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RPG Chrono Trigger-Robot Rampage


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This is the RPG.You had to have Signed up in the topic Chrono Trigger RPG to play in this.
Crono and his friends were traveling through time to the future.It was dusty,and there were destroyed buildings everywere.Him and his friends were looking for a upgrade peice for Robo.They landed with a small thud and walked into the Dome infront of them,Where theyre tracker had located the piece.Less then a minute after they had entered the dome had they heard a ring,from robo's tracker,that told them they were within 10 feet of the Upgrade peice.They turned to see a large then robo robot that had the Upgrade peice in it's Laser cannon arm.It suddenly raised it's weapon and fired,Knocking them to the ground.it walked out of the dome with them running out behind it with theyre weapons out.It shot and their time ship,Destroying it,Making them stranded in this time.It opened it's Jet packs and flew off.this is whjere or story begins.
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[COLOR=red]I should mention before hand that i haven't yet joined the party.... everyone still thinks i'm one of the "bad guys"

Lucca: Hey, he's getting away!
Glenn: not for long look there *glen points as he sees Slash up on a cliff*
Marle: Great, more trouble :shifty:

[i]As they watch the Robot drift into the distance with Robo's part they watch Slash walk down the cliff.[/i]

Glenn: Thats all we need, Slash back.... and with something like that.

[i]Thay all here a steal hitting metal sound[/i]


[i] They hear a slight yelling as Crono dash's off to see what's going on.[/i]

Marle: Hey wait for us! [/COLOR]
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They Find three of Robo's copies trying to stop The Robot,But to no avail.Their blast's just bounced off the robots armor.They all were getting blasted away,But they didn't care.They wanted to make Up for attacking him.But to no avail.Nothing seems to stop him.....
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[i]Robo shows fear after seeing how an incredible strong robot stole his part even the 3 copies didn't harm him,but Robo knew he shouldn't be scared now and he must do his best to get back the part.[/i]

Robo: My friends are getting knocked down,I must do something.

Marle: The robot's too strong its to dangerous Robo!

Lucca: Robo I order you don't go to the ronbot,I don't wanna see you get hurt.

Glenn: Tis an strong enemy,Robo be careful.

Robo: I'll be alright if another robot can be that powerful so can I.

[i]Robo charges up for Laser Spin,blue laser lights start coming out and striked the robot.But no damage was done to the robot.Robo got aggressive and started using his Robo Tackle attack.Again no damage done.[/i]

Marle: Impossible!!!Robo Tackle is a powerful move and shoulld've done at least some damage.

Glenn: How can thy enemy take no damage!

[i]Robo stands shaking........[/i]

Robo: What are we gonna do guys we need to get back the part?
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[COLOR=chocolate]Ayla let loose with the wildest howl they'd ever hear her utter.
She went into her Triple Kick move, expecting to connect--but never did. The "rowbutt" knocked her right back down again.
The team restrained the wild woman as she brandished her club at the retreating figure.
"Methinks the prehistoric one wishes to decimate the robot--"
"You [i]think[/i]?!?" Lucca cut Glenn off.
"--and get decimated herself in the process."
Ayla cocked her golden curled head at Glenn. "You no think we beat rowbutt?"
"Whatever we do, we gotta do it fast, right Crono?" Marle said.
Crono nodded and pointed at the robot. It was almost out of sight.
Ayla kicked at the ground. "If me have dino buddy, me kick rowbutt's butt..."
Lucca stared at her. "That doesn't sound like such a bad idea."
"But Miss Lucca," Robo reminded her, "we cannot depart to the 65millions until we retrieve the part the robot has!"
"Who said anything about going into the past?"
(Now I have no plans about this, take it how you will!)[/COLOR]
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