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The Gael Incursion


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Setting: Post Apocalyptic Period with Governments and countries rebuild and several civil wars raging. Distant Future, Fantasy/Scifi, Mecha, etc. Themed.
Time Period: Post Apocalypse (PA) Year 2031.
World: Zeta Prime, a colony of Earth.
History: In the year 2016 Earth suffered a large scale industrial accident, resulting in the Apocalypse. humans and creatures began to mutate and turn into different monsters from mythology, and some straight from Hell itself. In order to combat the rising strength of the newborn monsters, and to escape the arrival of the Dimensional Gate, a portal leading to another plane of existence ruled by the imperialistic, and parasitic Gael. The Gael soon took command of the mutations running around the planet, creating a massive army that threatened humanity. To escape the fearful fate the Gael had planned for them, Humanity abandoned Earth, choosing to live scattered across the stars, under the control of the New United Nations, new form of Government that rules each Colony through Puppet governments. Some of the colonists welcome the safety and rules set up by this system, while others do not. The N.U.N. faces conflict on many colonial fronts while also finding a way to defeat the Gael Empire, who has taken Earth as it's home world now. We see a new force capable of matching the Gael's forces with the introduction of the female Nuns and their male counterparts, the Exorcists. These men and women are the result of decades of military and  genetic research, granting them powers greater than that of the ones blooming with the heart of humanity itself. It's because of these powers that Humanity has a fighting chance at reclaiming their home world.
Name: Ari Katonashii
Age: Looks 21, Actual age kept secret.
Orientation: Bi, though he usually prefers guys
Appearance: [attachment=15435:Demon Eyes.jpg]
Height: 6'0
Weight: 120 lbs.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Weapons: Unholy Magic (Darkness and Shadows), Hydrokenesis, Twin Swords (usually kept in sword-staff form)
Appearance: Ari is usually dressed casually, but he has a preferred outfit consisting of a black mesh tank, finger-less Kevlar gloves, dark cloth pants tucked into shin high boots, and a semi-decorative cloth belt.
History: Ari isn't one to share much about his past, but his combat skills and bank roll lead one to assume that he's no stranger to war. He's been hired by many government agencies and splinter cells to handle cases that would threaten the strenuous peace held by many nations. He does tend to disappear from the grid in times of great peace, however. He was one of he first recruits into the Exorcists program.
Ari stood leaning against the side of his cruiser, watching the crowd go about it's business. "Seriously, how can Command expect me to gather a  to gather a team of recruits from this mess?" he sighed. "It's not like anybody's gonna want to join up a complete stranger and go 'Sure, I want to join a group of misfits and do battle with newly trained skills against alien parasite controlled mutants on a planet that was left years ago.' Command must be losing their mind if they think that this will work..." he sat down at the table that was holding the info sheets and propped his feet on it with a solid *thunk* ~like those info sheets even tell half of what's going on~ he thought as he waited for something interesting to happen.
Sign Ups:
You are an Exorcist or Nun. You have been recommended by someone in authority to join my crew. Post your recruitment to my team below. you can use my bio as a template.
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Name: Raven Blackstone
Age: 25
Orientation: Straight, though it isnt like he has any experience.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 162 Lbs
Ethnicity: Mixed Caucasian/Latino
Weapons and Abilities:
Raven has Gauntlets with sharpened fingertips that reach up to his elbows, protecting him in the melee fights he manages to get himself into, and also tearing apart his enemies. They also have small cannons tucked into the sides of them that can fire off concussive charges towards the targets of his punches, increasing the force he can inflict on his enemies. These cannons have been experimentally designed to mitigate the resulting force received on his end. He also carries with him an X-58 Rifle; Experimental Mass Driver weapon. It fires slowly at a literal 1Rps but each shot is capable of shattering concrete. The recoil on such a weapon is intense. Due to the genetic modification received, he has the ability to create localized gravity anomalies. He can make areas of his choosing -usually up to 6 feet in diameter- experience the effects of gravity more intensely, or not experience it all, and everything in between. He has learned to apply these fields reliably to certain objects, or even organisms, though anything larger than an average human is troublesome for him to work with due to his lack of advanced training with his ability.
Raven has Hazel eyes, though when using his ability, they turn a bright purple. His stature is a somewhat confident one, and his overall body build is definitely quite muscular. His skin is a medium tan color. He also has a tattoo of black wings unfurled on his back, and the numbers 1227-7722 on the back of his neck. 
Raven wears leather pants that provide him decent protection while not hindering his movement too poorly, a shoulder pauldron to help mitigate the impact from his X-58 firing, and a black shirt with sleeves that go up to his elbows, tight fitting. 
History: Raven's history begins with the Exorcist program. He was one of the in-utero productions of the program. He was engineered to be more of a close range fighter that didn't rely on bladed weapons and could always turn a melee into his favor. Gravity manipulation was an ability coded into his DNA but it didn't manifest itself until he a few months after his 19th birthday. While bred for close range combat, he is a rather good shot with a weapon, provided it isn't an automatic one. Due to the fact he was a test tube baby, evidenced by his lack of a belly button and the permanantly visible serial number tattooed into the back of his neck marking him as property of the Exorcists, people generally aren't too trusting of him, on account of him being a killing machine in essence. He has very few friends, and knows even less about making them. 
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