mast through his chest saw to that. She closed her eyes tightly as her father pushed his bandanna into her hands. His soft smile still in place.

"Live free Vey. Never-"

She sobbed as his coughing brought forth blood and interrupted his talking to her.

"-never forget what I taught you."

She bit her lip as his muscled body went lax in her arms, kissing his forehead she lay him back down on the deck.

'I love you father...I'll miss you and mother dearly."

Taking one last longing look at her home she sprinted to the side and dove off and into the chilly water, surfacing she was able to find a large piece of drift wood, pulling herself onto it she cradled her head on her crossed arms and allowed her self to cry.

 She had no idea how long she had been drifting, or to where, but the sound of water rushing against sand woke her, she did not know this island. Looking around cautiously she blinked as what she saw in front of her froze her in place. Not 50 yards from the shore was a ship, the sails were the purest white she had ever seen, the body was beautiful, being the deepest rose red she had ever seen in her life. It stood proud, wedged between 2 rocks that held it in place and as she looked around the ship she took notice of a few things. The first being the massive hole in the back of the hull of the ship, and the second being the ship's figure head. A small imp was cradled on the bow of the ship, wrapped in rose vines. Putting her hand against the wood she pulled it back quickly having sworn she could feel a pulse run though it. Vey shook it off and made the choice that she was going to fix the ship and find her way back to the main land and begin a search for the crew who attacked and killed her family.


               It had been four long months since Vey had found the ship she learned to be called The Devil's Rose, the name sounded familiar to her but she couldn't remember where. Having fixed her in two months, another two months found her in the port town of Tellin. A familiar town where her father often gained information from. She docked, dropped anchor, and headed ashore. First she needed information, second off she needed supplies, and last but certainly not least...she needed a crew willing to set sail with her on a fools adventure.


Welcome aboard the Devil's Rose. This will be a mature RP containing blood, coarse language, sexual situations, and adult content. You have been warned. 






 Weapons(keep it to the usual pirate weaponry if you please):


 Background(try to in-cooperate your reasoning for wanting to join Vey, it could be in search of adventure, treasure or your character too could have had a run in with the strange fog) : 





 Name: Vey Moltohina

 Age: 25

 Personality: Stubborn and determined she sometimes has a one track mind, even though her attention span is extremely short. She has selective hearing and tends to ask what people have said more often then not. Good natured she tries to be a friend to all but many take this gentle side of her at face value mistakenly thinking that this is how she is all the time which tends to be a last mistake to those who try to take advantage of her. She has a nasty temper that is something to be reckoned with and is a firm believer that revenge is a dish best served cold.  

 Gender: Female

 Weapons: She carries two pistols, one on each thigh at all times and a long saber on her right hip. She also hides a boot dagger in her left boot. 

 Appearance: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m47u84JlpP1r7hnimo1_500.jpg

Instead of the skirt in the pic she wears a pair of dark, form fitting brown slacks, her fathers bandanna, which is the same color as her shirt is tied constantly around her hair. 

 Background: Vey was born and raised on the Blue Moon, her father's merchant ship, she grew up learning the seas and ports along the way. Her father's trade was trade its self, anything from information to weapons, to food and medicine. Her mother was a medicine woman who served as the ships doctor while they were on the sea. Her father and his crew eventually entered into piracy after they intervened on a military crew taking advantage of a small town. After getting in their way the military men went back and put a price on her father's head. The price not being very high he wasn't hunted actively and they were able to live a well rounded and enjoyable life on the open sea. On Vey's 25th year they were sailing towards the port of Tellin to stock on supplies when a thick fog rolled in around them. It was the thickest Vey had ever seen in her life and she was barely able to see her hands in front of her face. The fire came after that, not see what had happened all she knew was that it spread and consumed her home within moments and everything she had ever known was gone. Washing ashore an unknown island she found The Devil's Rose, take the time and care to fix it and has now made it a point to gather as much information as she can about the mysterious fog and her family's killer. But first she needs to find a crew. 

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Name: Akiera Mizaki
 Age: 19
 Personality: slightly shy, but very friendly and helpful.
 Gender: Female
 Weapons(keep it to the usual pirate weaponry if you please): she has an assortment of knives dissembling various parts of her body. She also uses her dual broadswords she keeps strapped to her back.
 Appearance: [attachment=15391:1120847933_uresquiet1-1.jpg]
 Background(try to in-cooperate your reasoning for wanting to join Vey, it could be in search of adventure, treasure or your character too could have had a run in with the strange fog) : Akiera is always getting herself into trouble. She loves it though. She also loves adventure, and the more dangerous the better. She found herself in a strange port city after a decidedly close run in with her latest venture. She has many talents, her most notable are her speed and precision with a blade and her ability to gather Intel on even the most locked up secrets. After she ran into a young woman, quite literally, she joined the crew of the Devil's Rose, in hopes of a highly dangerous adventure that would prove to be fun.
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