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What are your greatest video game ideas?


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Too many times I will have an amazing idea for a video game and just no chance of ever being able to play it because I don't have magic powers and no one is going to make the game for me. 


Right now I'm dreaming about a Madoka Magica RPG. I know there are a couple Japanese games but I have no way to play or enjoy them. This Madoka game would probably be a lot like Final Fantasy as far as the battle system goes, since the skills and powers of the magical girls have such aesthetic potential. The anime also offers a pretty good gameplay idea in that you go around killing witches. There could be a custom character option where you build your own magical girl, and a co-op mode where you hunt witches with friends. I would pay good money to play a game like this.


There's also the Skyrim-Pokemon fusion idea that a lot of people drool over. It would pretty much be an open world, massively multiplayer Pokemon game, featuring every region and every Pokemon. I think that would be really cool on the Wii U, or even the 3DS. 


Similarly, I think a Legend of Zelda mmo would be fun. No idea what kind of stuff you would do since Zelda has always been so singular in its gameplay, but there is enough lore and stuff to make an mmo fun. 


Finally, I recently sank several days into the latest Tomb Raider and got the idea for a kind of hunting game. I've never played hunting games before so I'm not sure how similar this idea would be to them, but essentially you'd play a survivalist (like Lara Croft) hunting monsters in various locations. It might be a little bit like Monster Hunter but with guns--maybe 1st person optional. You'd have to collect resources like food, water, sticks, furs, etc., and utilize them to get by in the wilderness, and you could sell your haul in a town. It would probably be the most fun as an mmo, as well, but I feel like I would enjoy spending time playing by myself.

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Insect battle minecraft rpg (title in the works)


I am really into customisation games, and this one would have to be epic in scale. You would start out as a generic bug of some kind, explore the world and fight other bugs... and if you beat them you can use their parts to evolve your bug. You can build a colony, explore dungeons and make aliances with other bugs.  Like Minecraft it would be server based, and mods could create whatever world they wanted... from rainforest to urban city. The plot would be loose but survival of the fittest will be a main theme, and resources can be set to a finite amount per week, making base raids important.


The insect creator feature would need to be very polished. The abilities should feel like leveling up, and everything would need weaknesses, but strengths could be left unchecked, so people could constantly improve.

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