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Now and Then, Here and There


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So I stumbled across this old 13 episode anime by watching a top 5 craziest anime characters video. Oddly enough I don't even think Hamdo was the craziest person in that anime.


Anyways the old school, cartoony animation and the optimistic nature of Shu hides the terribly dark subject matter. I was pretty sad through the series, not because of what I was watching but the real events that this was inspired by.


If you haven't seen it and don't mind being depressed about how scummy humans are, you should watch it.

[spoiler]If you already saw it there are things I'd like to talk about. Firstly... the reason why I liked the show. I like how mostly whats wrong with the world is blameless. Hamdo is insane, but he either can't help his mental illness or was corrupted by power. Both of these things happen all the time. The people following him were cowards or sympathisers. both of these things also happen. The opposition were greif stricken or people attempting to defend themselves.


The only real evil things here are he people who gave Hando his power.  Abelia's loyalty and skill keeps Hando from self destructing years too late.  She lets him die, but at that point his dream and empire was dead. Her insane devotion to Hamdo is the sole reason any of these events happen... but is loyalty so wrong?

Lala-Ru and her water powers save Shu... but she fuels Hamdo's invasion plans. its impossible to say what happens if she never got involved... but its likely that Hamdo would never be able to control the world, and assasins would eventually succeed. Lala-Ru never wanted to come though. Is her existance her fault?

I really just end up hating how scared and corrupted we humans can become.


On a different note.. in the episode where Sarah tries to abort her baby, Shu stops it and forces her to keep it. The english dubbed translation doesn't seem to match at all. I wondered if that was because Americans could relate to Sarah and dislike Shu for telling her what to do. [/spoiler]

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